Movie Great Pyramid K 2019

Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 “OH MY OH MY” A new contender
On the subject of the great pyramid and ancient sites I have been an active observer of attempts to solve the mysteries. The one that is taught is the one most obvious lacking in credibility for those looking with independent intelligence. A new theory was presented in the three-and-a-half-hour movie that absolutely deserves serious investigation. Fehmi Krosniqi puts together a masterful presentation in a deep dive that is deserving of the respect that such an effort deserves. The Theory includes mathematical details to give the theory a scientific grounding. I implore the interested parties with an interest in ancient temple and pyramid construction and history both faculty and members to give this theory the investigation it deserves. Of the many theories that it seeks to challenge they honor Nassim Haramein’s as one they seek to replace. As we ask others scientist to allow us to adjust their theory in unified physics with our new and improved model please help me and the rest of interested observers to unravel the mysteries and see what this new theory can offer!!

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Hope to watch it this weekend, thanks for sharing the link. :wink:

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Thanks a lot Jeffree. I looked at the french video.
It’s remarkable.

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It was beautifully presented and made the great pyramid come to life thru my tv :slight_smile:

Interesting, but many flaws. Ben from UnchartedX points many of them out in a humble and honest way.


I love the debate of the mystery it demonstrates how difficult it is to have a theory that answers all the question great addition to the debate.

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Hello les curieux!

Sorry for my english, not perfect.
I come from the french resonance academy

So you are interested by k 2019?
In France, viewers found some éléments not logical.
I advise you to give a look on it:

(Translation in options in the corner)

This is the conclusion of’planète raw’ on k2019.

Planète raw appear in the k 2019 movie by his good approach of pyramids origins.

There’s an other movie which brang me better analysis than k2019, it’s ‘BAM: bâtisseurs ancien monde’. Very interresting!

To all thruth seekers:
May the Universe refind our memory🙂.

Bonne année.
Laurent :wink:

Yes, I was knocked out by this movie. There were censored bits refferring at another movie made 10 years earlier - I loved this movie also - such an amazing ending.

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