Happy to be here with You (UK, Bristol)

This is remarkable time now for everyone. The begining of New Age , not just new time. I have seen a lot "beginings " and “ends” in my life. Born in Poland, communism time, transformation into western-like state, joining EU, loosing everything in 2008 cirsis than I moved to UK`s “safe heaven” but split with EU and now … not yet Brexit poprerly, but ALREADY jumped into new reality. New chances and opportunities on horizon comming with community like You, GlobeTrotters :slight_smile: . With You to start redefine what Nassim asked : WHO AM “i”
Tomasz .


Welcome to this new world

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I too am excited to be among thinkers as opposed to followers. When we put the power of our minds together, we can accomplish all that we desire. With every new mind added to the power source of the foundational concepts of the Unified Physics Connected Worldview, we can raise awareness of the population enough to hit critical mass. That, my friend, is where the magic happens.
Georgia, USA