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We are like “antennas”, it is just necessary to make the right settings to receive a signal. Set like the printheads, properly aligned. This is what happens when you draw.


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I really like this drawing its like the entropy is reflected in each state.

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my representation of the field of math where we see the rise and fall of math as we know it take pleace.

And what do we do with that ??
What does it represent ??

Why not that?

OK lets play a game then here is a clue, lets see where you get with it.

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In my opinion based on what I have discovered, I’m happy to say that it’s a to scale 2D representation of a slice of 5D space. Use the original if you don’t get let me know if you want another clue.

this is also part of it +/*- as a set format

Here I am …

“Atom, fiction, invisible” vs “Adamantine particle, reality, visible”.

Mathematics, Sciences, and even Literature, are like any expression of a language visible to our eyes, made up of "symbols of which we learn to recognize and express a meaning, in order to share knowledge in order to advance together in a common sense ".

To get a better idea of ​​this “highlighting”, I suggest this activity in 9 steps:

Step 1: Simplify the Pythagorean double entry table. Each number is made up of digits. Add the sum of these figures in order to obtain a single one, necessarily between 1 and 9. Go as far as it takes to understand the meaning of the process (at least up to 20 for those who will not stop before) .

Diagram 1.

Step 2: Understand the repetition of the series obtained “to infinity”. Indeed, whether horizontally or vertically, the sum of the eight “first” boxes, whatever the order of the digits, is 9. Each column and each row has the sum of 9. Better still, we observe an inverted symmetry. at the center of the square thus obtained (7227). Due to the periodicity of the phenomenon of this “square model surrounded by the 9”, we can now, finally, express the notion of infinity in a “FINISH” way. Everything is in this square 🙂

Step 3: Unify numbers and colors. Color the boxes, according to the dispersion of white light (consciousness) in a chromatic compound (shape), pink itself being a compound of red and blue-violet. This by associating 1 to Red, 2 to Orange, 3 to Yellow, 4 to Green, 5 to Indigo, 6 to Blue, 7 to Purple, 8 to Pink and 9 to White. Infinity is then now expressed in this FINISHED model, AND in a VISIBLE way.

Diagram 2.

Step 4: Draw a cube, each face of which is made up of the previously obtained square (like a rubik’s cube).

Diagram 3.

Step 5: Realize that, just as the square fits into a circle, the cube fits into a sphere. Each color corresponding to each of the concentric spheres.

Step 6: This concept can be further simplified, with the study of a pyramid, the top of which would be the center of the sphere and its base the periphery. From zero to infinity, like from 1 to 9.

Diagram 4.

Step 7: Since we have unified “numbers and colors”, and given the repetition of the model “in series”, we can on a series of concentric circles associate different colors, dimensions (or wavelength) for what they represent (and there are not 10,000 possibilities, it is a question of following the thread to have an overview of the extent of the network).

Diagram 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Step 8: Once the formatting has been understood, we quickly come to be interested in the connecting element between each center or end.

Diagram 9 and 10.

This constitutes the universal network of consciousness, the unified field of consciousness where, via these Adamantine particles, any conscious form is able to move, to be moved. It is a real wonder to realize the beauty (where it is still present) of this creation which is like our gift, since its origin.

Diagram 11.

Step 9: What interests us is the fruit that this “shell” contains. We divide it, and then separate the shells, in order to see “the contents of this container”.

Diagram 12.

It would seem, at first glance, that they are identical. “Container and content” is ONE.

The appearance of our world is therefore an electro-magnetic phenomenon, a field of consciousness formed of consciousnesses (invisible) associated with forms (visible).

What is important is that we then become aware of this: “EVERY FORM CAPT BY OUR LOOK ACTS DIRECTLY ON OUR CONSCIOUSNESS”.

(Stimulus => Sensory Thalamus => Thalamo-cortico-tonsillar … Cortex, Tonsil and Hippocampus).

The eyes are sensory organs of perception which allow us to make the relation between “field of form” and “field of consciousness”.

Our field of perception (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance) is what constantly keeps us awake to our environment, connected between form (particle and wave) and consciousness (wave and particle), without any possible dissociation.

Thus we understand the link between form and consciousness, between matter and energy.

Thanks to this Science in Consciousness, we will henceforth know in consciousness as in form, that all “containers and contents are ONE”, as are the body and the spirit which animates it.

This is what Albert Einstein sought to express on his hospital bed, in this Spring of 1955, in his theory of the unified field …

“1 / c * E = c * m”: You and I, as well as every form of existence endowed with consciousness are one.

The question thus arises, “Is there a form of life which is not endowed with consciousness since everything takes shape through it?”

Life is a precious gift which at the best of times comes true, but which cannot be bought or sold. It is “created” in order to evolve, grow and flourish by cultivating the necessary for a happy existence, to carry life in its turn, and to transmit all this Love to it, giving it to it to finish the place in the best. possible conditions …

“From what we are, the Universe is what it is”.

“1, 9 is closed, the thumb a spell” => French words: “A hatched egg, the chick comes out”


“Ce qui est en haut comme ce qui est en bas” :slight_smile: