Greetings from the Hermit Tim

Please, I feel like i'm caring for the next child that will reset the calendar and I am asking for help.  Can someone from the Foundation please contact me?


If any care to respond to another query, consider the analog of protons being the past with an everchanging neutron shell of now where the possibilities of electron futures become the past.

Welcome Tim!

I must say that your first post was vague, and a bit unnerving for most readers. I think you may have better luck with elaboration.

Also, the sequence of time moving in a linear fashion is only one perspective of 3D consciousness. In higher realms, time is circular and therefore navigable. I wouldn’t commit too much energy into figuring it out, as it is most likely the thing that steadies Entropy which progresses possibility. But if you feel so inclined, I would suggest considering that time-space is a better understanding. Or rather, space-time if you like. The two, I believe, are interchangeable.

Thank you, NicOracle, for your kind response. My apologies for the effect, that was not my intention. As a Hermit, I am not at ease introducing myself to the public. As you may have seen from my other post, some years ago I assembled a magnetic device that displayed motive properties that I still cannot find an explanation for. I am attempting to re-assemble the Device, but it seems the original was more specific in it’s composition than I had thought it to be.
I am not a Physicist, Scientist, or Engineer. I am a Thinker, a Dreamer, and an Artist. I would rather not go insane publicly, so I am trying to find a way to let this Foundation know what I had assembled and what it did through a somewhat more private channel. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
As to the analogy, thank you for your input. Think of it as a thought toy I was playing with as I was wandering down the rabbit wholes looking for explanations.
An additional thought: As a toddler, whenever asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my response was, “I wanna be a Ditchdigger!” I’m beginning to understand why.

Thank you, Nic, and to all who read this, for your kind consideration.

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Your insights are valued here. We are all just collections of orbiting energies flying through space-time, trying to figure out how and why.
As to your device, I am intrigued about magnetic properties, as I see them being the reason for gravity at all, and thereby the binding aspect of the material planes.
As to your private insanity, I am deeply intrigued by this concept, as sanity and normalcy are no longer of any interest to me. I believe that different and illogical are creative ways of engineering new realities.
My question is why? Why do you feel the need to present to this foundation a device of such kind? Do you need help decoding its properties or purpose?

Thank you, again, NicOracle, for your most considerate response.
To answer your questions, the device magnetically levitates, spins, and partially orbits a conductive cylinder through a permanent magnetic field without electrical input. This is a property which I cannot find any reference to, despite my best efforts. The effect, I believe, is a matter of specific geometry and materials, which I have been attempting to reassemble unsuccessfully. Without the original device, which I only have witness evidence of, my ideas on how the device worked, or what other properties it may display with varied configurations, are mere imagination.
I have been absorbing engineering and physics from this site and many other sources over the past few months, and I’m on more solid ground with my theories now, but they are still incomplete. This Device may be a simple curiosity, but it may be infinitely more. If it is, I am trying to find private channels of assistance before publicly revealing an unpatented device.
Thank you, again, NicOracle and all others reading this for your kind consideration.


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