Layman's question

Hi there,

My name is Sven and I’m new here, though I have been interested in this kind of subjects for more than 35 years.
Though I understand many of the concepts related to quantum physics, I’m a complete layman when it comes to the finer details.
Just today, while watching one of the videos in the unified field course, I had this interesting idea on which I’d like to get some feedback.

The subject is the gluons popping in and out of existence.

It suddenly occurred to me how this resembles the birth and death of stars, only much faster and on a quantum level and I started thinking about that.
According to M theory, everything in the universe is built up out of these little energy loops which get organised in certain patterns.
What if this “flashing in and out of existing” can be compared to the creation of building blocks for organic life or, on a larger scale, the birth and death of stars?
The building blocks get created, but need to interact (get organized) with other building blocks in order to create organised systems and to further evolve to organic life. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t.
Similarly, If the interaction between gluons doesn’t happen, they simply disappear again. If it does happen, protons and neutrons are being formed which can than evolve further to atoms and molecules etc.
But because this happens on a quantum scale, it all happens much faster, creating the perception of the gluons “popping in and out of existence”.

As Nassim has stated before, what applies at the quantum level should also apply at the macro level and vice versa. It’s just that the speed of the processes may be very different.
After all, it takes more time to build a sky scraper than it does to build a little bungalow!

Does this make any sense?

Thank you while I not the right one to answer your question I would like to pose this question Popping in and out of what? Maybe the answer is in understanding what is being created in the silence? Maybe everything is being updated instantaneously in timelessness? Is it fun to think of such things thank you for being one of the questioners.Come visit the forum topic lovevolution is the solution and say hi and enjoy content. Lovevolution is a word that say it is not a random universe! OMLOVE & BLESSINGS Jeffree