How Do We Escape?

How do we escape this strangle hold? To begin to answer that question we must examine the nature of the present worldview shift occurring and consider what it will take to make the shift before it’s too late.

The present worldview is causing global entropy. Which means their is not only chaos in the lives of humanity, but the very cells which make up each individual have many stressors in their environment, causing compromised immune systems and activating certain genes which were imprinted (morphogenetic field) in ones DNA long ago. If we can look beyond the differences or the political baggage of each religious control over certain parts of humanity, we then begin to come together under one understanding, science. I love that there is scientific evidence of our natural ability to connect with source/consciousness. I grew up catholic/christian. I believe if we can understand or begin to accept the differences in a way where there is no judgement, no blaming, no anger, when we can come to a place of feeling the whole (all the pain and all the happiness of all humanity) we then will be able to have a global quantum leap into this new worldview understanding of science and spirituality/how they coincide with each other. How are individual belief systems so strong? The emotion tied behind the belief, creates the environment one lives in. Well then the next question is, why does one wish to live in a society of war? hate? separateness? Well, those whom are religious and have strong belief systems, usually have strong abilities to make a drastic change in their realities. So, if each religious authority were to expand their consciousness and better assist their followers in this new understanding, people would still be able to go to the churches or ceremonies they enjoy with the community they enjoy, but without hate, anger, injustice, feeling separated, and all those negative emotions and feelings formed under a separated belief system; as in the belief system separates the individuals from anything else but what is told in their religious story one chooses to believe. Once we can get religions to cheer each other on and become unified with one understanding, which is only going to be able to be done via science, we can then begin to understand the innate nature of our entire being and appreciate all the history of our species evolution. The truth is, we are all very similar and we are not separate from eachother, as our cells are not separate of the reflection we see in mirror. If our cells (100trillion +) can communicate in harmony with each other, so can all of humanity. If we looked at the world from an outside perspectice, one in space, we’d see that we are really all similar to the very pestiside which is invading our species at this very moment, almost as if we are the virus on Earth, and Earth is reflecting back onto us her dis-ease. We must all begin to start understanding the science behind the power of our beliefs and learn to integrate mind/heart coherence and use our intentions for the better of humanity as a whole, as well as to better ourselves and our individual growth in the evolution process.

To make it to a new worldview, I see a global quantum leap forming and integrating through the pandemic of COVID-19. Regardless of how this issue began, it has served humanity in a way where people are beginning to make time for themselves, realizing what is truly essential to their happiness. A lot of people are still stuck under hate and pointing the finger, living in fear or competition to be better than, this is the old way of thinking and it cannot exist in a new worldview as the shift is within consciousness itself, meaning the belief structure is expanded to incorporate the science which explains the spiritual phenomena. If there are so many different world views with no commonality, then you get exactly where the current worldview is right now, today… The shift has begun, but I expect it to take some time, not too much, but time. This is to be expected.

Very excited again to be on this journey with so many brilliant minds and souls! I cannot wait to hear and read others ideas/discussion notes!


Love what you shared you greatly support the lovevolution thank you

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:] Thank you @jeffree !!

Great to be here! I am completely on the same page with you overall. I must say I’ve been following casually RSF’s work for many years mainly because my own interests are basically completely aligned (as an armchair/Sunday pop-sci-shamanic enthusiast), but for some reason haven’t started participating. So, may this course mark the beginning :smiley:

I’m the kind of person who is and always has been torn between these two worlds of the mystique vs. rationale. Or you might say, like in the beginning of this course disconnected/connected worlds. And to cut the story short; have concluded some time ago now, that they are (must be) the same thing as in opposite parts of a more complete whole.

So that’s why I will pick a little bit on the concept of entropy as it was presented in the beginning of this course, even though I’m sure this will be elaborated later in the course (that I just started). Entropy, along with other related concepts has been on my radar for a long time (no not the mathematics of it :wink: )

When negentropy, or the local increase in order (organisation/structure/function - as opposed to chaos/randomness) wasn’t mentioned as an inherent property of entropy, some readers might feel the dubious notion of dogma of anti-science or spiritualism being introduced (the very thing we came here to escape).

So, what I’m saying is that the problem actually does not lay in the reductionist/empirical/deterministic ways of ‘the scientific method’, but possibly more in the unimaginative or overconfident interpretations in the general public of it.

That being said, there definitely is a lack/need of more holism or ‘theory of everything’ that has to include the unknown or the spiritual somehow - whatever labels we like to implement here and yes this is an apparent paradox (as in; it is unscientific to include the immeasurable, the unquantifiable in quantized and rigorous proof oriented equations), but this is only natural considering where we are at the moment if we imagine that in the bigger picture we are currently in the phase of reductionist zooming-in phase “of the wave function”. Naturally, once we have gathered enough information by looking in as closely as we can and our instruments, mechanical or mental allow us, we will zoom out again in order to see how all of the pieces relate and interact and proceed with painting the holistic ‘bigger’ picture, until once again we are bound to zoom in with additional insight. So, in order to escape the strangle hold as you say, we can collectively illuminate the way, but individually everyone has to walk the path themselves.

