Higgs its a open and shut case

Its a matter of time and space. That to goes against everything and in a sense you can say its antimatter. Regardless by unlocking the Higgs we can set type for construct than through photon bombardment we can build, create structure and form.

We can one day be wearing matter conversion boots and walk on air. We can unfold space to different points in time and space and we can make hollow decks and ever replicators on this basis. This is our Field and the system of construct for our dimension and Verse. To us within our concept of existence we can look to this as god as it is the creator of all mankind has known to now but man is on the verge of true enlightenment.

I have anchored and set a new united faith and belief symbol for us to help with the coming technological era that is about to encompass mankind which we refer to as Quantum computing. We need to wind our minds away from the parts of the psyche that operate within the reals that QC will function within. Currently in Beta this is one example of a line of digital tools im wanting to put into the world to help us keep our mind and our thoughts separate from the data we log with Quantum Computer when they hit the shelves.