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Hey everyone :relaxed:
I’m Ido, I’ve been following Nassim’s talks for a few years now and it has been repeatedly blowing my mind :boom:.
One of the many things that it got me thinking about a lot was the possibility of extracting energy from the vacuum.
It’s interesting to know that the existence of energy in the vacuum was predicted and confirmed by main-stream science a long time ago and it appears to be (by far) the most abundant and powerful force of nature.
And yet we can’t access it in any useful way…
(I will share some thoughts about this in a separate topic, if you’re interested.)
My very best wishes to everyone here :pray: :purple_heart:


Hello Ido,
It’s wonderful to have you apart of this amazing journey at this moment in life! Welcome, I am new here, it’s nice to virtually meet you!

I love your thought process on this topic, I would love to hear your thoughts as to “can’t access it in a useful way”… Intriguing…

My very best wishes and blessings to you and everyone here and there :smile: :heart: :pray:

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Hey @JamieLee, nice to meet you :relaxed:
I’ve shared some thoughts on this in this separate topic:

I would love to hear your input and ideas (or questions) about this.
Hope to see you there :hugs:


@Ido I am learning a lot about this science and it’s correlation to the physical body! I did see the thread you started on this topic! I find it extremely intriguing!

What I have learned: If subtle energy and atoms composing the substance of our world, then the elementary particles are necessary to determine in order to conclude such interaction. Our physical reality was created from a subtle world which could possibly be from the subatomic world. This of course is theory. However, this quantum science seems to be obtaining the math and testing the theories… It is all so very interesting and for some reason clicks with my mind… I am not sure if this will help you, I am too just learning about the science of the energy I feel during meditation and in which our universe was created… I feel like we can access the energy, this is just my experience with meditation and the physical sensation I have while practicing meditation… :slight_smile: maybe it is not the same energy, maybe it is?

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@JamieLee I feel that it’s so definitely is the same energy that we can access (or feel) with meditation. I think that the physical sensation that you feel when are meditating comes directly from the vacuum and that at that moment you are connected to the whole universe because you are “touching” the thing that holds the whole world in it.

Can you share a meaningful experience that you had during meditation, that changed your view about something?
how do you see the connection between meditation and all these physics stuff?

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@Ido I do as well! & Yes, anything I can do to help! During meditation, a few years back, (I had lost my older brother, my cousin, she lived with us so basically older sister. my uncle, and my grandfather), My though my heart and mind were always centered and felt connected to source and to a purpose, I started having dreams of future events, I did not know they were “realistic events” because they happened after I had the dream’s and the way things happened were not exactly as they appeared in my dream, but the resemblance is evident. So, I started to connect deeper and breath and imagine myself outside of time in a little bubble of light and I began to send love and surround the entire earth and solar system in my love and appreciation/admiration, I then started understanding in an instant of certain things within my beliefs were holding me back. I had to break free from my very own conditioning, NOT EASY but very doable. I did not change the essence of myself, I am still me, I just have a far more open and loving view of this world and my reality. I see things from a much wider lens of love and compassion, followed by inspiration and passion… It’s very difficult to explain… It is certainly individualized, but my experience was due to past trauma which needed to be dealt with, happened that the dreams were telling me I needed to heal some part of my “vital body” and even “spiritual body/suppramental” in order to feel the bliss within me and around me…

Once I started viewing life from a loving perspective and accepting perspective, then I began to attract all sorts of amazing opportunities, like my university for integrative medicine (Quantum University), feeling overall better about my purpose here, I began to attract others of like mind/more brilliant and I am here right now, telling you a very brief story in a basic way, there is so much more emotion and insight along the way! Once I started, I couldn’t stop! It’s so filling! <3

Basically, I confronted the darkness within me, found it was not all that bad, addressed it, healed it, and am still learning and growing in the new :slight_smile: Breathing has been another essential ! You’d be surprised at how much you hold your breath during the day!! Staying aware of this via meditation has carried through to my daily life and it’s fantastic to be this aware all the time, being busy and enrolled in a doctorate program and studying this amazing new unified science with you & others!

I love the here and now and am still am learning :slight_smile: … I hope this helps!


@JamieLee, thanks for sharing!
I think that the fact that you have managed to use past trauma to break out of your conditioning is a huge deal. I guess that for most people trauma usually only leads to further, harsher conditioning.

Thanks for explaining it so simply. for me, it feels like I need to actively confront my own conditioning over and over again, every day, just to be able to see what’s happening inside me :eyes: :relaxed:

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Hi Ido,

Nice to meet you🤝. I was reading the thread where you were working with ‘asdf’ through some of his/her questions. You seem to really have a grasp on unified science and you also give me the impression of a wise and patient teacher. I’m so grateful for the chance to learn with you through this format in the future.

