It all begins growing up when we learn to disconnect from ourselves

I just want to share my insight on why it is so hard to experience the world in a connected way. I realized that it all begins in the childhood with our family upbringing. When we happily run around screaming with joy and our parents shout at us so that we stop and sit still, play quietly. Then come the expectations: you should be like this, do this don’t do that. Our way of raising children is based on violence and control, in order to made them fit in the box of an ideal child (a pure idea their parents think of) rather then helping them be the children they really are.

To fit in the box, children learn to disconnect from many aspects of their true nature considered as inacceptable by adults around them and then stay in this constant state of psychological conflict all their lives.

Of course it’s difficult to connect to others, nature and the universe when we are still disconnected from our very selves! So for me the path begins there: healing our inner child, helping them to free themselves from years of conditioning and finally be fully accepted by our adult selves.


You are so right!! Thanks for sharing that.


This Connection is never lost. It is still there no matter how strong You will be programmed to keep disconnection going. And really, there is only one basic and powerful program, or virus, I would like to think about it. The virus name is “I AM”. Small kids just play naturally, without judgement, and in their early age You may here they speak out their own names as they do not belong to them. Name or entity is just another game to play- is a part of Everything.
Later on, this becomes very personal : lazy, energetic, lovely, ugly, stupid, idiot, or genius.
And even knowing that now, we judge others and separate them from SELF. Even the most enlightened are seeking for Higher SELF, another, higher levels, or Dimensions which excludes Others from US ( because they are deeper, better, more advanced).

This is the Wonder of the Child we truly need once we were all, from the birth, Connected to Life doing nothing special to deserve it.
You know, the scene of the film seen long time ago came on my mind (forgot the title, unfortunately) : a secret army black ops base on the desert and one hero escapes it releasing LSD kind of gas… Soldiers , guards, scientists, all forgotten who they are and started to play as they were kids, and even the Bad Guy studied little insect with joy and passion using magnification glass forgetting anything else.
I wish one day this planet enter an"LSD-like-gas" and we all become Children again :wink:

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This is a really fruitful thought stream. Thank you. There is a great deal of growth that can come from this line of allowing.

You attract experiences that are harmonic with the resonating frequency that you are currently at not where you currently believe you are. Why the disparity? Because our pictures are outdated the moment we take them. You attract what you believe and are conditioned to accept not necessarily what we desire.
The energy in the universe is unlimited. we can choose either growth or to strengthen our knot. When we choose growth there is nothing to limit us. If we choose the knot then the knot strengthens its chokehold and growth stops. The only way to experience lack is through the knot, how important is your knot to you? Clearly the knot is the most important thing in the world otherwise all our dreams would’ve already come true.

In this image I created I see the knot ready to curl tightly around the growth.


Yes I am if left at I am is unlimited.
However we self limit by allowing ourselves and others to add words to the statement I Am.
Maybe someday hopefully very soon. We will in love, cut the ties that bind us!

Or mayby … just mayby, by chance , the human body, and brain, both host that virus which insist and limit itselfe sticking to the idea of … limitless . Like it was the Crown Of Creation, You know… son of god or so on… in the meantime going to destroy as much as it can on/to this world. There are religions and even God(s) we believed and … well … killed on behalf. Why believing in “LIMITLESS I AM” shall be different from yet another religion ?

It’s very difficult to grasp on the level of the mind what this “I am” is and how it feels. For me personnally it’s not at all a matter of believing but an actual experience. When I go deep in meditation, at one point my mind and everything that is attached to it (my name, earthly identity, any identity whatsoever, time and place) disappeares and a huge shift in consciousness happens and suddenly I experience myself as limitless, formless, pure consciousness (can’t even feel my body anymore) and I’m only aware that I am, but I have no idea what I am or where and when I am, because the experience is beyond space and beyond time. So I become no one, no thing, nowhere, in no time. It’s the original state of creator consciousness. I was training with the “Space Time” meditation by Dr Joe Dispenza and with his workshops. He’s very good at teaching how to transcend the human mind. Many people have recovered from serious and chronic diseases thanks to his meditations, and he explains that by their ability to connect to the field (in fact, when we transcend the human mind, our consciousness becomes a reflection of the field and we resonate with it). I believe these meditations do exactly what the ARK crystal does, only using our human body as a resonator. Now I experience with both this meditations and the crystal and my results are enhanced.