*if we are to teach anyone anything we can only point the way

I think as humankind we are kinda ‘exactly where we need to be’ at the moment (well where else right).

Thanks for reading! I feel better already.


Beautiful. Thank you!

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Thank you for that wonderful piece of writing Jamie!

My name is Peter and I have been a television and film cameraman for over 30 years, observing people and these world patterns , conflict zones (worked for CNN International for 10 years) as well as incredible synchronicity and intelligent happenings that could only have come from amazing feedback loop systems.

I watch these cycles and try to ‘surf’ them as waves of diversity, energy and change bring massive opportunity to shift worldview.

It seems like this Covid virus, whether natural or man made has put us all into isolation, a type of forced introspection and meditation.
An opportunity for the world and nature to take a breath ( Covid 19 does effect the lungs…wink )

I see this a massive, exciting opening to step back from habitually busyness and allow the new to sweep in…:))

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@kaddak THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 100% !

I Feel like extremely connected to you right now!! I really appreciate your in depth response! You’ve elaborated exactly what I was trying to explain! (I am a student at QU for integrative medicine, I am just introduced to all this a little over a year now), thank you!! :heart:


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:open_hands: Hi @Petewills1 it’s lovely to virtually meet you. Yes, I totally resonate with everything you said! Quite possible! :wink:

Beautifully written. It is refreshing to hear new perspectives on what is happening right now. Much gratitude for being able to connect to like-minded people!

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[quote=“JamieLee, post:1, topic:77”]
To make it to a new worldview, I see a global quantum leap forming and integrating through the pandemic of COVID-19. Regardless of how this issue began, it has served humanity in a way where people are beginning to make time for themselves, realizing what is truly essential to their happiness.
[/quote] Yes, indeed. It was my first thought Ive seen Nassim live last Wednesday. Immidiately after that I went back to all those friends and sites we created ( forums ) in the past and wrote them in the spirit of HOPE, that I have seen the way out, THE SIGN :) ( Nassim as a Mesaiah ? - interesting point ;) ) Anyway.. there is more to this "Escape" isssue. First, the virus made now a chaos , but also, an OPPORTUNITY to create something NEW , NOW . It is partly becouse milions of lockedowned people have time now to ask questions WHO AM I, or " where am I " , " what is going on " .And, this is like a "gap" now, a window in the System when The Old has gone, but nothing New is yet constituated - in terms of social and/or economy ralm. And I can not get out of awe, that Ive found myselfe EXACTLY in that moment with the RIGHT MAN on board, the man of Science and common sense. It is like an island of certainity in uncertain , uncharted waters.

What is comming, I think is a kind of TechnoEra, the sort of technocratic dictature or so. However, there is , and has always been, for hundred of thousand of years of human existance, the support from Earth. Apart of religions, agriculture revolution or the age of iron, there has always been the same air we all breath and this beautifull blue planet -this or other way - secured safe of all living things aganist " cold entrophy" perhaps becouse … it is also ALIVE , like us, just like a “cell” but much bigger than our 100trilion+ cells. And it is time to come align with Earth, to listen to HER. On our own, human way, of course, full of compasion but also SCIENCE to be understood by everyone, like Nassim explain it with his gigs and smile and fun :slight_smile:

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That’s so cool… I feel it! I wish an immeasurable amount of trust come your way on your path of being a healer! :star_struck:

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My Brother you need not feel torn between two worlds we are sewing them up here in the lovevolution


ahhh yes, but this is where I draw my energy and inspiration from :wink:

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@jeffree and @kaddak - Thank you for your support! I appreciate it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for your wonderful message JaimeLee. I find it difficult at times being aware of the connected worldview that Resonance Science Foundation so kindly shares with the us, while having the impression from everyday life that so many others are completely vested in the disconnected worldview. Particularly with COVID-19, sometimes I have the impression that most in my local community not only fully support disconnected worldview actions by our governments, but actively seek to enforce them on others. I have started a local Facebook group solely for discussion of positive solutions where people in our community can brainstorm, share, and cooperatively execute any ideas that will make our community more self-sufficient, but I fear there is little interest for such a forum.

Anyhow, I’m curious as to your (and everyone’s) thoughts about how to positively and effectively engage our neighbors and local community members who may be, at present, extremely distant from a connected worldview. Or, is it just a matter of patience, waiting for however long it takes for a more connected worldview to emerge among the masses? If patience is the primary answer, I understand it, but part of me feels as though we have limited time to turn the ship around (especially with the present-day possibilities of oppressive governments), so I have this impulse that we have to get everyone on board with a connected worldview as soon as possible! So, internally I feel this constant tug-of-war between trying to get the word out as quickly as possible and, at the same time, being patient for those how are not yet ready for a connected worldview, because if you push too hard, it just turns people off more.

