Module 7.2.5 Hawking points


So I just finished section 7.2.5 and the way I read the last paragraph blew my mind, however, I am not sure if I am even understanding it properly. Earlier in the section it explained Hawking Points as EM radiation given off by supermassive black holes from the pervious Aeon… as in the Aeon universe before the one we are in now…
Then the last paragraph says Nassim’s model looks at the mechanisms of this Aeon to Aeon cyclical cycle a bit differently… “The mechanism is a little different… information escaping from a black hole, like a proton, arriving in a larger universe that has lower pressure gradients and inflating very rapidly to reach stability. The remnant relationship we see on the CMB map may be the entanglement info from the mother universe from which the proton escaped
Is this saying that what Hawking thinks on the CMB map are remnants of black holes from our Aeon ancestor (if you will), Nassim is saying the data for these temperature points are actually originating from and entirely different Universe? (The universe in which the proton that is now our world escaped from)… As in… these Hawking points are like birth marks, or memory points, or shadow points of information coming from another universe. So like… a hawking point is a glimpse at a coordinate where a black hole is or was in our mother universe?

I think I over explained my confusion lol.

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I think we have two theories both better than the big bang where it comes from nothing only time will tell check beck in 3/4 of infinity thanks for the topic and discussion I just read the same thing today did you see the Pemrose video too Jeffree lovevolution is the solution blessings