Nassim, please get on the Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan experience is one of the most popular podcasts in the world, with billions of downloads. Joe has had physicists and big thinkers on before. It’s of critical importance to get Nassim’s words out to the world. I think an appearance on Joe would have a huge impact.

An example of a guest was Dr. Amit Goswami. …very entertaining and informative.

I tried myself to contact the show and suggest Nassim, but I’m just one guy. Can Nassim’s people contact the show or perhaps the Resonance community can help?

Joe Rogan Guest Booker:



Great idea! Maybe if enough of us request it! :slight_smile:

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We need to petition Joe to invite him on

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Good idea! Let’s make this happen!

Splendid idea! What a great interview that would be! World needs to hear Nassim, the whole-wide world.

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