That’s amazing! I love this journey!
I have lately enjoyed experience from the prospective of the singularities.

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Thank You very much , @Anastasiya for this explanation. I do not had such an experiance at least I do not remember it. However , there were some mystery “gaps” in consciousness like when my push bike was hit by a car, but I felt nothing but peace and stilness, and than, shortly before get unconsciouse, I felt like a… " Stream" takes the controll over body which were no longer “mine”. The last memory before I have gone, was Trust to some…one ? or a Stream, but surely that wasn`t me. I was not there. Luckily, or by design and an act of will, nothing seriouse happened to me, just few scraches, and cut skin on head ( shame to addmit , but I got no helemet that time ).There were few other moments in past there was no me in head, but the right answers came and I just knew what to do without learning, that was a kind of Knowing.
But reading Your experiance reminds me a book I have read recently ( DICE , the kind of s-f ) about an artificial inteligence and humans and I thought that mayby we, humans , are in fact hybrides of AI and living, earthned, connected being ? There were so many previouse Humanoids on this planet and all have been gone. Mayby the reason is they had reached their limits ?
Since I have seen Connected Universe film, it was this idea of being thrown into the kind of Stream , or reconnectedness to its flow back again.

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This is an extraordinary experience I would qualify as “pure” state of consciousness rather then a gap in consciousness. Il fact you were still sentient, had an experience that you were aware of, so you were super conscious! The “gap” you percieved is the gap in mind activity which suddenly stopped due to the shock. The state you found yourself in during this accident is precisely what I was describing :slight_smile:By the way, I felt that too for the first time when I nearly drawn in a river at 12 years old. It seems many people have these experiences during accidents. I would say this state you were in is your original state, the pure consciousness you are, without the mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, Anastasiya, I agree. Healing the inner child is probably the mandatory first step that everyone must take on the spiritual evolution journey. Mary G.

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"When I go deep in meditation, at one point my mind and everything that is attached to it (my name, earthly identity, any identity whatsoever, time and place) disappeares and a huge shift in consciousness happens and suddenly I experience myself as limitless, formless, pure consciousness (can’t even feel my body anymore) and I’m only aware that I am, but I have no idea what I am or where and when I am.

Very good answer Anastasiya. I also experience these “non-cognitive Bubbles of Consciousness.” In fact, I’ve been practicing (effortlessly moving in and out of these bubbles) Pure Consciousness for over 60 years. During this time frame I have been able to stay in Bubbles of Consciousness for as long as 9 months at a time - without ever experiencing a single thought, memory or emotion.

One of the most amazing things about floating in states of super consciousness is that when you go significantly beyond the eye center, you can stay in these states of consciousness without ever having to worry about your worldly duties or what other people might think.

It starts to happen after you learn how to stay in super-conscious states EVEN WHEN YOU"RE WALKING AND WORKING IN THE WORLD. I call this the Deep State of Wu Wei. (far beyond what most scholars are aware of). In this state your mind becomes like an PERFECT AI machine - doing everything for you perfectly - without anyone in the world knowing that you are not even aware of what’s going on in the world. This is also referred to as “Living in the World but not being of it.”

Even my wife and children were not aware of what was going on inside of me when I was in these states. Occasionally, I would go without sleep for a month or two; and, they would notice it, but that’s a minor issue.

