How is the Holographic Mass Related to the Standard Mass of the Proton?

Everyone, [EDIT][craniosacral1(] has asked a question which is probably on the minds of many.

Yes as I have “understood” or no understood is that every planc is some what heavier than the proton > could you explain that/have you read that as well : What misintepretation have I done. Is it a physics scale thing I do not know?

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An awfully good question. [I’ll add links to sources in Module 4 soon I hope.]

Actually it is the proton, not the Planck Oscillator, that displays two wildly disparate masses.

[EDIT] Now I see what you mean. The proton weighs only 10^-24g, and a single Planck weighs much more at a relatively whopping 10^-5G (and every proton contains 10^60 of them - for a total holographic mass of 10^55g).

As I understand it, the short answer to your question is: The Standard Mass of the proton is the (huge) holographic mass of the proton minus the (almost as huge) [EDIT] Yukawa Potential. This is the rapid gravitational falloff outside any body spinning at lightspeed. This arises from the relativistic stretching out/attenuation of spacetime at the surface of the proton - due to its lightspeed spin, which cuts the reach of its gravity.

The Planck “is what it is”, weighing in at 10^-5grams in a teeny radius of 10^-33cm. The Planck is defined as the speed and size and energy of a photon orbiting itself, which is surprisingly large. It may be thought of as the smallest fastest thing that can happen. It is expressed in the equations as a quantity of angular momentum, of spin. Thus, The Planck oscillator is not a thing, but a motion, not a noun, but a verb.

Plancks are the stuff of spacetime, the cells of cosmic resonance. Plancks are “loose and co-moving” like water molecules in a bathtub.

A proton is 10^60 Plancks spinning around a common center at lightspeed. Think of a whirlpool above the drain of your draining bathtub that is spinning at lightspeed at its center. That’s where matter, mass, and gravity comes from. The spin of the proton curves space by dragging the surrounding Plancks around with it, and that curves the “surface” of space like the whirlpool curves the surface of the water in your draining bathtub.

The proton has a holographic mass of 10^55 grams, equal to
(a) The mass of the 10^60 Planck Oscillators, each weighing 10^-5grams, within the proton’s 10^-13cm radius, AND
(b) the 10^-24 gram standard rest mass of the proton times the number of all the protons in our cosmos combined.

That seems impossible, a contradiction in terms. An object should have one mass.

This immense difference between 10^55g and 10^-24g per proton caused “the hierarchy problem” in physics. The Strong Force, Dark Energy and Dark Matter are attempts to fill the gap, to fudge the difference, in Nassim’s view. Both numbers are necessary. It takes 10^55 grams of gravity to hold protons together inside the nucleus of an atom against the incredibly strong repulsion of their like charges. But physicists have carefully measured it’s mass and found it to be merely 10^-24g.

Nassim resolves it by observing that the proton spins at lightspeed, and thus relativity comes into play in a way described by something called the Yukawa Potential.

Einstein taught us that mass dilates (increases) as speed increases, such that it becomes infinite at lightspeed (and that’s why spaceships can’t go lightspeed because they get too heavy - but Plancks and protons can spin that fast). Likewise, mass decreases rapidly as it drops below lightspeed. That gravitational falloff is the Yukawa Potential.

In Haramein’s Unified Field Theory (UFT), space is filled with loose and co-moving Planck Oscillators like water molecules in a bathtub. The proton is made of 10^60 Planck Oscillators all spinning at lightspeed around a common center. The rest of space is filled with Plancks moving more or less chaotically - like air molecules in the atmosphere of Earth.

The Planck Oscillators above the surface of the proton are getting dragged along like air at the surface of the spinning Earth, but their speed drops off rapidly as you move away from the surface.

The spinning proton surface has very high mass, very high gravity. Spacetime (Planck oscillators) gets wrapped around the spinning proton, and stretched out. Accordingly gravity falls off very rapidly as you move away from the surface of the proton.

Imagine what a photon sees at it approaches the proton: Any photon approaching the proton surface can’t go straight down, but has to go around the proton many times in order to get to the surface, just like the space shuttle has to orbit a few times on the way down to get back to Earth. There is no getting straight down from or up to orbit “as the bird flies”. Space gets stretched out by the spinning mass, so the photon has farther to go; the straightest available path is a spiraling orbit downward.

As Nassim puts it, imagine a rubber ducky in draining bathtub. The spinning water around the vortex above the drain draws the rubber ducky toward the drain. But the water is spinning at lightspeed around the drain so the ducky has a long way to go, has to go around many times, before it can catch up. The lightspeed spin between the proton (drain) and the rubber ducky reduces the “gravity” pulling the ducky toward the drain.

Note however, all this begs the question: If it takes the entire 10^55g mass of the cosmos to hold the protons in the nucleus of a single atom together against the mutual repulsion of their like charges, how does it hold all the other atoms together at the same time?


Thank you for your clear and visual explanation.

is planck = planck constant? the smalles unit of energy a photon can emit is called a planck? How does a Planck get measured?

