Isaac "Irony" Newton

I strikes me as ironic that Isaac Newton is kind of credited as the father of a mechanistic universe, when he was actually a deeply spiritual individual. He studied qabbalah and hermeticism, etc. I doubt that he would actually agree with the concept that the universe is a dead machine.

It is synchronous that gravity, “discovered” by Sir Newton, is the force which caused great difficulty to those creating a unified field theory.

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Thanks @Renee, I don’t really know very much about Newton apart from gravity. Even though I studied physics at university I didn’t really focus on my studies with all the other distractions available :wink:

A quick search on Newton gives this fairly basic article by the BBC, but it sounds like there would be far more comprehensive ones. If you would be happy to post any links, much appreciated! I feel a bit more background on some of the physics greats would be timely.

I found this cool article. It’s about how John Dee, a guy known for magic, was deeply influential on the development science and thought at the Elizabethan court.

I find it fascinating the observe where we are at as a civilization in terms of thought. Our understanding of the world around us was once very magical and spiritual and everything was seen as divine action and kind of unknowable. Then, the pendulum swung to the other side, where god was totally removed from the equation and everything was detached and mechanistic. Now, we are recalibrating to find a middle ground between these two extremes.

Rational science seems to have been imposed upon publications. It seems to me that great thinkers have always tried to incorporate spirit or whole into rational thought.