Hello Everyone, Im new in the community

Hello Everyone, I’m new in the community. Learning how to use all functions and trying to integrate Nassim teachings with the all, or all that I have also learned from many other teachers and life experience. I hope to get to know you and meet some kindreds to exchange information and support one another. I am 48 yrs old Male from Australia. Married with kids. Was a tradesman and was involved in religion only, refuting science. Now I have learned to integrate the all by integrating science and religion. Thanks Nassim for all your work . It has greatly improved my point of view. I would appreciate your/members feedback and any help to improve myself and the way I interact with others. If I offend anyone due to my enthusiasm or quick response; just know that I have good intentions and I don’t always see from another’s point of view and may not be aware that I have offended. Please message me privately if this happens and I will correct immediately. King regards, Blessings :pray:.


Hello fellow Aussie :hugs:

Great introduction. Actually I wish there was one Meet and Greet page. It would be easier to say a quick hello to anyone new.

What religion did/do you follow? I think it’s very easy to apply science and faith together. As long as it’s not extremist, even science can fall into that category :blush:

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Id rather not say which religion. Basically my religion was/is a doomsday religion. Don’t go to university don’t buy a house, don’t have kids, the end of the world is coming. But to live life like that is madness, depressing and exasperating.

No worries, sorry if to personal.
I like studying faith and was going to suggest a good buffer between faith and science. Rupert Sheldrake is an example of a nuanced Christian. I’m glad you’re free from dogma.
All the best :hugs:

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thanks @Sarah I have Rupert on my Audible audiobook. He was very helpful. Great choice. You have experience in this… :smiley: Yeah, I tend to be more pragmatic and esoteric, spiritual, scientific. A little ZEN and TAO yin yang. If you know what I mean. :earth_africa:

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I’ve never been in a dogmatic religion but I’ve always been searching for answers. I’ve researched many faiths and found truth, beauty and extremism in most :smile:
The eastern faiths have soothed my mind and the orthodox have helped my humanity.
I just take what’s good and try and apply it.
It takes great courage to break free from controlled thinking. It’s a new world when we do :raised_hands:

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True, Spirituality is good when done right. But in the hands of consumerism and commercialism it a real mess. Thanks @Sarah for your encouraging words and support. :smiley: I like your attitude and approach. There is good and bad in everything. Its a great feeling when you finally find some truths and begin to have some clarity. I’m so grateful…

Do any of us really understand another’s point of view? For me, it’s good enough to know that other points of view exist. It’s something to celebrate - every point of view contributes to the bigger picture. Keep them coming.

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@itwisnaeme Thank you. Wow, finally a place were I can be real and not have to pretend.