Greetings from Jamie Janover - Resonance Academy faculty member

Greetings Everyone! Jamie here, I am a member of the Resonance Science Foundation team and a faculty member in the Resonance Academy. I’m also considered to be an ambassador / emissary of sorts for Nassim Haramein and RSF, delivering Powerpoint presentations on Nassim Haramein’s unified field theory world-wide for many years. I manage Nassim Haramein and Resonance Science FOundation’s social media accounts (in English) and host the “Ancient Egypt Revisited” Resonance Academy elective course. I’m looking forward to the discussions and sharing to come inside this Community Forum!

Just wanted to introduce myself and see you all in the topic threads…

If you want to connect with me on other platforms, you can find me here:

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Hi Jamie,

I wanted to say thanks for the content on YouTube and Facebook.

I’ve been a Graham Hancock fan, which led me to Brien Foresters videos, then to Nassim and yourself.

The lecture you gave at wanderlust was fantastic, I also looked up the earthquake after :grin:

My favourite so far was you filming the megalithic stones in Egypt. The joins of the various rocks! I’m driving friends and family nuts with Ancient but new to us history.

Thanks again for bringing it to us all.

Warm regards,



Hi @JamieJanover,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the work you’ve done for the foundation.
In fact, I’ve attended a talk you did in Vancouver circa ~2018 and I remember being so dazzled by the depth of information and the inspiration. It was a great time :slight_smile:

@enjoypolo thanks so much for the kind words… I really loved talking to the Vancouver peeps that time. Great resonance in Canada and in BC especially… hope to make it back up for another presentation when I can!

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Hi Jamie,

I’ve just watched your YouTube interview, and you have managed to explain in a very lucid way about unified physics, spirituality, the universe of all-possibility. I think this interview should be helpful to those who are clinging on to the Age of Disconnection, helping them to see how it no longer serves humanity.

… in fact, I think I’ll just view the whole playlist and have a listen to your Bandcamp music.

Hello from Scotland Jamie

Hi guys

Giorgi hind here from London

Bonjour Jamie, je te connais peu pour autant je connais le courage de Nassim et de toute son équipe. Je vous aime Tous. Chez nous dans mon quartier on dit: JE TE KIFF. Salutation

Hi Jamie
Love your work. Listening to some of your music ATM. Noice :heart_eyes:. Great to meet you through this platform. Hope I meet you, Nassim & other resonators one day.
Kindest regards

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