Looking for contributors for the Conscious Evolution Journal

I’m RoseAnn Janzen, the publisher/Editor in Chief/Creator of the Conscious Evolution Journal magazine and I’m looking for contributors. The magazine is for consciousness minded entrepreneurs to give voice to the amazing things that really go on in our minds. I am wanting to add sections on quantum physics/spirituality and quantum physics/physiology. The magazine is published quarterly and is a paid subscription. If you are interested in being a contributor please contact me at roseann@revealyourlife.com. You can check out the magazine website at https://www.consciousevolutionjournal.com or at my coaching website https://www.revealyourlife.com/conscious-evolution-journal. Thanks.


Hi RoseAnn. I have followed the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard “Mother of Conscious Evolution,” since 1995. In 2000 I became a founding Guide and mentor with the Gateway to Conscious Evolution Global outreach program. I was her scribe for years and moved to Santa Barbara to work directly with her and the Conscious Evolution Community in 2004. “Conscious Evolution” is my context for living.
If you are interested in the conscious evolution of our generation as a species being part of your Conscious Evolution Journal, I’d love to talk with you about it. Blessings, Ani Ahavah. Ani@Iamuniverse.com.

I would love to talk! I just sent you an email.