You asked why we haven’t been able to extract energy from the vacuum yet. I think the first problem is that there is not yet a sufficient theoretical grasp of the physical geometry. Current experimental approaches have all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. In order to design the kind of experiments that are required to release this tremendous energy, advanced research laboratories have to scrap the Standard model and adopt the Haramein model. Physics has really been hung up on its own axioms since the Solvay conference of 1927.

It will require ingenious experimental designs to access the energy on the Planck scale. When I think of ingenious experimental designs related to modern physics, the first example I can think of is LIGO, the gravitational wave detector. However, although gravitational waves were detected in 2016, the design of the LIGO detector started decades ago, maybe 30 years ago, and of course, the theoretical work was done 100 years earlier. So today’s physicists just don’t have the right stuff, and that’s something that we can change by shifting the discourse in society.

From a successful experimental design, the physical geometric principles at play in the ‘vacuum’ can be incorporated into technologies. How exactly those technologies will work is way above my pay-grade, but this is the direction in which the ideas need to flow. I have heard about proof-of-principle designs using a confined plasma, because apparently they are trying to get the plasma to rotate at a significant fraction of the speed of light over at TorusTech, but I would love to know more specifics about the experiments so I could offer my two cents.:grin:


Hey @IvanCorpus, thank you so much :relaxed:. It’s very nice to meet you! I’m super excited to be learning with you and I’m glad that we now have this place to share thoughts :smiley:
Thanks for your input and insight, it was very useful.
I didn’t know that there is a TorusTech. I checked out their site and it does mention the vacuum energy, but I could not find any device/plan/experiment there that relates to it.

I do remember Nassim talking about a spinning plasma device here but it’s in the context of a gravity manipulation device.
I also found this LIGO project interesting, and the use of interferometry in general, but it’s use is mostly for detection and analysis.

I get what you’re saying about the current scientific axioms slowing down the research on this. hopefully, this is already starting to change, but I feel that this field of vacuum energy is getting far less attention then it deserves, even though main-stream quantum mechanics directly points to it.

It’s hard to imagine what could possibly be used to extract energy from the plank-sized oscillations because they are so very tiny, but according to this lecture it seems that this energy might be most abundant at the plank scale but it does exist at all scales.
If I understand it correctly (which is always in question) the universe basically resonates at an extremely wide array of frequencies. the smallest frequency is a plank second but there are many many frequencies bigger than that.
I got the impression that the huge amount of energy that is calculated by physicists to have to exist in the vacuum is because of all these different frequencies that exist together in the field. adding all their energies together gives you a large amount of energy. I’m not sure that I am correct about this, but if this is the case maybe we should be trying to separate these frequencies from each other and then somehow combine them to one usable frequency?
Again, I’m just speculating here, I’m not sure if my understanding is all correct on this or if the process is possible, but if it is, it should be possible to extract some amount of energy even at the frequencies that we can access with our current technology. it might not be strong enough to be very useful, but it might help to layout the process as we drill down to smaller, more abundant frequencies :zap:.


Hello @Ido. I really want to thank you for recommending that lecture. I have seen it before, but once was not enough for me to internalize everything. It was really useful for you to start the clip exactly at the part where he is talking about the Casimir experiment. Now I see exactly what you are talking about, in extracting energy from the vacuum, but also how this is similar to the LIGO experiment in providing slam-dunk evidence of the existence of the quantum vacuum. I would like to know more about these experiments, including the dynamic Casimir effect that Nassim talks about. Perhaps when I’m not so busy.

The way I understand your idea, it sounds like the way bandwidths are used to create frequencies like 4G and 5G to transmit data.

This really is not my area of expertise, but it sounds like a plausible approach.
If quantum physicists and engineers working on 6G were given the mission of finding wavelengths that could amplify the energy latent in the quantum vacuum, they probably could do something. It would have to do with realizing harmonic overtones within the spectrum of frequencies to produce an energy cascade. Output energy would be larger than input energy. Imagine a room whose architecture is such that a pin drop gets amplified continually until it becomes a deafening roar. I don’t know about Tesla’s work, but it seems that he would have been pursuing a similar track. At that point, you would need a receiver capable of converting this intensified energy into motion, I suppose. I think that this is one of many problems that could be solved quickly by the relevant experts in quantum electrical engineering if you got hegemony around Nassim’s theoretical perspective. I think this is just the kind of problem that many of them would like to be working on, if only they knew what questions to ask.

Thanks for all the references in your reply. I’m transcribing the 2015 Connected Universe talk so that I can send it around in written form, complete with the presentation slides. I will supply you with a copy when I’m finished.



