Is 3d reality a computer?

…and what does that even mean to us? Quantized gravity makes sense. If energy is quantized, why wouldn’t gravity be?

Im super grateful that we now have a quantized gravity and that it’s providing simple, elegant solutions.

Here’s the thing; we could have had quantized gravity 100 years ago, when Planck came along with quantized energy. I guess he thought he was just fudging it with his constant. Funny how that became the basis for a deep understanding of reality.

PSUs/ voxels and bits of informations. Quantized gravity ought to have huge implications for computing. It kind of seems like, quantum physics is telling us that our reality is like a computer - phenomenon occur in bits.

It’s like we, as a species, had a mental block against quantizing gravity in the early 1900s. We needed to develop computers and go through the psychedelic revolution.

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