Hi from Victoria, BC, Canada

Thank you for accepting me as a recent addition to the RSF!
I’ve had many unusual experiences since toddlerhood on. And seeking understanding of those has led me along a life long interesting journey of exploring consciousness and healing modalities.
By what I can tell, I’ve found the exact right place to learn, share and grow - convergence and divergence - for the upliftment and betterment of all our relations.
Warmly and kindly,


Hi Victoria (Beautiful name btw)

Welcome to RSF. I’m Ruben from Tucson Arizona I’m 52 years old.
I am so happy I found RSF. I hated school therefore I hated learning. I just finished Module 2 - Holographic Wholeness. After spending time looking at fractals and then looking up videos explaining the Mandlebrot Set, I literally got tears truly discovering the beauty of MATH!! What’s wrong with me? ha ha.
To be cliche - It’s like I’m looking at the world, people, nature etc. for the first time. So great to meet you.
All Good Things,


Hi Victoria! I’m new here too but, welcome! I’m touched by your warmth, and may I add I am grateful for the civility of Canadians. I spent summers in Quebec early in life and I still say “aye?”. I’m grateful for the RSF because it offers a chance at resolving the current crises happily, and grateful for like-minded people like yourself, who sustain a sense of connection in a culture that insists the cosmos is disconnected and dead.

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Welcome Teresa, can I be “bold” and ask you about maybe just one of your ‘many unusual experiences’ that may have brought you onto a journey of exploring consciousness? For myself, I’ve never been able to pinpoint any particular experience or experiences that initiated my journey (though there have been many). So in the end I concluded that I have probably always been a ‘natural individual’, an ‘evolution in progress’, on a sometimes almost seemingly predetermined path towards greater understanding and consciousness. In other words I feel it is my Nature that has steered my ship, and the story of my life would be one of having allowed myself to follow that Nature rather than to stand in the way of it. Over to you now if you feel like converging - or diverging. :slight_smile: Warm regards, John Ryan Grinsted

Hi Ruben,
Well, my name is actually Teresa. Victoria is the city I live in.
Math is beautiful - and one of my all time fav books called The Beginner’s Guide To Constructing The Universe is a gold mine for people like us!
Whooshing kindness your way,

Hi Vortical,
(Just a heads up my name is Teresa, and Victoria is the city I live in. No biggie . . . ).
I’ve had the pleasure of travelling through America and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of many of your fellow countrymen. In fact, the more time I spend there, the more I notice how similar we are (as compared to during my 20, 30s, 40s). And thank you for reaffirming the blessing of living in a connected and alive cosmos!
Whooshing kindness,

Hi John,
You write beautifully and I totally get where you are coming from (by the way, its the same view I have too).
I suppose the main experience, which is not the first one consciously remembered, is the one I will share today.
Many, many years ago when I was around 5 or so we were playing the hide and seek game of kick the can in the forest. Alone, I suddenly froze in place. I saw a huge white light come down, and it flooded me with its brilliance. A friend once said the way I describe it comes from a song lyric “like a thousand crystal swans in a sky of suns”. I call that “colour/frequency” brilliance. And I cannot say how long that lasted - seconds or minutes. I can say I received a download, a mote, that is still fresh in me as if it were yesterday. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were all connected. That there was no difference between me, the trees, other people - that we were in truth all one. And that if I could see it, feel it, etc it didn’t really exist. That there is far more going on out there than we can possibly imagine. That this world is just a flash in the pan. Interesting, it was clear to me that if I desired anything, and at that age maybe an ice cream cone, it would have instantly manifested in my hand. However, because I was in such a state of connection with everything, I wanted for nothing because I was everything already. And I knew the universe was loving, benevolent. And even though my life would get hard, I would always be ok - that I could unreservedly trust this all-ness. And lastly, I was home. An Anglican priest said I had an experience of grace. I suppose there are different names for it. The book My Stroke of Insight also describes the likely identical experience too.
Well, I’m pretty sure that sums it up. When it stopped I simply continued on with my children’s game not thinking to mention it to anyone because I thought everyone knew all that (it was so obvious to me) and that I was the one catching up. Besides I had no one to share it with.
The double edge sword emerged pretty quickly. My ego was just forming and that got blown apart at that young age. I set myself up for many lessons, living a life without boundaries in a world (and family) that can be really cruel. Navigating through life knowing what I did was lonely at times where no one I knew grokked it.
And that, in part, is what draws me to communities like this one. The need to be with other’s of like-heartedness and like-mindedness. Willing to be open and receptive - seeking unification and home.
There are other iterations of this, of course. For instance, one involves a visit to The Monroe Institute in Virginia about 17 years ago. (By the way, I can highly recommend them).
Well, I trust that answers your question, at least for now.
Thanks for being here John, so I can be here too.
Whooshing love and kindness,


Hi Teresa,
This is Parksville from Dean here…errr Dean from Parksville. When Nassim announced that the Delegate course was free to all, it was April 1st. Best birthday gift ever!! I just finished the course a few days ago. My wife and I have been following him for years ever since our daughter clued us into his work.
It’s great to chat with a fellow islander who gets it…marvelling at the wonder and beauty of it all. So simple, yet so profound.
Do you of other Resonance" folk around here?
Talk soon,.cheers,

Sorry…that’s know…do you know of others…??

Thanks, I needed that.

I’m finding great comfort in you wonderful description. It rings true to my sense of things, to the inner child. I’m an old man now living alone in the big city. The appearance of a dead, gritty and disconnected world brimming with trauma and selfishness greets me when I step out my door. You’ve refreshed my spirit with your words.

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