Hello from Toulon, France (Thomas)

Good day everyone,

I have so many things I would like to say that I don’t know where to start but here I go.

My name is Thomas, I am a 30 year old French Aeronautics Engineer. I am currently unemployed.
I had always been attracted by Science and Space so, at the end of high school, I decided to pick Engineering and then later on to specialize in Aeronautics. I took the opportunty to finish my education in the US. I completed a M.S. at Syracuse University, NY and I then worked in the US for 3 years.
I decided to migrate back to France as I thought I would have more opportunities there being a French citizen. I worked for two more years in the Aerospace Industry. I then decided to quit my job as I didn’t find much sense to it anymore. I wanted to make my work more useful to the world. Making electric autonomous vehicles or solar panels for example. This brings me all the way to the beginning of 2019.
Last year was rowdy for me. I started to doubt and questionned everything. I went through an emotion maelstrom for severat months. Light only started to came around September. Coming from a truly cartesian family, I opened up to new beliefs which, one after the others, led me to the Resonance Science Foundation around Christmas last year.

The serie of coincidences that led me to question my beliefs enough to adhere to the unified physics theory is almost unbelievable. When I think about it, I get the feeling that everything aligned to make it possible.
Last year I read ‘The alchemist’ from Paulo Coelho. Thus I decided to stop overthinking every life decision and folllow the signs so here I am :slight_smile:

I have only studied the French delegate course for now. I will happily help people as I can. See you around.

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Welcome Thomas, lots to research and enjoy in the modules.

Hey there Thomas,
I just was posting on here to check out the community and ended up looking at your post. I think that we have a lot of similarities, especially that we are both 30 and seem to have just gone through some of the same mental hurdles. I would really like it if we could work together on some sort of project together. I have a blue collar background and I am an Aircraft Mechanic, a bit of an engineer and also an ASE certified auto mechanic. I have yet to find something that I can not repair (that isn’t built at the nanoscale), however to create something totally new is much harder and I really do not think that one person can do it alone.
Please let me know your thoughts and I hope you guys are all doing well in France with the COVID situation.