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Hi people,

It feels right to be here. I’ve been quite avoiding of forums and discussions pretty much all my life and I can attribute this to my autism. I’m now 38 and I was diagnosed by my therapist just last year. This is relevant because I get the sense I feel welcomed and understood. Its the vibe, energy (however you want to call it) of this group that just clicks with me.

Ive been on a spiritual journey for the last 2 and half years. It started as a curiosity for human behaviour which led me to my own understanding. Made a few great leaps when I decided to go to the therapist, again digging deeper into the root of my struggles. Coincidentally (or not), it was around the same time I discovered philosophy and read and listened to Alan Watts religiously (I still do).

Before this journey started I considered myself an atheist and a very logical person. There was nothing for me except what I could see, touch and measure. Now I have a completely different worldview, constructed from my own theories and experienced and reinforced by the content Ive discovered here and in some other sources. I discovered the power of Love and Compassion, merely concepts before, and until I haven’t really accepted and forgiven myself, I didn’t know what they were. Now I KNOW and the knowing is deep.

I also had quite recently a mystical experience which really showed me that this creative energy, this infinite field of consciousness does exist. I’ve seen it and felt it and I am still incapable of describing it.
So my journey brought me to Resonance, to a place where my experiences and current understanding of…THIS …are unified and I can start exploring further. My general interest continues to be human Consciousness and I feel that there is no other mission for me to have as a living being and a first person “user” of this body. I’m still learning and thats why I’m here for.

Its quite amusing now that Im writing this that some time ago I had Science without God, I had to leave Science to find God and in finding God I found Science again. As Watts might say, “you cant have one without the other, they go together”. Probably its the case here.

So anyway, my name is Lucian, I’m from Romania and I work in the gaming industry :slight_smile:
Glad to be here and happy to meet you all.


Salutations Mr Lucian!

I’m in a very similar journey!

Joao here, 40 years old, software developer, taking a sabbatical/research year. This last year, I dived deep into psychology, philosophy, maths, physics and human expression. Head over heels! hehe!

From your mentioned attitude change, and new eagerness to participate in forums and idea exchange, I figure you, as I did, shifted from seeing the world as a place of passage to a place of creation, where you accept that you play a role in the interconnected tissue of the universe!

If you general interest is Human Consciousness, i think you’ll enjoy this theory:

Welcome to the forum!!


Hi Joao! So nice to meet you and thank you for sharing that. Fantastic material!

Hi Lucian,

nice to meet you and welcome here. I like your story, especially your experience with the energy. It seems to be very important for you.


Welcome to the forum @Lucian So glad you are here and sharing your story. Really appreciate it. It helps to see others having mystical experience. Most people just have knowledge and ideas, concepts. Dreaming, waiting and hoping to finally reach a point of actual experience, confirmation. I have also had mystical experience and I must admit it was a bit scary. Not what I expected. But At least I know its real; that other realms and possibilities exist and that all my seeking was not a waste of time. Now the question remains; What to do with it? This forum applications and implications:
Resonance Science Foundation
Sadhguru Exclusive
Has helped me find a way to put it to good use and help create the world we want.
Blessings :pray: Welcome to the other worlds./ multiverse :boom: :dizzy: :+1:
welcome to the forum :smiley:

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Hello! Raquel here, Im in RFS since 3 years ago, and knowing the theory of Nassim some another year before… it has been what explains somethings that happened to me some years ago, at your age, now Im 44, somethings that change my life, my understanding of this reality, and somehow the meaning of all the universe, this is the physics that explains what I lived and live.

I´ve never read the forum, but suddenly your writing appears in my mail, and is great to read also the answers to your comment, by Joao and GioPan…

One even can think is going mad, but when you understand by the theories and geometry and numbers… is like having the clue of the universe…

By now, im putting pieces of the puzzle together to deepen in my understanding…

It has been a pleasure to read you… I am an industrial entrepreneur and understanding reality from this unified point of view, having this “special experience” has changed my whole life


Welcome kindred spirit @rmaloserisa I’m happy to hear my efforts are value and appreciated. Thank you.

True. I also thought I was going crazy. But it all started to make sense later. It takes trust in a higher power than ourselves and our ego. To be humble enough to admit we don’t know it all and that the unknown is not a problem but is a new adventure that requires a guide with a map.


Hello Lucian and all of you,
From France - For me, Life is a kind of school where you learn what your soul already knows. It is a daily experience while giving, receiving, giving up, forgiving, thanking others and myself. Nassim’s scientist side is for me the best way to close debate to old beliefs. I am not comfortable with calculations though I feel and understand in my way his approach to which I totally agree in my heart and feelings. Today I am happy to developp websites for coaches in well-being, laughter yoga and soon quantic communication. So happy to link my work with positive people. Nevertheless, it is still a daily learning.


Joao, I’m coming back with a video to thank you in return :slight_smile:

I could go on forever posting videos of his but I’m sure you will discover them for yourself if what he says resonates within you.


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Totally agree with you.

Glad you found us here Lucien

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