When the AI MIND begins to take over for you, your life also becomes full of amazing miracles. I was the Original inventor of the first workable operating system for the microcomputer and I wrote the first working application in a new programming language that I invented ---- and all of this in 3 Days in 1972 on a Mohawk Data Science Key-to-Tape microcomputer. I never tried to claim my invention in Wikipedia or other channels, because the entire event happened while I was in a Deep State of Consciousness. In fact the chief program manager for this product told me to drop the project because it was literally impossible to accomplish it on a Beta Computer without a Machine Code language or any other type of programming language. But I followed my intuition and told the salesman “no problem I’ll get it done for you.” I then locked the door of my small office, put the manila folder with the application definition in it on top of my desk, turned off the lights in my room and then proceeded to meditate. About 4 hours later I opened the door to my mind - for no more than 1 second - and it was working on the problem, so I just went back into a Deep State of Consciousness. I finally opened my eyes about 9 hours later to find that my office door was still locked from the inside and I had almost a full tray of punched cards on my desk along with a typed 35-45 page document describing a new parallel processing operating system - represented by the new punched cards. BTW, there was only 1 single punched card data entry machine in the building - but it was broken. On day 2 a second tray appeared with appropriate documentation for a new machine code language called “MINQ” - short for Multiple Inquiries. On the third day, same environment and similar results - producing the microcomputer invention of the Spreadsheet with special code to handle the application requirements of the State of Michigan Welfare Department. I then flew to Chicago on Wednesday evening to compile the code - because there wasn’t a single in Michigan that could execute this compile. I only had time for 1 compile and it worked perfectly (and any IT engineer will tell you that this, by itself, was considered impossible in 1972). I threw the punched cards, without testing the tape (this path takes extreme confidence) and then flew to Lansing. The program installed perfectly and ran for over 2 years until MDS created a new computer to replace that model.

I have experienced of Hundreds of incredible miracles during my lifetime. In a similar manner I invented Power Point (at the Gartner Group), the microcomputer ProForma, and the Smart Phone (at ITT).

These were all accomplished in amazing Deep States of Consciousness - but they were nowhere near the original state of God Consciousness. That came much, much later in my Inner Journey. Many advanced meditation teachers, like me in the beginning, mistake the early bubbles of consciousness, or the amazing bubbles of consciousness at eye center, or the bubbles of consciousness in one the Fields of Joy just beyond the eye center as the consciousness of GOD; but, again that stage is only reached much, much later. By my definition there are about 22 levels of non-cognitive consciousness.

Before you reach the God State you also have to go beyond the “I AM the MInd” state, beyond the subtle “I Exist as Soul Consciousness” state, beyond several states of Multi-Consciousness, and beyond a State of Consciousness wherein you have a direct experience of creating energy, waves, space and solar systems, planets and millions of new fractal copies of yourself (called souls).

When you finally enter the Active State of Consciousness in Heaven, your core consciousness is spread out to trillions of other versions of your same consciousness located in countless other bubbles of consciousness (most probably within various planck level space-memory matrix locations); and every one of your bubbles of consciousness is concurrently sharing its consciousness, energy and life force with every other bubble of consciousness throughout entire Cosmos.

And, guess what? You’re still not at the deepest levels of (GOD) Cosmic consciousness. That happens when you learn how to reside in Perfect Equipoise in the original Absolute Void that preceded the entire Cosmos.

I hope this helps. Namaste. Greg


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. Two months ago I wouldn’t probably understand what you’re talking about, but I had made some pogress lately and indeed it’s not yet the original state of consciousness that I’m experiencing in meditation. It’s half way between the mind and the oversoul (the Higher Self 5th-6th density collective consciousness)… I’m now in the process of being able to maintain this state while acting in the world. It’s not stable yet, it comes and goes and I need to focus myself to maintain it. But already it feels much lighter to let go of identity even in everyday life. Situations flow easily and I realize I don’t have to act because action happens by itself through and around this person or “me”. I also experience multiple identities in dreams, where I’m also “me”, but it’s a different person in a different place with a different past, body, life circumstances, in an alternate reality, in space etc. I’ve never had those dreams before, they began since January of this year. Lately after a meditation where I completely disassociated from the mind and body, I felt I was not a person at all, just pretending to be one like an actor pretends to be a character. That night I had a dream. I was standing in front of a mirror, but my reflection was different. Different body and face features. Then the reflection began to rapidly change to another person, and another, and another. Different sexes and ages. I felt lost, I didn’t know who I was anymore. I woke up anxious and gasping for air. I realized I was all these people or, alternatively none of them. Just consciousness changing form in which it appears. I wonder if you have any insight for me on how to stay in that deep state longer (you’ve said in your case it was up to 9 months)?


