Micro Wormholes Information Exchange

If the mathematical existence of wormholes is revealed as a concrete reality that manages to be plausible in terms of holographic universe and quantum intertwining activities, how does this cope with the speed of information transfer that cannot exceed the speed of light?

For example: in quantum entanglement there is no information exchange.


Great question. There is also a similarly related problem of closed time-loops: traveling “back in time” and making alterations that destroy causality (hence Hawking’s chronology protection conjecture to preserve the law of causality). Since wormholes can be used to send information “back in time”; they also seem problematic from a causal structure perspective in addition to the problems introduced with violating the relativity of simultaneity and hence, relativity theory.

The facts are however that quantum mechanics has retrocausal signalling (FTL signalling in relativity theory); such as exemplified in Wheeler’s quantum erasure delayed choice experiment (recently conducted using 600 year-old photons from a star), and quantum interpretations that preserve realism all have retrocausal signalling. As well, relativity theory does indeed permit such FTL (retrocausal) signalling via quasi-instantaneous transport through Einstein-Rosen bridges (ERb).

So, how does the laws of physics allow FTL signalling while still preserving relativity theory, and why does it seem to be prevented under our current understanding of quantum mechanics? The answer at the relativistic regime is that nothing is traveling faster than the speed of light: two seemingly different spacetime frames of reference are in fact a single frame of reference when they are connected by a wormhole, even though they appear to have a large macroscopic separation between them. Because there is a “subspace shortcut”, a signal traveling at light speed through the ERb will arrive much faster than a light signal traveling through bulk space, in fact it will appear to travel near instantaneously between two spacetime coordinates no matter their spatial or temporal distance in bulk space (quasi-instantaneous transmission).

The issue with sending signals via quantum entanglement in QM is that all measurement apparatus entangle the maximally entangled state with the measurement apparatus / environment (the entanglement is a micro-wormhole; i.e. ERb = EPR). So FTL signalling will not be possible in this way; what is needed is macroscopic entanglement, or a macroscopic wormhole. When this technology becomes available, quasi-instantaneous transport will be possible. Causality is protected under such behavior by Everette’s many world manifold.


Hey Wiiliam, hey Idan,

im here. (jim without the j) William- thanks so much for the clarifying FTL explanation- been wanting to chat with you for some time actually-
my Q: i’ve gone over Nassim’s Quantum Gravity paper thoroughly-can you give a simplified explanation of the holographic model- why is this used (as a kind of approximation to the real, or as an actual depiction of physical existence), as i am creating a new online course called This Energetic Universe - featuring YOU GUYS primarily, but dovetailing with supporting energetic/esoteric sciences that i’ve also studied for decades…
I feel the urge, the NEED to get your works out there in whatever small way i can, ASAP. any reply is appreciated!
peace, im

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Hi Im, great to hear about your online course, let us know how we can assist!

The holographic model is a literal physical description of a fundamental property of the universe. The way the universe is organized and the behaviors and forces therein are to a large extent the result of two fundamental properties of the universe (1) It is holographic; and (2) it is fractal; we often state this as the universe is “holofractogramic”: ergo holofractrogramic physics.

The fractal property of the universe is a central feature of the holofractogramic physics we describe in the Unified Spacememory Network model: the fractal property of the universe is describing an algorithmic function at the heart of the dynamics of the universe. The algorithmic function is a feed-forward-feedback function, where information is constantly fed-back into the spacememory network (the literal multiply-connected network at the Planck-scale of space arising from the multiply-connected geometry of countless micro-wormhole connections) driving iterative self-organization of self-similar patterns with infinite variation.

This simple natural algorithmic function enables astonishing complexity and coherence to arise at an exponentially higher rate than what would occur under random functions (if things were just occurring purely probabilistically). On the esoteric side, this directly relates to our connection with the universe and gives us a central role in those dynamics: as we are one of the most efficient and largest contributors of information feedback into the spacememory network (the universe learns about itself through us; and of course every other living conscious being as well).

