How to access information inside us


It seems that all universe information is contained in one proton.

So, how can one access this information ?

Thanks for your help

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Halo Nicka, nice to have You with us :slight_smile:
Well I do not think it would be healthy to reach ALL the information in Universe at once due to overloading. We are evolving gradually being able to discover and implement more as we progress - in my opinion.
Best wishes.

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Thx Tomasz for your help.

Ok, I can understand that. Our brain isn’t ready to process infinite information. But how to access “some selected” information in protons ?

I mean information that can answer to some questions, like meaning of life, connecting with other people, etc.

I do not know how about proton, but if You asked me, I would answer that answers are partly answered in Your questions :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean … some people never bother to ask thus, they do will never reach so “neverasked” questions.
You may have a clues that there is an answer and maybe even feel it. Like … life has meaning or connection is natural.
In Resonanc Science , I feel those answers come out naturally from prooves of the underneath reality. Actually , the only problem I had with accepting them was the existing paradigm of separation which all forms of divisions tryied to frame ME in. And if one observe how Nature works, that coherence seen there gives many answers. I would like to help You with that but better follow Nassim`s answers :slight_smile:

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As I understand the meaning of “resonance”: If we as humans make ourselves similar to Nature, system of Nature, laws of Nature - by this we “understand” in an holistic meaning of the word - so with intellect and feeling what the purpose of life is.
This happens gradually as we make ourselves similar to nature.

And what is similar as Nature? That we become integral as Nature is. What is integral? that we connect as humans betweeen each other as equals, respect each other, by all our differences, but above them unite and seeing us of equal IMPORTANCE.
The differences remain and even grow, but we act according to the principle “as love covers all crimes” since LOVE is the unversal law of Nature. Love is connection, Resonance, uniting, …NATURE is LOVE.


Meditation with visualization. And more meditation. . Keep your question in focus. When you are ready to receive the answer it will come to you, and you will have a very deep knowing of it’s truth when it does. . Stay patient if it doesn’t come to you right away. It will come when you ask, you just have to tune yourself to receive it.


Dear Cleopatra,

I found out and did many times with many different people that everything is so easy when we do it together with like-minded people.
When we speak in a round circle according to a few specific and simple rules where each one focuses on listening to the others and seeing what the others says as important without judging and by this paying attention what the other want to say and contribute to the dialog.
And there might be a situation that I even totally disagree what the other says even if we find the arguments total against what I believe.
But we try not to focus an the differences between each other but that we want to build something common, a common idea or outcome which is built from the input of all the participants. Something we all care for because it was built out of our connection. 2That we resonate together in some common frequency" you could say.

Then in practically all the cases we experiencing sth. really extraordinay. A strong feeling of connection, an amazing feeling that sth. higher connects us all together on a higher plane as we have been before in our individual and divided views.

Is this what you mean being ready to receive an answer?

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Hi Lexanrer1

Although I respect your and everyones methods of choice to use, this is not at all what I meant. . If you read my answer, and the posters question, it should be clear what I meant. This is my method, and I offered my genuine advice to the poster :).

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Dear Cleopatra,
Then I really misunderstood.
I thought your response was to my previous post although I could not really grasp the connection to it and what you wrote.
Sorry for that,

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That’s okay. I know now in future to directly reply to the poster to avoid any confusion.

Thanks for your sharings Lexanrer

In my experiences, I conclude that words are not a good vector for communication because of meanings and different reality behind a same word.

As you speak about “integral as Nature” and equality, I can’t understand. Because from my point of view, Nature is all but not equal. Nothing, in Nature, is equal. Let’s take an example. People have different strength, not the same height, not the same access to food, not the same mind capacity, etc… As you said, we are all different, and those difference make us Naturally not equal. Unless if you talk about a virtual equality made by humans.

Do you think that it’s possible to look to Nature as it is and accept that human, animals, plants, etc are not equal but embrace this, accept this, consciously and maybe, try to love all of this ?

And by the way, to connect to my question, everything in Nature seems to be made by protons, so how can one “connect” to a proton to connect to others ?

Hi Micka, first of all it’s a very good question! However, universal information does not really come in byte-size bits. It’s not like digital information or things you might read in a book. It’s more a feeling of knowing, of understanding the connection between all things, and it comes when your mind and body are very quiet. Of course, that is what most of us mean by meditation, but remember that meditation is not a thing either. It’s not an activity, like painting, or anything that we do. So, just try the universal sitting meditation (zazen). Just for 20/30 minutes, once or twice a day. You can easily find the recommended sitting and hand positions by googling “zazen position”. Nothing has to happen. Just sitting is enough, with eyes open. Look at a candle if you wish. Make no physical movements (except for blinking and lovely breathing!). Don’t adjust position, scratch or move at all. Everything will start to settle down and become comfortable. In time, and with practice you will start to feel that you ‘know’ all kinds of things that you felt unsure about before, and just as all the information of the universe may be contained in a single proton, so there is no end to the knowledge that may come to you. It’s an exciting journey, but it’s a journey of stillness, not action or activity. Peace be with you.


