Maxwell's Equations and suppression of UFT's

Hi, I am studying the literature on UFT as I am building a torsion field/longitudinal wave generator and would like to further understand the physics. It appears that Maxwell had originally developed, unknowingly, a UFT emerging from the quaternions. I have studied the work of Tom Bearden, ECE theory, Kaluza Klein, and now Nassim’s work - and there are some common themes. I still have lots of studying to do, and by no means do I fully grasp the mathematics, yet. It is clear that what we have been taught in university is incorrect, specifically, all EM concepts are symmetrically regauged, not asymmetric.

Now I am terribly confused as it appears any UFT proposed, there is immediate suppression of the individuals’ ideas. Obviously because these UFTs imply free energy. There are countless machines, Bedini Motor, vacuum triode amplifier, John Newmann’s motor, Henry Moray’s vacuum tubes, and more, that have demonstrated a COP greater than 1, which can be explained by some of the theories from the aforementioned individuals.

So I have questions:

  1. Why can’t we market these technologies?
  2. Are there Barons actively suppressing this and why, especially if our planet is getting so polluted?
  3. The Ark crystals utilize a torsion field generator, this is a COP > 1 device. Have you experienced any suppression or “Men in Black” trying to shut you down and claim that this is classified/dangerous and must be shut down? Something is working for you because you can sell the activated crystals.