Hacker Economics : How to Transform how Money Works in the World

The Big Picture is that the world of money can be completely transformed so that each and every person
on the planet has freedom around money as a “right” that is doable if the pieces of “what already works”
around money is rearranged in a particular way. It could be said that it is a re-invention of money.

A Non-Profit is required with people agreeing to participate for 5 years.

A small amount of money is donated into a community fund per week.

Participants participate in different programs that generate donations or income for the non-profit, provide themselves as a resource for businesses for focus groups, to invite others to participate, to participate in other programs that serve the non-profit and that exist as programs to assist in getting grants, and where a portion of income goes to each or some of the non-profit, the participants and always the community fund.

The community fund is invested in “compound interest activities” just like banks or government do or investments over and over and over driving the community fund amount up in value exponentially.

After 5 years of participation each and every person who participates walks out a millionaire.

The last piece is to eventually through lobbying to introduce a new economic law fixing costs in everything everything everything.

In this manner a new institution or vehicle can be created to give freedom to all people around money in 5 years time and in a way that makes a difference in forwarding and enhancing the efforts of non-profits and that gives all people the means to pursue their dreams and a higher purpose in life full of joy, love freedom and power.


Although I am all for non-profit, I can’t find a reason why I would aspire to be a millionaire, or do anything “just like banks and governments do” (it’s bad enough living within that economic system right now) For me transforming “How Money Works in the World” means getting rid of it. Start with a system of Mutual Credit, then once we have all evolved a bit to the point of Universal Love, we could probably even do away with any system at all.