This gets us to the holographic nature of the universe. Holographic unified physics actually refers to at least two different properties of holograms: (1) Every subunit of the hologram contains information of the whole (hence the prefix ‘holo’ which means “whole”); and (2) the information of a 3-dimensional volume can be completely encoded in the surface of the area enclosing that volume. The former property is one of the most important in terms of holofractrogramic physics, because literally every ‘subunit’ of the universe (think every atom, every subatomic particle, every Planck-scale EM oscillator) contains the information of the whole universe. This property also arises because of the multiply-connected geometry of space, which is a literal physical interconnected network of spacetime via micro-wormholes. Because of this very real hologramic property of the universe, information is literally encoded in space, making it more appropriately referred to as spacememory, or a veritable resonant morphogenic field (think the Akashic records).

Nassim’s Quantum Gravity paper uses that 2nd property of holographic physics I mentioned to explain why a proton, which contains the information / energy content of the entire universe (its holographic mass), only appears to have a very very very minute mass-energy when measured as compared to the mass-energy-information content of the universe. The simplest analogy to describe this is a ‘bandwidth’ issue; the internal PSU structure of the proton contains the holographic mass equivalent of the universe, but there is this bottleneck at the surface horizon, where there are exponentially fewer PSU (micro-wormhole) connections on the surface area of the proton as compared to the volume. The surface-volume ratio of Planck vacuum oscillators produces exactly the rest-mass of the proton, because the information content of the interior is being “accessed” via a limited bandwidth of the surface area of the proton charge horizon.

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Mr. Brown man of renown,

that is a thoroughly stellar and satisfying dialogue! pun intended.

from this, to really nail it home for me, due to the 10 (40) psus at the proton charge horizon connecting to all protons (directly or indirectly according to bandwidth constraint) in the entire U, and thereby each psu (quantum) in a proton accounting for each proton (radiative) in the U:

would it be perhaps more precise statement - risking a weak limb here- to say instead of,
“a proton, which contains the information / energy content of the entire universe (its holographic mass)” -
we can say-
a proton, which contains the information / energy content of the physically-expressing (matter), radiative side of the U.

is the information/energy content in that proton relational arrangement sufficient to describe and predict the ENTIRE (contractive and radiative) U?

go easy on me big fella…
what you do here provides the gas for the entire human barbeque to evolve us towards the menu we couldn’t even see a short time ago. bravo you.


Im, that is a great way to state it: that the proton contains the information-energy content of the physically-expressing, radiative side of the U (what Bohm would call the explicate order versus the implicate order).

At the risk of confusing the issue, I think it is important to note (and it is something that you are keen on here) that the information-energy content of the universe is infinite. If we were to sum the energy density of all of the quantum modes in a proton-sized volume of space, it would be an infinite energy density. However, there are boundary conditions that limit this implicate (inner, or holographic) energy content so that the explicate (manifest or radiative) expression is finite.

The boundary conditions are real, and place limits on what can be expressed. So while the proton has the potential energy content of the entire manifest universe (radiative aspect of the universe), we only measure the tiny proton rest-mass. However, if the proton were to escape the event horizon, or boundary condition of our universe, it would expand and become an entire new universe—that potential mass-energy of the holographic mass would become expressed. What were previously sub-planckian quantum vacuum oscillations in the proton volume would become PSU’s in the protons of the new universe that expanded from that proton.

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William, I have so many questions, but let me just ask this one now:
In the last paragraph here, you talk about what could happen if a proton jumps the boundary condition of this universe. It could expand and become an entire new universe. The question is: what keeps that from happening? Perhaps it did and does and we can’t perceive it?
A related thought: We live in the “reality/universe” in which Atlantis does not exist. What is not widely considered is that in another frequency on the “radio dial” of reality, Atlantis never fell. For the people in that set. Same time, slightly different space. So I’m wondering if what you’re saying about a proton escaping and generating a whole other universe could be operative here. The creation of parallel universes with slightly different attributes. In esoteric fields, this is called a Separation of Worlds.

(By the way, I’m the one who asked that question about the significance of the surface-volume ratio of PSUs and while Ines gave a great answer…it’s so hard to understand through her accent with the built-in mic on her laptop. Not great fidelity.)

Thanks for spending time with us!

William it’s really refreshing to see your big picture grasp of the quantum physics side of things. I know what it’s like to be able to see the details of a extremely complex, multi-dimensional matrix. Easy to see, after decades of work, but not always easy to explain it to others. And yet, you’ve got to a stage in your life where the explanations are becoming easier. Bravo. A long hard job well done.

