Montana Megaliths

I have been intending to share this link to Julie Ryder’s extensive “Montana Megaliths” website which might be of interest, so too the interesting narratives which are at Julies earlier GalacticFacets.

She says: “I have discovered and documented over 100 ancient sites that range from Pipestone near Butte…to Cascade…to Monarch.” [. . .] “Satellite deep geoscans have verified several of the ancient sites. Above ground are markers which you will see on my website. 80% of the intentionally constructed megaliths are under the surface.”

“The tallest dolmen in the world documented so far is Evergreen Dolmen which is 83 feet above ground level. The youngest site has been dated at least 72,000 years ago as compared to similar structures deep under the surface and under the oceans in other parts of the world. There is evidence here of each epoch from the beginning of civilizations down to the last 12,800 years when an asteroid hit here.”

They are huge constructions which would have required technology we do not have, but they do not seem to have been created with as much precision as other well known ancient sites (Pyramids, Cuzco region, Machu Picchu. . . ) Are the Montana Megaliths older and more eroded, created by different people? I think they raise interesting questions.

I don’t see all the figures Julie sees in some of the sites, others are obvious. I was dubious at first. But it looks like a lot of the formations at the sites are not geological happenstance that occurred during mountain building.