Have I really adopted a new worldview

I had sort of mind blower happen as I’m working through the course material. I’ve heard Nassim and numerous other great thinkers talk about the need to adopt a new worldview for a number of years now. I’ve always considered myself to be a renegade when it comes to the dogma of academic science. I thought I did have a new mind set.

The startling thing that happened is that I THOUGHT I had a connected world view. Turns out I realized I WANTED to have a connected worldview. As I read and watched the videos, I began to notice just how much my personal belief system was still entrenched in the disconnected paradigm. Scared of lack of resources, competition minded, all the things that one tends to believe with a disconnected mindset. Hopefully I’m learning to honestly and fully adopt a shift to connectedness and purposefully dropping the old beliefs.


Thank you for sharing this!

I feel as though many others actually do share a similar world view as to what you THOUGHT before learning through this module. A lot of people I feel, may believe they live in a connected worldview, not realizing the change which needs to occur on an individualized and mental level; the “mental body” which gives “meaning” to our thoughts. Everyone must address their “conditioning” individually.

What’s behind the competitive behavior? What’s the trigger? What happens if you lose?/win? Emotions? What’s behind the fear? Is it real? If we can address the “fear” with love, our body starts learning how to unwire these conditions and allow the pathways for “chi” or “prana” our bodies natural energy or vital force to flow… this in turn activates our creative abilities to find solutions and correct the emotional response… thus, a healthier life.

I hope you fully able to have your own beliefs and use knowledge and inner reflection and growth as a tool to guide you on this incredible journey of life!


Thanks @coolmoss I can really relate to your realisation. I think we probably have differing levels of awareness of our worldviews depending on which area of life or living we focus on and how much we have taken care of our basics leading up to any particular moment. Like I was thinking the other day that my fears could not be coming from a connected view of the universe until they were kind of appreciated as part of the whole and returned to the whole. Like a constant cycle of connection or wholeness to disconnection and them back again. So it could just be which part of the cycle you are in at any one time. I really don’t know, but I find it fascinating. That would make us as beings look a bit like changing snowflakes, that exquisite harmony one moment, and something else a moment later, and back to harmony. Perhaps we have reached that maturation the Elisabet talked about once we understand that everyone will have disconnected moments and to not judge them but help them towards a connected understanding? And I think we are part of that shift to connectedness right now :smiley:

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The fact that you’ve caught yourself when in that stage, and the humility to share it, is already a sure sign that you’re making the shift. :slight_smile:

Nassim’s work is incredible, and perhaps fundamental, but personally, my worldview shifted perhaps as much when I read and discovered about Water from Gerald Pollack (Fourth phase of Water) and Viktor Schauberger (Vortexing Water), or about documented accounts of plants and forest consciousness by Monica Gagliano, and Jeremy Narby’s books on Shamanic stories (Cosmic Serpent) and Nature’s intelligence (Intelligence in Nature). :snake: :deciduous_tree: :earth_americas:
It does make me feel like the cosmos is nudging me on an alchemical journey :sun_with_face:

The great thing is that each worldview intersect, harmonizes and paint a larger, even more incredible nature than would just the sum of the parts alone (aka synergy). I may have digressed a bit here :sweat_smile:

Hi Polo!
You can share the titles of the books and videos in a section created for as resources :slight_smile

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Music of our Hearts

Thank you for your topic. I think if we are honest, all of us would echo your statement, I know that I do. I ASPIRE to a fully connected worldview, and I am working on it.

In another thread, a friend of mine said, Worldview is not only an intellectual thing, it is emotional and physical and spiritual, etc. I loved this, because it respects our complex being…we can’t resolve this only intellectually. I think we need to experience it, and live it, and grow into it bit by bit.

Lets be tenacious, and also forgiving and gentle in our pursuit of the ideals of a Connected Worldview. This is my goal, and I wish it for all of us.

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@coolmoss I too realized I still had a disconnected relationship to some areas of my life. Wanting to adopt a connected perspective is already enough to start moving in that direction. For me it doesn’t happen instantly, but rather it’s a journey. Two years ago I realized I was too ambitions in my carrer, I was thinking about my own success rather than about being of service to my clients. Once I saw that, I realized that was not the person I wanted to be and how I wanted to act. For me the connected view really emerged from that: being benevolent to others, being of service of their higher good (as well as mine), dropping all my attempts to control Life and rather let it show me where I am needed and for what purpose.

I also was inspired by the Tao Te’Ching by Lao Tseu and the whole concept of non-doing non-action. I understood it’s not about never doing anything, but rather never doing anything in an attempt to control a person, a situation or an outcome. Nassim’s approach shows us that the Universe is a self organizing system. That means, by definition, that it doesn’t need to be controlled. Whenever we attempt to improve things (cutting grass and trees to make a “beautiful” garden, telling our kid how they should be etc…) we actually disrupt the natural flow of life and harm all these beings. So now I’m learning to never act in order to produce an outcome I percieve as more desirable. If things don’t turn out the way I want them, I try my best to let it happen and not force anything, knowing that it will all make sense down the line in the whole picture.

Right now I also percieve a shift in values. When I watch films I used to like I just don’t resonate anymore. Whenever there is a scene of war, violence, intreague just for the sake of it, I find it offputting and can’t enjoy the overall story. I realize our films are filled with values proper to a disconnected mind and I can’t relate anymore. I wish we had more inspiring films like the Celestine Prophecy, to give an example. Something inspiring, positive and talking about spiritual evolution, cooperation, heart connection etc. I guess, it will come down the line as more people awaken.