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I am not that new to the digital world I have been on computers for 30 yrs, but i have been having a hard time getting to know your system and how to actually do a post. I became a contributing member last Oct.and have been trying since to post and watch the movie of Nassim and have found nothing until just now. Seems to me that a navigation aid of some kind should be sent to all members. Even trying to send this post is incomprehensible

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"i just learned how to post because of Jefferee’s “Mind Science” post.
thanks Jefferee

I come to resonance out of a no-touch healing modality called Therapeutic touch or Healing touch. I am a retired research scientist with extensive experience in biology and biochemistry. and have published many papers in peer reviewed journals. In my retirement I was shown that I could feel subtle energy and use it for healing. As a scientist I always wanted to know what energies were involved and how healing worked. Now I believe i have found both ‘what’ and ‘how’ in the zero-point field. It began with reading about the ‘cavity structure effect,’ as described by Grebenniikov, and finding a geologic source for the energy of sacred sites. I am wondering about the Ark whether the energy it produces is related to the cavity structure energy. If it is then the circles of energy the “ crop circles” then I wonder if the repeated circles conform to the PHI-ratio as the cavity structure effect does.

Hi Seerca. It is lovely to meet you. You seem like a genuine person with powerful energy and a wide view of the world. I would like to know more about your interest in Unified Physics. How much of the course have you taken so far? How did you get into Nassim? What can you tell me about Biochemistry? Do you practice Reiki? What is cavity structure energy?

I apologize if i come off aggressively. I am not trying to attack you. I am 35 years old with 4 children and a hunger for knowledge. I want to know everything. And i want to write it all down for my children. No subject is to be left unstudied. Please share your insight with me on whatever you feel like discussing. I will have my coffee in my hands and your words in my mind. Thank you in advance for whatever you can share as a light on my path.


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