Irreducible Complexity: Evidence for Intelligent Design of the Human DNA

Are humans Genetically Modified Organisms? Come join in on the call and satiate your curiosity!

In his Gaia TV series ‘Missing Links’, Gregg Braden explores the evidence for the genetic configuration of human chromosome 2. He presents compelling scientific, genetic and metaphysical perspectives to suggest that the answer is yes.

The implications that humans are the result of intelligent design is extremely thought provoking and the information inherently challenges pre-existing assumed constructs about the origins of the human species.

This of course begs the question of who the designers might be. We will explore the implications for Extra Terrestrial interventions and the liklihood that the human race has been genetically seeded by a variety of Advanced Galactic Civilizations.

Come prepared for open minded conversation that might just challenge your beliefs! Irreducible Complexity fundamentally disproves evolutionary theories about humankind. I’ll let Gregg explain it, but be prepared to have some pretty irrefutable evidence to either shake up or confirm your world view!

The call is this Sunday, Feb 21st from 1:00 - 3:00pm PST.
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