Learn to Draw the 64 Star Tetrahedron this weekend

Greetings RSF community,

I’ve been part of RSF since 2012 and have been teaching people to draw Sacred Geometry since shortly thereafter. The 64 Star Tetrahedron is incredibly satisfying to draw. I’ve actually fallen a bit in love with math because of it. The comforting predictability of drawing iterations of equilateral triangles somehow soothes my soul.

We all know how extraordinary this geometry is and the intelligence it contains, but drawing it offers an entirely new level of connecting with it and it’s surprisingly user friendly. It’s really fun to draw Sacred Geometry with like minded beings… usually attracts the fascinating genius types, so come play! We’ll draw both 2D and ‘3D’ versions (below the event link).

If you’d like more info about me, you can check out my website at www.galacticrosegeometry.com .

Here’s the event link, PM me with any questions. :wink:
Many blessings,

2D 3D 64

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I’m bummed that I missed this class. I hope you teach another one soon.


I will Ken! Probably going to do it again in March, it was a ton of fun!
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It was a great Beta test bc I learned we need at least three hours for both shapes. It is challenging to do the 3D version following the 2D because the 64 is so activating, but we pulled it off. I couldn’t do much else but meditate the rest of the day to integrate it all!

I hope you can make the next one, we actually had a nice RSF turn out.

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