I read holographic all the time but don’t get that. I don’t understand how a hologram gets produced and why every part of the hologram contains the information of the hole hologram? I have seen videos explaining that you have two laser beams and they create an interference pattern. Interference patterns are waves colliding with each other and this interference pattern contains all the information the two waves have traveled through. And because those two waves have touched the object from all possible angles the interference pattern hold the information of the object from all angels. is it like that? if so why does every small part of the interference pattern contains the information of the hole interference model?

Now to the holographic mass. What does holographic mass means? is holographic mass = holographic universe? instead of light beams to create this hologram you have worm holes connecting black holes creating this hologram? Every part of the universe contains information of the hole universe but when you only take one part of the hologram the resolution (information) of the hole is very low / rough. To get more detail of the universe you need to look at every part.

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Very perceptive questions, and great grist for my mill. Thank you.

You give a nice description of how holograms work. Mind you I am no expert, but I understand that what happens is that the laser beams “soak” every particle in the hologram film with all the information about the imaged object. If you have only one particle, you can still produce the entire image, although it will be very blurry - it gets sharper the more imaged film you have.

What does holographic mass means? is holographic mass = holographic universe? instead of light beams to create this hologram you have worm holes connecting black holes creating this hologram?

The holographic “film” in Haramein’s UFT is the proton. The surface of a proton - the event horizon surrounding the singularity inside - is comprised of 10^40 Plancks. Think of these as the the pixels on the proton screen, or the storage addresses on a hard drive. As I understand it, incoming photons create an interference pattern among the Plancks on the surface of the proton. These interference patterns can build up on top of each other yet lose no information, like the pattern raindrops make on the sea. You can theoretically recover the information about every photon the proton has ever encountered. And because every proton is connected to every other proton “via internal wormhole connections” from each of the 10^60 Plancks within every proton, you can get all information about any and all protons from any proton. That is how “space memory” works, if I get it right.

(And that’s how Haramein’s theory is able to accommodate “mystical” phenomena like remote viewing, the Akashic Records and such that is dismissed by standard materialist paradigm as impossible and so delusional.)

I have a question about this. If a single Planck connects each proton to all others via wormhole, but the state of a proton consists of the current pattern among the 10^40 surface Plancks on that proton, there has to be a very tight bandwidth bottleneck on the information that can be gotten about proton A from proton B. I’d imagine that one wormhole connection can carry just so much information just so fast, even if not constrained by the lightspeed barrier. Anyone seen anything to clarify this issue?

Missed this q earlier.

A photon is the smallest amount - “quantum” - of energy that can be emitted. I don’t understand yet how photons are related to Plancks, it’s not covered in Module 4.

As I understand from Module 4, the Planck oscillator didn’t get “measured”, but it got calculated by Haramein based on the photon - which got measured by Planck -, and then lots of major physical constants popped out of the calculations that made a confused picture clear - do you remember in the 90s there were pictures that looked like colorful noise until you squinted just right, and then an image came suddenly clear? - like that.

The Planck oscillator got defined - imagined - in the first place as the time and space it takes for two photons to orbit one another (or how fast one photon can oscillate) - remember that Planck oscillators ARE spacetime, and so that’s why lightspeed is as fast as photons can travel through space - and so the Planck and photon are related that way. If I’m not mistaken the Planck Oscillator is h-Bar, the quantum of angular momentum, the smallest unit of spin, the tiniest spiral, if you will.

That is to say, yes the Planck oscillator is derived from Plancks constant, which is the number by which you multiply the frequency of a photon to get its mass/energy. Planck’s constant got measured, carefully.

The Planck constant , or Planck’s constant , is the quantum of electromagnetic action that relates a photon’s energy to its frequency. The Planck constant multiplied by a photon’s frequency is equal to a photon’s energy. The Planck constant is a fundamental physical constant denoted as {\displaystyle h}h, and of fundamental importance in quantum mechanics. In metrology it is used to define the kilogram in SI units.[2]

The Planck constant is defined to have the exact value {\displaystyle h=} 6.62607015×10−34 J⋅s in SI units.[3][4]

How photons and Planck oscillators interact I don’t know - I suspect that a photon is a wave motion among Plancks like a wave on the water but transverse. And I’m still waiting to find out how charge works. I heard Nassim did a video about that last month but I haven’t found it yet.

Maybe I’ve found Nassim on electrons.

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Tu dis à 7… Pourquoi pas aller jusqu’à 8 et pousser un petit peu plus loin jusqu’à 9, voir jusqu’à l’Infini :wink:

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I think 7 is what is ‘observed’ at this ‘level’.
7 because the oscillation, the wave, runs 1 to 7 to 1 (13 being (6)1(6)) - from the Maya?
7 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot in each of the 3 lines (cycles) - and the 0 (The Fool) at the start or finish.
On the Tree of Life, too, I think, 7 Sephiroth in the personal and 3 above (the Godhead) - and the Tree goes on beyond that to Levels we can’t see from here.

You can see.