Hi Everybody - Newcomer and longtime science fan!

dr nick

I have been looking into this stuff for basically my whole life and just found this organization. I have reached out to others in the past but nothing ever came of it.

Anyways, I am a 30 Year old Aircraft mechanic working for one of the BIG airplane (and other stuff) companies currently performing heavy structure modifications on the F-18 Superhornet. I went to school for Electrical Engineering at ITT Tech, which I would have competed (needed 2 more classes) unfortunately the school shut down in 2017 :frowning: During that time I joined the US Navy in 2013 and learned aviation maintenance while I was going to school and exited military service in late 2018. After ITT Tech closed down I got an Associates Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle.

I have been working with my mind mostly but also performing experiments with high voltage and magnetism when finances allow. I have not made any major breakthroughs, however I have come to all of the same conclusions that Nassim Haramein seems to have (at least watching several videos on him). I have been working on how “gravity” is effected by the electromagnetic spectrum and have come to some conclusions regarding subatomic particle spin and what causes that. The geometry that surrounds ‘an energy’ also seems to be as important as the frequency, voltage, magnitude and all the other characteristics of a waveform. I also wanted to quote:

"The Universe as a whole, in its full complexity, can not be represented by any simulation smaller than itself”, “if one attempts to substitute simulations of a small part of the Universe, then another small part, then another small part, and so on, intending to put them all together to form a total picture of the Universe, one would find that there are an infinite number of such part simulations”

Everything that I’ve done with my life has been loosely based around trying to figure out flight and gravity to create something new and more economical in hopes for us becoming a space traveling race.

What I am struggling with most is the math because I do not have the formal training. I have taken up to Calculous in college and I did well in it. I am seriously considering going back to school a third time to pursue work as an experimental physicist, however I know that will be a long road and I wanted to check out the community first to see if I like the people.


Nice to meet you. Welcome to the community. :smile:

Welcome Kenny,

Just remember the holofractalgraphic nature of our universe!

Earthling Douger

You might find this ebook useful… some info on dark matter, gravity, evolution that could lead somewhere…

The Human Reality Matrix


This is a book describing the transition of human consciousness and civilization as we approach the ‘bottle neck’ of exponential growth of an industrial civilization upon a finite planet with all its associated stress points like peak oil, technological tyranny, climate change, alien agendas and new world orders.

The main point is the primacy of consciousness which is common to every human and how this is a variable which is normally distributed within the population and how the whole curve can rise or fall as a collective. From normal waking consciousness it can increase towards enlightenment and also be suppressed and controlled towards deep sleep and how there is a similar increase from sleep to normal as the change from normal to enlightenment. It can literally be like waking from sleep when a person shifts from normal consciousness into an awakened state and how with a logical transition of civilization this enlightened state could become the normal state of consciousness shared by humanity.

Within consciousness there is duality and the freedom to cocreate with love or fear, punishment or healing, judgement or understanding, freedom or control, free will or determinism, God or atheism. Beyond that there are uncommon anecdotal experiences which are alien or involve uncommon changes in consciousness which are not practical to be shared by everyone however by sticking to basic scientific first principles they should be able to be appreciated without having to go through the trauma these experiences often entail.

There is clearly a deterministic view of reality and an associated negative timeline leading to the fall of civilization however there is also an intervention process to help humanity towards a successful transition. This intervention process on some level involves consciousness and intelligence which is not local to this present time space dimension and this ebook is part of that intervention process and would not have been created otherwise. Therefore by reading this ebook and similar materials that are part of this intervention you have the potential to shift your consciousness from its underlying deterministic path or timeline. It remains largely unedited as the text can carry energy or consciousness and was written over many years in a difficult transition process of a human psyche involving a variety of elements deep within the collective consciousness.

Welcome.i am pleased another has found this space. It is truly different to anything I have seen before.i am not a scientist more a questioner,philosopher type. I feel very at home here where the big questions are getting answers that seem to make sense .