Intro of the Miracle Worker

Hello my amazing Community!
Thankful that we are all on this evolutionary journey to balance our lives in harmony with all of Living Creation. I am personally a passionate mission driven Miracle worker. Miracle worker is a human who sees humans healed from defects, diseases, cancers, amputations, paralysis, compromised gut, compromised immune system, blindness, baldness, missing teeth, etc. Simple I love seeing people healed by the Energy Field and our integration of Perception. Unified Physics has encouraged me with their scientific discoveries that prove our perceptions dictate what is manifested in the Coherent Field or Physical - Matter Realm. We are so powerful! I am here to inspire Global change that is leading humanity to know their true higher superconscious states, I am here to discover further through discussions, experts, experimentation and practice of our greater abilities for creative miracles, instantaneous manifestations, telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, Flying, invincibility, immortality, and so on!


Aloha, your enthusiasm and passion are powerful & wonderful…Keep those vibrations high…bliss!

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On Seeing the Unseen:
I walk in a room and there is a psychiatrist, a spiritualist and a scientist. i say to them with
a total belief that what I am about to say is an absolute fact: “We are immortal.”

The psychiatrist is likely to think I may be mentally challenged in some way. The spiritualist
would believe I have faith in the afterlife. The scientist would be skeptical, doubt it as a fact
and would not accept what I said without proof.

Nevertheless, it is an actual down to earth fact. Can you guess why?

Tom James


Super ! Des échos et une résonance spéciale répondent à mes attentes à travers vos mots. Merveilleux ! J’ai soif d’apprendre de vous.

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Thank you shall we stay in contact ? :slight_smile: