Higher Consciousness Technological Concepts

Hello Resonance Science Family! :alien:

There is nothing in this world that I want more than to see our global civilization unify and ascend the bounds of ignorant scarcity mentality, as well as time and space altogether…


And of course, to collectively experience the physical freedom to go ANYWHERE, and to do or be ANYTHING unrestricted via higher consciousness technologies! :butterfly:

I would love to share with you all some tech concepts that have occurred to me lately, so that we can collectively meditate upon them and collaborate as a unified consciousness to further accelerate the development of higher consciousness technological capabilities… :purple_heart:

If a conductive koch snowflake fractal antenna was attached to the point of output of an ARK crystal or ARK crystal structure, would electric devices in the local vicinity be powered wirelessly with universally resonant electricity? :zap:

And what would happen if we built a 512 or 4096 ARK crystal structure around a genesa crystal in the center, in which a dodecagram string mandala (within the horizontal plane of the genesa crystal) would suspend a conductive 4d+ toroidal hypercube at the very center? :atom_symbol:

I also wonder what the properties of an ARK crystal coated in a particular metal such as gold would be… :ring:

Perhaps we could stabilize a wormhole to the Pleiades Star Cluster? :unicorn:

At the very least, I’m sure that these concepts would make for some very interesting art sculptures! :clown_face:

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Also, can you imagine what the effects might be of a conductive Sierpinski tetrahedron fractal with ARK crystals filling the inner cavities of the fractal structure?


Or the effects of a Sierpinski tetrahedron fractal composed entirely out of ARK crystals exclusively?

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How about a 64, 512, or 4096 ARK crystal structure arrangement within a conductive Menger Sponge? :kaaba:

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An easy listen to understand the concept of our reality.


Hello Cyndi This is interesting video very entertaining love the redhead, we actually had an interesting discussion on this subject in a faculty Q AND A with William and Marshall and while the Dimension question can remain as part of the mystery It was the consensus that multiple dimensions are while interesting are demonstration on the power of the human mind to imagine complex mathematical constructs (like string theory) and simple one like Two Dimensions they are not needed for a unified physics model. The infinite fields within fields, octaves within octaves of frequencies seems to be enough to contain all the consciousness we can imagine. I recommend for now we switch our terms of 5D 8D etc. to frequencies. It was of course very interesting that after their dimensional travel they ended up with tetrahedron as the solution. Loved the fact you posted it for further discussion on dimensions Funny how they made fun of string theory enjoy. check out lovevolution is the solution topic Jeffree

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The Unified Spacememory Network from cosmogensis to consciousness

Haramein, N., Brown W. & Val Baker, A. K. F. (2016). The Unified Spacememory Network: from Cosmogenesis to Consciousness, Journal of NeuroQuantology

The recent developments of advanced models of unified physics have brought a deeper understanding of the fundamental nature of space, time, energy and matter. It is becoming apparent that information and geometry are primary to explaining these fundamental agents. In previous work, we demonstrated that the subatomic nucleon structure of the proton and recently the electron can be derived directly from a spacetime holographic structure of Planck-scale quantum vacuum oscillators fluctuating as spacetime pixels, demonstrating that spacetime at the very fine level of the Planck-scale is discrete with information quanta. We have found that when considering the granular spacetime information-energy structure from which we demonstrate matter and mass arises, the phenomena of self-organizing systems that leads to self-awareness and consciousness is integral to— and a natural emergent property of the feedback-dynamics of spacetime information itself. In this work, we describe how the integral function of the information feedback dynamics of spacetime, which engender mass-energy, is the missing element in understanding the evolution and development of self-organizing physical systems in general, and the emergence of the biological organism in particular. We evaluate non-classical quantum mechanical phenomena of physical and biological systems in light of the Maldacena-Susskind holographic correspondence theorem from which an equivalence of wormhole spacetime geometry and quantum entanglement is derived. We suggest that the Planck-scale micro-wormhole entanglement structure of multiple spacetime coordinates engender the macromolecular assemblies of living cells, and that this wormhole entanglement may function in the memory and learning capacity of the biological entity. Furthermore, the recursive information encoding feedback processes of the quantum spacetime micro-wormhole network, which we refer to as spacememory, enables memory and learning in physical systems across all scales, resulting in universal evolutionary tendencies towards higher levels of ordering and complexity – foundational to evolution, sentience, and awareness. *

Simply stated lovevolution, spread the word! Thank you.

*For complete paper and other related papers: https://hiup.org Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics

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