Hi Ido, I’ve just listened to some interviews with Bob Lazar. If you don’t know his story, you should check it out. He was contracted by the US government to reverse engineer an extra-terrestrial spaceship. There’s a lot of reasons to believe his story, when you comb through the details. Here are some of the highlights of how the alien anti-gravity machines work, in Bob’s own words unless otherwise noted:

"For those familiar with chemistry, we know that elements with higher atomic numbers have shorter and shorter half-lines, however when you reach a certain point, they call it the island of stability (we’re theorized this for some time) somewhere around 114-116, there should be an area where the nucleus of the atom is geometrically stable with protons and neutrons, where it no longer decays. It’s not radioactive. Element-115 is that element. Ununpentium. Apparently, the government has 500 pounds of it, though only a few atoms can be synthesized in laboratories.

There’s 3 levels in the craft. The main level. Directly under that are the gravity amplifiers, the big rectangular objects. Underneath them are the gravity emitters that look like a trash-can hanging on a pipe, 3 of those. I had to hang upside down in there to see the lower level. There were 3 large gravity-amplifiers. These devices looked like a 2-foot in diameter, 4-foot long piece of pipe hanging by another piece of pipe and they can be independently positioned and that’s what emits the gravitational waves that propel the craft. The top layer, I think has to do with the navigation, or their version of the computer. There’s 9 of these. They all look completely different.

The reactor itself was an incredibly advanced system. This is only something that we could dream of having, something that could output huge amounts of power. That would rival several nuclear power pants running at capacity. Element-115 is in the top of the reactor and the base of the reactor apparently is something similar to a cyclotron. It’s a particle accelerator. A particle is accelerated to high speed and then deflected up a small tube and aimed at the 115. This transmutes the 115, similar to the way we do that in a normal particle acceerator. This causes a reaction, a radiation emission that we really haven’t seen before. It produces anti-matter. This anti-matter is guided down a tuned-tube and reacts with a gas . When matter and anti-matter react, they convert to 100% energy. This energy is converted to electrical power and this electrical power is used to power other sub-systems on the craft (although there is no wiring). This is just a by-product of the reactor. The reactor also sets up a gravitational wave from the 115 being bombarded. This gravitational wave was present at the top of the rector and essentially guided, in the way that microwaves are guided, through tuned tubes. This goes to their amplifying cavities and their projectors which are in the bottom of the craft.

No matter what the load was on the reactor, it never got above ambient temperature, which is impossible. Putting out huge amounts of power and nothing ever gets warm. There is no thermal radiation while the reactor is running. The thermionic generator is 100% efficient which is in violation of the first law of thermodynamics. But it works. We spent all our time just trying to see what the stuff can do and what we can control.

[He tells of one time when he was invited to watch a test]. That time it took off, moved a little to the left and right, and then sat back down. The radio wave should bend around the craft. Everything about the craft and the way they operated didn’t make any sense to us.

It produces a heart-shaped gravitation distortion around the craft. Now if the craft is sitting in the air and you walk underneath it and look up, you actually cannot see the craft. The light bends around it. You’re bending gravity, so it bends light. It bends radio waves. All we got to do was see it. That was an extremely impressive test. It quietly lifted off the ground and hovered silently.

Space, time, and gravity are all interrelated. They all act on one another, Gravity bends space. Gravity also distorts time. When you vary one, you essentially vary the other two. If you have a machine that makes gravity, you can pretty much do anything. You can affect time. You can have force fields. All that stuff that’s in science fiction becomes a reality if you have a machine that can make gravity. And what we worked on in the desert was a machine that makes gravity. Because space, time, and gravity are all inter-related, if you could produce an extremely intense field of gravity intentionally, you could distort the distance between two objects and make it shorter. You’re also decreasing the time between the two places.

You’re essentially separated from reality. In a gravitational envelope, inertia is not going to effect it. A great gravity distortion is created and you’re essentially bending space towards the craft. The craft becomes part of that space. When the gravity amplifiers are shut on, the craft IS essentially where it was focused. It’s a very difficult thing to grasp. It happens virtually instantaneously because of the fact that gravity distorts time, and if you’re bending space and time along with it, when you arrive in that place, you’re there between the ticks of a clock.

That is how some of the recent sightings of Command David Fravor move. “There’s no propulsion, there’s no wings. It rapidly accelerates and disappears like, poof, gone.” Bob: The thing operates exactly the way I was describing. That’s why he was interested to talk to me. Most of the correspondents I talk to are trying to talk to me…

Once we reach a roadblock, we really can’t figure it out, just wait. Put the thing away ,wait for science to catch up and then a decade later, take the project out again and, now where can we go? >>End Quote