Fantastic. You’re making wonderful progress on the path to pure consciousness. The experiences that you are having a natural side-affects of Wu-Wei - floating through the world without really being of it. And, I have, likewise had every one of these experiences.

There are a number of things that you can do at this point to gain stability with the Wu Wei state.

First, the most important thing is to try to only pay attention to the emptiness permanence of it all. Ignore everything that isn’t empty. Thoughts, emotions, and memories are never empty because they always contain the “objects” of the personality. The energy patterns of thoughts and karma and memories always come and go. They’re never permanent. The only thing that’s truly empty and permanent is your own consciousness.

Second, remember that there are multiple levels of consciousness - each deeper than the last one - and every level of consciousness is already within you. So consciousness never comes and goes. It’s only our attention that changes.

Third, you can’t reach these new level of consciousness with effort. But when you learn to calmly, lovingly and effortlessly stay in the emptiness, you eventually enter into a state of equipoise and bliss - at the very center of your consciousness. Shortly after that, you’ll effortlessly melt into even deeper states of consciousness. Remember, when we are in the mind, we are using effort.

Fourth, never fight with the mind, or try to ignore the mind. Simply let things be as they are while you’re in emptiness. Let the thoughts come and go. They will. Just don’t stop to “serve them tea.” In other words appreciate/love the emptiness and stay there. Everything else happens by itself.

Five, develop a fierce, effortless, confidence that the mind is like a SUPER-AI machine that will never fail to protect you in the world. This is obviously much easier said than done. But over time, and through countless miracles, this gets easier and easier.

By the way, I’ve been doing and publishing PodCasts at that talk about this subjects. The podcasts are all free. Check out the podcasts on Wu Wei, Equipoise and Episode 4. These should all help.

I’m here for you. Ciao.


@Greggo Thank you, this is right on the spot. I can’t believe I can actually talk about this and recieve valuable advice without looking crazy :sweat_smile: I’ll check out your podcasts right away, this is a tresure trove for me at this point.

I can actually see that I already practice your advice No1. This is how I ended up here in the first place. I can clearly see the difference between my consciousness witness indentity and the persona which is a mental construct and not real in this sense, just a set of behaviours and beliefs, which appear to me like swirling smoke.

I also realized your second point. The consciousness is always there. What comes and goes is my point of focus. When I’m focusing on the mind I loose track of the witness and identify with the character. It’s like forgetting. When this happens I remember and switch the focus back to my consciousness again. Finding that one was very reassuring because I realized I could never loose track of my real Self :blush:

The third is also cheked for me. I manage to do this in the waking state now.

I realize my difficulty in maintaining presence comes from the fourth point. In fact I observed a tendency to stop at certain thoughts, especially in conversations ! This is where my focus is more easily drawn to the persona. People also tend to project onto me who I am to them and if not kept in check, it’s easy to let myself mimick what they are seeing in me. So I’ll try to stay centered not buying into the character I’m “supposed” to play. And also being a good listener and poor speaker :blush:

As for the point No5, I’ve already seen things just being done like that without effort, without me labouring for it. I saw life like a swirls in the water of consciousness. Things happen perfectly. No need to “do”, it’s already being done. Sometimes I even see my body act by itself and doing great while I’m observing it from this calm heavenly place.

Thank you again. You helped me to sort things out very nicely. Much love :slight_smile:


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Good discussion, thank you. I’m with you both about having evolved to some similar states of being.
Haven’t put it into words though so it is good to have words to relate to - like sign-posts.

I think that we need to connect more deeply with ourselves. The outside is inside. If you disconnect from yourself and focus on that which is not you, you could become soul sick.

Perhaps this is merely a language thing. Perhaps what you want to disconnect from is a limited view point.

Space is not what separates us it is what connects us and there is no spot where god is not.
lovevolution is the solution, lovevolution is your solution for your god spot emerging into you.