I am new to the community

My background . . .
. Retired public school teacher (high school special ed with some lower grades general ed)

. Interests/studies:

I am happy to be a part of this community and since I love to find a new to me area of study that has overlaps with my current interests and studies.

My background . . .
. Retired pubic school teacher (high school special ed and some lower grade general ed)
. Interests/studies: astrology, A Course in Miracles; psychic readings/healings, Macrobiotics

Julia White


Welcome home Julia!
Blessings on your journey :slight_smile:

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Hi Julia !
I am new to this platform as well, and very excited that this is made available to even those who do not have an education in Physics!
I have been in the mortgage industry since 1998, and now branching off to start a company that pretty much feeds off the mortgage industry.

I have also been a life -coach / counselor since 2011, which I love doing !! My real passion!

I do quite a lot of meditating and have been led to Nassim, which he confirmed a whole lot of what I was getting, so pretty excited to have found this platform and his teachings!!

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