💜 How do we transition to Level 1?

I finished reading Module 6.1 and I realized that the entire universe is an over-unity system. Thus, fueling a civilization with the kinetic energy released from burning plants is really… how do I say this, not evolved… It’s this tangent that we’ve been on for 125 years and it’s very niche. It’s like we have our head in a paper bag.

So, let’s get off the tangent and focus.

How do we create a civilization that functions on over-unity energy out of this one? What will that look like?

Will everyone have a little box that provides wireless electro-magneto-gravity? These devices are really potent.

The Ark of the covenant is probably such a device and right now it’s hidden and guarded by an individual whose sole life purpose is to guard the box.

How do we peacefully transition?

It seems that a whole bunch of people worldwide have to simultaneously understand how to create the devices and do it themselves.

Or a whole bunch of people worldwide have to simultaneously initiate using the devices. This is going to be something that happens quickly.

We’ve had the physics for 90+ years. Most people in the world want this shift to happen. How do we turn the fairy tale into reality?