I’m not a scientist, but from the consciousness side of things I have a very similar big picture grasp of the Conscious Universe - with seemingly amazing parallels to your big picture descriptions. And like you, most spiritual people are fascinated by what I talk about; but often struggle to understand.

I’ve been following your work for some time now, and it’s getting very interesting. And our big pictures are becoming more similar. I’m looking forward to chatting with you - at greater depths.

Meanwhile, your comments on boundary limits really caught my attention. I learned how to go beyond cognitive-awareness and into non-cognitive awareness when I was around 11 years old. And then I went very deep, over a long period of time into non-cognitive awareness - reaching multi-conscious awareness (aka: Crown Chakra, Causal Plane) over 25 years ago. Then about 20 years ago I reached the absolute void as well as the creative center (which seem to produce the Big Bang effect).

In the past few years I’ve been occasionally doing a meditation practice that I call the Trillionair meditation - where I connect my non-cognitive awareness with many trillions of other bubbles of consciousness. When I’m in this mode, it’s like I’m a single awareness that is effortlessly and eternally aware of itself in trillions of locations at the same time. It’s like a totality of consciousness spread out to and contained in many locations - with a conscious-energy exchange going on between all locations.

The interesting thing about this meditation, to me, is that there seems to be a boundary limitation related to how many trillions of bubbles of consciousness that I can be in at the same time. It simply might take me more time to increase the scope of consciousness, but then again this may be some type of “human nature” boundary limitation.

Have you given any thought or completed research projects on this issue?


Greggo, that is fascinating! You have learned how to bring your brain-body into a quantum supercomputer state (to use a technological analogy); it is massive parallel processing, and being able to go beyond the cognitive aspect of mind allows for consciousness to flow like a veritable superfluid or superconductor. I think it is a state we should all strive to achieve at least once, to experience the limitless expanse and reach of non-cognitive consciousness.

As well it is interesting that you describe experiencing a boundary condition seeming to limit the number of bubbles of consciousness that you are able to access in parallel. My initial thoughts—and this is just conjecture— is that you are accessing the holographic surface horizon of a subsystem of the body, perhaps the holographic surface horizon of the brain or the heart. The surface horizon of any subsystem of the body will have a limited number of hyperspace connections (like Einstein-Rosen bridges—ERb, or multiply-connnected spacetime geometries), so there will be a boundary condition that limits the number of parallel spacememory frames that can be accessed at any one time.

I don’t believe this is the limit, however, as calculations that I have performed on the number of parallel spacetime frames (bubbles of consciousness) that the body can access are hyperastronomical: summing the total number of ERb-like connections on all of the holographic surface horizons of the body outputs a potential bandwidth, or density of multiply-connected spacetime coordinates, that from my estimation would enable access not only to most spacememory frames in this universe but across parallel universes (the multiverse).

I hope to provide a research paper soon on the calculations for the total memory capacity and bandwidth of holographic surface horizons of various subsystems of the body, including the body itself, and the the light-year or parsec radius of space that they correspond with: for example accessing a holographic surface horizon of a subsystem of the body with area X through non-cognitive awareness corresponds with a bubble of consciousness that is Y parsecs in radius. It may as well have direct applications by calculating the energetic dynamics required to go deeper into the quantum operations at the molecular and atomic level of the body, bringing the body itself into a kind of Bose-Einstein condensate state where the entire, or maximal holographic surface horizon of the body can be accessed.

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Hello Conni, first thank you for joining us on the Academy call and for sharing your excellent question with the group, it made for a great discussion!

Regarding proton’s escaping the particle horizon or boundary condition of the observable universe: indeed, Haramein’s cosmological model describes that this can and does happen. In fact, he has elucidated the mathematics that shows this is very likely how our universe was formed. If you expand a proton out to the size of the universe, it has the exact correct cosmological constant, the “dark energy value” for the expansion of the universe, the vacuum energy density, and explains why the universe and the protons within have the specific size that they do and that the proportions are very directly related.

The Black whole physics (black hole / white hole) of Haramein black holes predicts that they are generating massive numbers of new particles from the quantum vacuum flux. This would seem to be a condition that would eventually increase the total mass-energy density of the universe, and cause contraction. However, the process is directly linked via a dynamical Casimir-like effect with protons escaping the particle horizon of the universe, so the mass-energy density remains near-constant. There is also the expansion, but for us it is not entirely determined yet whether the observed movement of galaxies is indeed due to expansion or perhaps a greater vorticular movement of supergalactic clusters in a double-torus shaped universe (there are anomalous observations like non-random particular velocity, dark drift, and the so-called “axis of evil”).