Oh, thanks you Cleopatra, seems to be a practical thing, I love it.

I already tried some meditation (vipassana), and really nothing happen (or seems to happen). Just gain some flexibility in my body :grin:
So, can you please spot me to a way to practice what you call “visual meditation” ?
I’m sure that it’s easy and obvious for you, bit it’s not for me. :pray:

For example, what do you mean by “tune yourself” ?
And when you said “it will come to you”, from where ? Direct in my mind ? Is it a feeling ? A thought ?

Sorry, but it’s really not obvious for me :pleading_face:

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John, thanks you for your help.

I’ll do my best and practice on this way.

But you spot exactly the point I am looking for : “feeling of knowing”.

What does this mean ?

I am a kind of “rational brainer”, so when you talk about feeling of knowing, it’s something I don’t understand (yet :wink:).
Because for me it’s like I receive information from my 5 senses (visual, auditory,…), my brain treat it as a rational reflection, and then produce an answer.
And I just sit, trying to do nothing, it’s just like lots of thoughts cross my brain, but “nothing really rational” or some memories.

That’s a perfect start Micka. All those thoughts crowding in your brain. It’s the same for all of us. That’s why we ‘do nothing’ meditation. But it’s also quite funny! How can you try to do nothing? :blush: There is only one way. Practice. I think maybe you are making judgements after trying something just once or twice? It’s like somebody wants to play the guitar, but after two lessons they give up because they can’t play anything. But I would ask them to just brush their fingers across the strings and listen. Just that. Listen to the sound of the guitar. If you like it, you will want to continue the practice. With meditation I would ask you to just listen to the silence. Really listen to it. Even if there is some sounds around you, actually all those sounds are surrounded by a great silence. Listen to that and you will start to become calm. Try it for 100 days and then see how you feel! With very best wishes.

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You’re welcome Micka.

Your post made me smile, because I often forget that not everyone understands these concepts at first unless they have been exposed to it. I’ve been speaking with my spirit guides since I was a child, it’s second nature for me to use my 6th sense. . Regarding what you asked here:

For example, what do you mean by “tune yourself” ?
And when you said “it will come to you”, from where ? Direct in my mind ? Is it a feeling ? A thought ?

Yes, it will come direct in your mind. The best way I can describe it is it will be a thought that you wouldn’t have originally thought on your own, it will just come to you and when it does it will be an AHA moment! :). It is also a feeling in the sense that when you receive it, you will feel a deep sense of knowing and understanding on that topic that you didn’t realize or know before, it’s a good feeling. . And to answer your other question, from where does it come from? :). We all have spirit guides dear, they are with the light and are guiding us everyday, they try to steer us in the right direction always towards the light. Almost always, the answers you seek come from them.

John gave a nice explanation on a way to start easing your way into meditations and developing your 6th sense. . Keep in mind that there is no 1 way to get it right, everyone has their own techniques and ways of connecting with our higher self. . Once you get the hang of relaxing yourself into a meditative state, over time you too will develop your own way that works best for you. . I would recommend you focus on your third eye chakra sometimes to develop your psychic abilities/ 6th sense a bit, it would help you receive from the field of information and understanding the “knowing” when you receive. One meditation I recommend is when you are relaxed, to visualize white light from the universe shinning down on you and filling your body with white light. All parts of your body, organs, cells, atoms, plancks, sub plancks, get filled with this purifying white light. You become a light body. . Hold this visualization for as long as you can. Then feel refreshed and cleansed from this light and sit in silence for a few minutes and see if you receive anything. To develop your psychic abilities, during your meditations visualize a beam of white or navy blue light from the universe filling your third eye chakra with its light, which then fills your whole body with its light. Focusing the light through this chakra is not mandatory, only a technique to help with your 6th sense. Remember to open the chakra before visualizing this beam entering it by visualizing a navy blue lotus flower opening on your third eye, and when you’re done to close your chakra by visualizing this lotus flower closing. This is important to keep your energy in balance after the meditation. Ideally you should work on all 7 chakras to keep them all in balance, but to assist in growing your 6th sense this is the chakra for that. . . . What’s most important with any meditation method you decide to use, is your intent to receive clarity and to have a clear focus on the question you want answered. Some may visualize going directly into a proton and accessing the field of information directly, then waiting to receive their answer after. Whatever method you choose, remember it’s your intent that’s important.

