Hi fellow Terra_neans, newly sowed Earth_seed here! 🌱

I’m a newbie kind of connective knowledge pollinating :honeybee: here, and I already know I will love to come read and learn some more here!
I guess I will be humble and say I have no substantial scientific background but an unquenchable thirst for higher learning in whichever way, shape or form, and if I know next to nothing in scientific matters, I’m a seeker beyond a searcher, and know how to connect things back together, and considering that in nothing there is everything (and yes I am one to absolutely love the perfect cosmically egg-shaped zero conceptual value of infinite nothingness!), eventually, and always synchronistically so, I can surely find more than one way to fill in any gap of misunderstanding as well as holes of understanding (and nope, black holes aren’t pitch black of empty void and come in an infinity of shades, textures and flavours, trust the experience of my gusto sapiens taste buds on that one!) and connecting invisible dots is second nature to me.
I have loved reading the kind of topics that are being explored here, this is music to my ears wanting for more!
And last but not least about me, please perdon not my French, for I am French, and Italian, so I guess it’s my English you may have to perdon here, for I talk like I think, Mercurial fast, and I am well aware my vivid imagination sometimes get out of its way and may be kind of a tad bit language creative borderline other_worldly and light years and beyond superliminal fast far away from any kind of academic ways…
Now, quantum meta_physics and language as in expressive transcendent codes is my thing. I don’t take the usual path to get me anywhere, and I navigate by my own internal externated GPS, in a way I surf and go with the flow and energies, and since it all brought me here, I know the Solar flashy winds and the Lunar magnetic tides were spot on, and here I am ready to sow my stellar Earth-self-of-a-seed-in this new experiential of a quantum bio_energetic sphere of a forum. :globe_with_meridians:


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Welcome Starseed.

It brings me great joy to meet a soul who is burdened with with the same glorious purpose as am I. (Forgive the Loki quote, I am super excited for tomorrow’s release of the show.)
What intrigues me most about your post is the phrase; “expressive transcendent codes”. Please elaborate on that. I may have much to discuss with you on this topic.

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome in. I am happy to see here like minded souls too.
I really will need quite some time to learn the rhythms and flows of this forum, I didn’t know about the show but I guess I will put it on my to be-happy-for list too next to the solar eclipse apex!
Now, since I am asked, I shall try to explain that odd complex little brain of mine, and the terminology I used that intrigued you, because it is quite simple but also multi layered. Actually, I was referring to codes as expression beyond the mundane planes, though including them too, since thinking multidimensional cannot exclude any dimension from the equation.
We usually associate expression with language, should it be written or oral, as the primary communication means, and a modality to express thoughts and feelings, exchange ideas or transfer societal information, but to me language may be important (I love foreign languages and everything that bridges any cultural frontier) and words are vessels of meaningful significance that are conveyed from one person to another and charged with intent, which depending on many parameters, is a huge super power we have. Name something you fear, you already are processing your fear. Transcend it is the ultimate goal.
Yet, language is also a boxed cultural thing but with the right kind of intent, it has a coalescing effect between people. But let’s not forget that when considering unity consciousness, and how the myth of projected separation divides us in boxing in us using pretty tags and names, different cultures and even more languages to express differences but also diverse variety. And diversity is a richness of life, don’t get me wrong, but in a polarity set world, we surely all bear the primordial unconscious scar of the Babel tower fall, and the disruption it brought upon us all, like a spell cast for us to have such a human propensity to put ourselves into opposite perspectives, rather than associative and integrative ones.
Linguists, through the study of symbology, semiology and embedded myths and codes, deftly but handily hidden in plain sight in every different language on Earth, know language, once decoded, is power, the power of understanding. But then, what you do with it, is up to your consciousness, that’s kind of the idea, and some use that as a means to the end of their agenda. Well, that definitely beyond sucks…
That said about language (and I have to stop myself at some point because I could write hours long about that given more time), my expressive transcendent codes are an infinity of creative comprehensive sequential ways to express meaning universally, without barriers.
Art and music are surely the go to universal creative expressive codes that transcend our separate ways and that unite people through an irreductible common shared emotion, with E_motion, that is energy in motion. Everything in the universe is energy, and emotion is one flowing coded form of it that touches our bio_sphere and thereby our souls. It is that wave sparked out of formed intent, that reaches out to touch what is without, linking somehow what is within.
But beyond art and music which are ancestral ways to transcend that Babel tower syndrome of separation, I have found so many other ways transferrent codes can be created and with it their decrypto_logic because everything kind of comes in a mirrorly fashion, it’s like we’re evolving in a house of mirrors, where to any creative code, we have the innately quantumly acquired ability to decode it. It is like a corresponding equation, perfectly balanced, but of course that would also be too easy and there is a catch, and even more than one, because we also have so many distortions preventing us to do that, and not everyone though will decode a transcendent creative code, though everyone can, but free will eventually makes a difference, or the lack of it, when it has been surrendered to external overlaid codes, which en_crypt us like prisoners, self-vowed and dedicated to respect it, uncreatively.
Well, I do no accept nor adhere to that last category, ever. That’s the thing, with expression we touch subversive themes which made or destroyed destinies, lives, countries. That’s not a coincidence the freedom of expression has been written in stone when acknowledging Human rights, and accordingly nullified or censored by despotic villains and plotting tyrans.
Wow! I may have lost track of space and time and been way too long expressing myself here, and I haven’t scratched though the core of the subject, which I’m working on actually. I really think it is a fascinating subject to dive deep into. And down the rabbit hole I don’t even go, because I just live there! :slightly_smiling_face:


“my expressive transcendent codes are an infinity of creative comprehensive sequential ways to express meaning universally, without barriers”

So patterns then?

I love your depiction of language. I find words to be such a beautiful cage for the ideas they could hardly begin to identify, but alas, it is, for the moment, the most widely understood form of communication. Yours are at least full of passion and guidance, which one may have to have a love of language structure in order to fully appreciate.

I believe that the 5 senses are all different realms of the same thing, and none of them true, though intensely distracting. The separation you reference with the Babel period is one that intrigues me too because of my theories on what actually happened there. But you bring up a good point about distortion. If all sensory perception of the body is merely our nervous system response to light waves in different mediums, then the distortions would be as many as the mediums which light expresses itself in. Refraction, distortion, and separation, are all effects of reflection which is what the universe is anyway.

I appreciate you taking time to explain your ideas in such an elegant way.

I am amazed at the diversity of languages !! https://www.ethnologue.com/guides/how-many-languages

. . . in a nutshell of nothingness, hello . . .