Regarding parallel universes, there are actually different kinds of parallel universes: (I) There are the kind that exist literally in parallel space; (II) there are parallel universes that exist in the temporal domain, where essentially what we consider “past” and “future” are co-existing parallel universes, as are all spacetime frames; and (III) Parallel universes that are of the nature of Everett’s many-world quantum mechanical model.

Parallel universes of type I are occuring all the time as protons escape the particle horizon of the mother universe and become daughter universes. This kind of parallel universe would not explain alternate timelines. The type III universes however do explain parallel timelines. In this scenario, we see from quantum mechanics (it is formalized in the mathematics; Feynman diagrams) that every event has a wavefunction that describes every possible way the event can unfold.

In the incorrect interpretation of quantum mechanics known as the Copenhagen interpretation, the wavefunction eventually collapses and only one event occurs. However, every other interpretation of quantum mechanics does not have a collapse of the wavefunction, because it is extremely problematic and contrived (i.e. not a satisfactory explanation of what is happening). In Everett’s many-world model, the wavefunction is never reduced, but instead all of the possible ways an event can evolve under the probability distribution of the wavefunction do in fact occur!

This leads to a continuous “bifurcation” of parallel universes, where every way in which an event can happen does in fact happen. Under this condition, indeed there are parallel realities in which Atlantis did not fall (in fact, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that many UFO sightings are of advanced humans from a parallel reality where Altantis continued its technological advancement well into the future).

I am currently researching a paper that unifies both Everett’s many-worlds model of quantum mechanics with Bohm-de Broglie Pilot wave theory: it is one of the most satisfactory and enlightening models of quantum mechanics I have come across.

Thanks. Yes, I guess it is like a massive parallel processing system. I actually designed a parallel processing operating system in 1972 - while I was in meditation. I never took credit for it, because it kind of felt like I would be cheating other programmers if I did.

It was really strange to grow up with this type of consciousness. I was convinced at one point that I must have been accidentally born on the wrong planet. But I followed my intuition and secretly went deeper and deeper into consciousness.

I have always been able to see the molecules in my body, so when I started to do my Trillionaire meditation practice, I concentrated on the bubbles of consciousness in the air instead. I can see way more bubbles than I could ever possibly count. Layers upon layers upon layers in a 360 degree direction. And I can just connect with the consciousness with these space bubbles. And then I’m like a single consciousness. When I initially look at these bubbles they have a white glow just before I enter them.

If I stay in a single bubble of early-phase consciousness the experience is just pure consciousness. But at much deeper levels of consciousness you can feel a strong electromagnetic power that seems to be infused in and as your consciousness. As you go deeper within this consciousness the “power” that you feel is absolutely astonishing. When some of my friends meditate near me they feel it too, and in more than one occasion they wouldn’t let anyone sit next to them on the couch because they were “terrified they would accidentally electrocute someone.” The power that I feel though seems to be far greater.

The other thing that is really interesting is that I’ve discovered that I can “effortlessly push” the energy out to the edges of my consciousness - and on occasion I actually see the electronic foam that you talk about. At other times, I can be within my consciousness as it creates electrical waves and patterns. When this happens I’m the consciousness of the space, a lower form of consciousness as the electromagnetism and the consciousness within the electromagnetic currents. For me, it all happens within the same everlasting instant. The other curious thing is that as my consciousness creates electrical currents the space that I am seems to expand to ‘Hold’ the new volume of energy.

On rare occasions when I follow these energy patterns I can see them spiraling through space. Actually, when I’m in my Trillionair meditation if I go with the flow of the cluster of bubbles that I’m in, then I can feel the spiraling movement of the cluster. I usually stop doing that after that happens, because if I don’t it pulls me out of Equipoise. When I’m fully relaxed I always automatically “float” into equipoise - which is essential to be able to melt into deeper levels of consciousness.

Hopefully this insight on the nature of consciousness will help your team to see new things at deeper levels.

I’m here if you need me.


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Hi all,

What a fascinating discussion! I suppose that the reference to the faculty Q&A here is to the one of August 19th? Did something go wrong with the Facebook connection then? Because we were waiting for the live event and it never came with no recording available afterwards neither? Can we access the recording somewhere? William, do you know?