Have patience, as John mentioned above it is something to be practiced over time. If you don’t receive any answers while in your meditation, just feel good about the clarity that will come and believe that the answer will come to you soon, because you asked :). The answer might suddenly pop into your mind the next day while you’re brushing your hair, or a week later while you’re washing the dishes or going for a walk. . It’s when your vibration is a match to receive the clarity and your mind not overthinking about the things you think about when the answers will come. This is the meaning of the “tune yourself” part. . I hope this helps you :).

Dear Micka,
thank you for your response.

With being “EQUALl” I mean of equally importance - much like in an organism where each part is of equal importance e.g. a toe or a fingernails are not less important than the brain or the heart, and I agree fully with you that there are huge DIFFERENCES according to their role and function - even opposite.

With “Integral” I mean that all parts are connected into one system, a closed system where each part influences all the other parts and the whole system - by this “feedback-loops” and “forward-loops” are possible - as Nassim calls them.

Regarding the concepts of “inanimate”, “plants”, “animals” and “human” or “speaking” ( or “spiritual”) - these is a hierarchical order in Nature where these subsystems are woven with each other and embrace each other - with your words.
It is not that we need to try to love these systems - THEIR interaction ARE LOVE. Love is giving and these systems give to each other like cells in a body sustain the whole body. This is THE fundamental law of nature.
We start feeling this when we also become loving which means hating our old Nature of the will to receive for ourselves which is our EGO. But on the other hand evrything is build upon the Ego - otherwise how could we overcome it? There would be no basis for Love. Thats why it says “LOVE COVERS ALL CRIMES” (where crimes are egoistic actions towards our fellow men and above those we connect in love towards each other).

And I agree with you: The important is to connect to other humans. There exists an ancient method for this: Called “The Method of Connection”.
It has to do with the correct building of a society, rules and laws of society, etc. there is a category about it in this forum “Social sciences, Community”.

Embrace you,

When You write about Nature’s dynamic it resonates with me, but here … Do You mean Ego is present in Nature ?- or that it must be as a condition for Love to expose itself?
This " love" energy was in Nature long before humans got into the picture in my opinion.

Dear Tomasz,
what I meant is that everything in Nature consists of two opposite forces, plus and minus. On the levels of still (matter), vegetative, animate the dynamics of development evolve naturally.

But on the human level we are so “far developped” that we use the negative force in a destructive way - to harm the animals, the nature, other humans and… ourselves.
But in contrast to the lower levels of nature, we can and MUST actively evoke the positive Life-force of Nature upon us in order to bring about a further good form of development.

We do this by the “Method of Connection”, and by this become more similar or “resonate better” with Nature which is ONE.

The Method - theoretically spoken - works like this: We feel our Ego (our inborn negative force) and ask /pray/meditate …(however you want to call it) to be transformed by the Positive force.
How to do it? This is a whole wisdom.

Then we can say that “LOVE COVERS ALL CRIMES”. But to be clear: The crime, the Ego, the Negative Force will always be there and even grow, but also more so we draw the positive force upon it.

This is important because …we will never become like angels or “only good people”, but always consist of the two forces within us.

It is a law of nature and the basis of all development that the negative force grows further and further…upon which we draw stronger and stronger the positive force. …until the two forces unite into the so-called middle-line and then there will be PEACE between the two forces, because we Comprehend and FEEL that the plus and minus come from THE ONE ULTIMATE SOURCE.

This will be the True Unified Connection of Everything. And we will feel this and will feel united with everything.

Embrace you, dear Tomasz

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Hello everyone,

I have just started this journey and I will share my knowledge up to this day.
I tried different yoga and qi gong and I decided to stick with qi gong as I felt it was more of a ‘internal work’.
Though there are also yoga classes that focus on the internal work. I guess the most important is your teacher’s philosophy and experience.
According to my qi gong teacher, there is no 6th sens. When you try and get an information from an object, you ‘just’ focused your 5 senses on it.
He insists on you being clear with yourself and your 5 senses before trying to develop ‘supra senses’.
For him, the first step is to open the lower dan tian which is your center of gravity under the belly button and inside the body. Thus he asks us to focus on it during practice.
Finally and according to him, everything in life is dual like lexanrer1 described. It’s the yin - yang philosophy. If you try to be only in one single vibration like the ‘light vibration’ or the ‘love vibration’, it means you’re repressing all other vibrations. And the more you repress something, the more vibrant, the more powerful it gets. Thus you have to accept yourself entirely. The good and the bad and train a bit everyday in order to become better. It’s a lifelong journey.

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