Thanks again, any thoughts are greatly appreciated!


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You might consider starting a community timebank; a way of putting your thoughts into actions that neighbors might easily embrace.

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Does anyone else remember a time, perhaps in another reality, when we used technology to free us up for pursuits such as we are doing here now; innovating, imagining, creating? What are we doing with our unprecedented intellectual and technological powers that is good? A gift of the COVID pandemic, if we choose to consciously receive it, is that of a portal to the next stage of human evolution. We are living in a period of deconstruction, but this is a good thing. The virus has literally deconstructed our daily lives as we have known them. But we are also in a crisis of the human species, age old systems crumbling before our very eyes, and at a critical decision point on this planet. Imagine this crisis as our birth, choose it to be in service to evolve our narrative to become a new human of a higher and more loving order.

If we stop and try to “fix” all that no longer works for us, we will find ourselves under the rubble of our own demise. However, if we tap into our unique genius of the teacher, elder, builder, mother, father, healer,… collectively, we can co-create the new in such a way that the old dysfunctional systems can no longer be in form because they have no resonant space in which to reside with us. The old order simply falls away or adapts to the new resonance.

As we move closer and closer to the edge of this crisis and enter full blown chaos, it may feel much like birthing pains. But if we consciously choose this as a time of evolution, we write the script for supreme wholeness and higher states of order and planetary love. The crisis crescendo then can be an opportunity and pivotable point for human transformation and unfathomable innovations. Consciously choosing this path while we stand at the crossroads, we can see more clearly what we need to preserve, create, and change to take this evolutionary leap.

When I meditate into the field and ask the virus to speak its message to me, I hear “When empathy is achieved, I am complete.” Empathy is our way home from here.

Cindy Bledsoe :butterfly:


Thank You for such a reasoning post. I do feel the same way, that literally, this virus is here to make change. In science, genetics use viruses to enter into cells and manipulate DNA. Or if virus attacks human body it destroys the current order. First You see disorders, but than healing begins, an antibodies are produced and the hole body reorganize into new level. It is exactly what happens every time You catch a virus.
The new level of order I would call Harmony. It is something more than just one try to achieve. This is a pattern emerging from collective coherence. It is simpler to catch up with the wave if You understand how reality works and works exactly as Nassim predicted and the equations are aligned with this too just in time, now. The same time we find ourselves here together on the same ship deck. Coincidence ? :wink:

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@jxp220 Thank you Justin!
I encourage you to continue with the facebook group in support of your community. I would recommend keeping the focus on the GOOD side of things. Bringing light to the darkness.

Patience is necessary in having others raise their awareness. It takes time, but not as much as you think. If we can look at the reactions of others from a different (higher) perspective, we can understand their concern with compassion. So, rather than responding defensively, you’re responding in a way where you’re engaging from understanding what is behind their reactions, encouraging them to be creative with you to create solutions. It is a matter of providing the proper information in an energetic way for them to engage with and understand.

Regarding your local community, if many are in full support of this disconnected worldview, I will ask you; are they even aware their view is disconnected? Are they aware, actively seeking to enforce disconnected views and blaming others is a repetitive cycle or “feedback loop”? This feedback loop will keep happening until the behavior is corrected. It’s like the universe’s way of saying “wake up”.

Energy matters in getting others to engage positively. Keep yourself open to the good, knowing your intentions are for the best of all. Try not to have any expectations and keep it open to learning from each other, listening to each other, not to react, but to understand, to grow, to unite in creativity.
In other words, take what is said and dissect it to see the larger emotional reaction behind it, address others by asking them questions to support that reaction, this in many cases will get others to reflect inwardly, maybe not immediately, but who knows, maybe it will! Knowledge is power, share it!!

Use your energy to attract the community of support your heart is calling you too. Be excited and pay little attention to “time” as a quantum leap will certainly happen in time, but the time is not relevant; what is relevant, is what you are going to do with this time as an individual to help lift up the community around you. Feeling rushed is the emotional reaction of anxiety. This is a negative vibe, just as the reactions of people rambling off headlines. It is not a matter of rushing this information to others, this will not create a good response, rather it is about associating the science at the level of understanding which excites others, encourages creativity and imagination! You may want to try several posts on different topics or the same topic at different levels of understanding and see which one people are more likely to engage with, dissect the emotional reaction behind it, add your creative insight with the knowledge you have and encourage others to do the same.

It is not about learning something new, the only new aspect of this shift is the science behind what many already deeply knew/know/fear. Sharing your knowledge and ideas, help generate the movement of creative solutions within your community.

I really hope this helps! Please let me know how all of this goes! I wish the best for you and your community and If there is anyway in which I can help to support your community, please let me know! We’re all in this together! You can make a positive impact - Believe in the what you are doing and your intentions, people will always follow!! I believe in you, I believe in all!


YES! <3 Thank you for sharing this! :heart:

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