Kind regards,

Hi Wiliam,

just a quick concern- Nassim just mentioned there is a loss of another RSF staff? can you briefly explain please?

Hi I’m,

I second that concern, but I thought in the end he was talking about a colleague who is also experimenting with new energy technology, in the larger ecosphere that is, not necessarily RSF, but still who was Nassim talking about?

Kind regards,

Hello brother I am interested in your meditation do you teach it or can you send me any information?

We do have a limited access to the all that is in our so called physical matter state…

I have also reached the maximum body voltage and access to the unconditional loving white plasma carrier waves of the information energy of the all that is…positive energy state

L.H. Ford∗ and Thomas A. Roman†

Also some call serpa condition See also living super conductors…

“What is the domain of physics and phenomenology that provides a natural scale for dark energy? In fact, the observed dark energy scale from the vacuum-plenum is very similar to typical energy scales that occur in solid state physics in the
physics of superconductors, except that
the superconductors are solgel phases of
living, crystalline superconductors. The
principal idea discussed in recent papers
(61, 62, 63) is that this is not a random
coincidence, but that there is a deep
physical reason for this coming from a
similar structure of the theory of
superconductors and that of dark energy.
A possible model in this direction is the
Ginzburg-Landau theory of dark energy
as developed in (62). In that model
vacuum fluctuations exhibit a phase
transition from a gravitationally active to
a gravitationally inactive state at a critical frequency, similar to the superconductive phase transition at a critical temperature. On the experimental side, there is an interesting possibility arising out of this approach, namely that superconductors could be used as suitable detectors for quantum fluctuations underlying vacuum energy (62, 63). Moreover, there are also indications that living superconductors could also be suitable detectors of such quantum fluctuations and are suitable means of drawing on underlying vacuum energy (53, 64, 65, 66).
We took Beck and de Matos to task: If one begins from an Einstein-Hilbert action that leads to an inverse cosmological constant problem, we found, as they did, that the cosmological constant comes out too small by 120 orders of magnitude! So we too regarded the observed dark energy density of the universe as the geometric mean of two values of vacuum energy, one 120 orders of magnitude too large and the other 120 orders of magnitude too small – in the same fashion as Beck and de Matos did in 2008, with one difference: we were not looking at dark energy values in cosmological terms; we were looking at living superconductors becoming suitable detectors, extractors and users of vacuum- plenum energy for health maintenance, MPO (manifest production observership) effects, VEEOM (vacuum energetic encoding of object matrices), and other purposes. The corresponding mean energy scale is the Planck-Einstein scale, corresponding to lengths of about 0.037mm, a natural scale both for dark energy in cosmological terms and vacuum-plenum energy in a biological framework, and living superconductive materials.
Very interesting things happen out of the fact that the relevant length scale for quantum fluctuations is the Planck-Einstein scale in superconductive materials.
Basically, the Beck and de Matos model for quantum fluctuations in the superconductor is like a model of quantum gravity where the Planck mass mP = (ħc/G)1/2 is replaced by a much smaller value, the Planck-Einstein mass mPE = (ħ3Λ/cG)1/4. Formally replacing the Planck mass by much smaller values has also been discussed in the context of extra dimensions (67). The approach here does not require extra dimensions but just a superconducting environment.
We also observed under gnosive conditions the formation of ember-like clusters of particle-like superconductive sparks, similar to the so-called Tao balls (68, 69, 70) in this context, a phenomenon that is so far unexplained in the usual theory of superconductors, but which can be understood using the Beck/de Matos approach.“

I’m reading Bordon Et All – Biogeosystemics - I. SBE &… on Scribd. Check it out: https://www.scribd.com/book/96419039
Google the paper below…I am limited to the links I can post my apologies…

Possible Measurable Effects of Dark Energy in Rotating Superconductors
Clovis Jacinto de Matos∗ and
Christian Beck† July 12, 2007

Also see room temperature super conductor

Also light speed is variable not constant and is based on the condition environment the photons are traveling in and longitudinal emf (some call scalar or Torsion) not transverse are much faster the the speed of light constant (that isn’t constant) via ortho rotational Degrees if freedom out of phase with the original ambient environment… travel via higher dimensions Via micro wormholes and macro wormholes…

Any thoughts?

it is not clear to me what “information” that is in the invisible network how would you define “information”

Information is a relationship; how does one thing relate to another. That relationship encodes a “state”; memory is the capacity of a system to use that relationship to recall a state. A state is the instantaneous relationship of all subsystems in a given frame of reference (for example how is object A oriented relative to object B), and that is the quintessential essence of information.

Hi. Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, I can teach new seekers how to achieve pure-consciousness and progress to even deeper states of pure-consciousness. I can also teach highly advanced mystic seekers how to reach prolonged states of multi-consciousness - but advanced souls like this are actually very rare.

It’s been estimated that more than 95% of all of the meditation teachers in the world have not yet reached the eye center chakra - which is where mystic meditation begins. And, within this group of mystics, less than 5% have reached the Crown Chakra - where multi-consciousness begins.

That said, I’m always happy to help any serious seeker. We’re a big family, it’s a long and winding road home, and it’s a shared journey.

Send me personal note if you’re interested. All my best. Namaste.

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What protocols do you use to decode and decipher information energy that is nonlinear…space time and or alternate time lines?

Hi William, This fits in with the teachings of the current/ancient mystics.

For years I’ve been teaching that “during the evolutionary phase of the soul’s journey, the mind/soul experiences, memorizes and reacts to every possible event that can, and inevitably does, occur - through the mind. In mystic terminology this is called Karma.”

At the deepest levels, these event based experiences are simply based on electromagnetic frequency and wave events that the human body experiences and then the brain uses to “paint a picture” (of colors, straight lines, solid forms, etc ) that makes it easier for humans to understand - and react to. The brain then records each experience that it has somewhere within the space-memory matrix. If this type of experience is already existent in the matrix, then the brain - probably - just adds some sort of “personal index anchor/marker” in the matrix that it can use to go back to in some later event horizon experience.

Thus, the brain seems to have some sort of a “data base index” that allows it to remember which experiences it has previously had. In night time dreams and later event horizons (day time dreams) previously experienced events (eg: key index markers) will automatically point the brain (eg memory) to these previous events - stored somewhere in the space/memory matrix.

After the “external” evolutionary journey has been completed the soul/mind turns inward in it’s search for it’s original source of consciousness. During the inward journey the soul, when sitting in pure (non-cognitive) consciousness, re-experiences these same saved (karmic) experiences (eg: through the key word index) - but this time without a reaction - thereby “letting go,” or clearing the karma (deleting the index pointer to those experiences). Without any attachment to the (karmic) information in the space-memory matrix, the soul begins to rapidly melt into successively deeper levels of soul, and later cosmic, awareness. Inevitably the soul, as a fractal copy of cosmic awareness, returns to full cosmic awareness.

So what is awareness? Initially, before it’s journey through the event horizon of the brain, it’s pure awareness without any fragmentation caused by millions of pointers to different space-memory matrix locations. When all of the index pointers have pointed to every possible combination of " all of the possible ways an event can evolve under the probability distribution of the wave function" awareness starts to look at it’s own awareness (instead of looking at events or memories) and thus every time that it gives up it’s “inclination” to look at individual events and memories it thus “deletes” the corresponding entry in it’s personal link/bond to that memory location. As this happens the “mind” becomes less fragmented and the soul becomes more pure. Eventually all of the desires/inclinations to experience these events disappear, the mind deletes it’s personal pointers to these space/memory locations and, thus, the mind becomes un-fragmented.

So, the real difference between the soul and the mind is simply the degree of fragmentation of pure awareness that’s created by the mind as it experiences new events - which it then records in it’s personal index to those memories in the cosmic space/memory matrix.

Before and after the creation and deletion of these indexed events, awareness is un-fragmented, or pure (non-cognitive) awareness.

At the moment, mystics can experience both states of awareness (fragmented and un-fragmented). But since mystics only seem to represent about 0.01% of the human race and because science has not yet found a way to measure pure awareness, pure awareness never seems to find it’s proper place in Unified Field Theories. That will change. Eventually some really bright scientist will create a mathematical symbol for the “power” that creates the initial vibrations found in space vacuums.

But this mystic already knows, like many ancient mystics also knew, that this new mathematical symbol is also the symbol for pure-consciousness - the hidden power within the vacuum.

I sincerely hope that this helps to bridge the gap between science and mysticism with regards to Unified Field Theories.