Need help understanding time

In lesson one, William says there is no time in the multiverse (past, present and future simultaneously exist). In lesson two, he talks about all the events that happened in our universe millions and billions of years ago. I don’t understnad how there can be “years ago” in a system that has no time. I imagine I’m thibnking about it all wrong, but I don’t have a clue how. Help?


the following is an analogy that i was told when i was 17.

time was once explained to me like a book.
when the book is closed, everything within that book is happening at the same time.
when the book is open (this would be your point of view, YOUR specific reference point within the dynamics of the whole) time ‘collapses’ (for lack of a better word) into your present.
from the present moment, you will have a past, present and future because you now have a frame of reference.
in other words:
no you
no time

i hope that helps a little,


yes. thank you for the perspective.

This must be the hardest question I have ever tried to get my head around, but here goes :

Whilst we are here in the physical world, time would seem to be hardwired - although past, present, and probabilities for the future, are really imprinted in space memory, thus all existing at the same “time” (have I understood that correctly?)

So, we have this sense of past, present and future. When we take on an incarnation, maybe we need a sense of time for our ongoing evolutionary process. We all have this sense of then and now, so . . . It must be necessary for the life we are experiencing. In the vibrational universe however, there is only now.

Now is a nice economical word for “the present stage of my evolution”. I’m sure we’ve all heard the poetic words about yesterday being history, tomorrow a mystery etc etc. meaning, there is only now, so let’s use it.

Let’s use this time, this eternal moment of Now. Use it for Love - unless you can think of anything better.

Sorry if that sounds a bit vague, but it’s the best I can do at this point in . . . eh . . . time. (or should I say, the current state of my consciousness.) I hope it helps.

If anyone should want to help myself to understand time better, please have a go.


Maybe time space is a gigantic spiral from bottom to top where all the events of history have been written while moving forward and upward. So in our memory, even if we did not live it consciously (all though we are the same souls coming over and over and over again but the vessel you are in today has not lived before and cant remember anything, if its not through the subconscious mind as the physical event or through the supraconscious mind as the spiritual/ energetic need born from consciousness, to be fullfilled with that physical event in particular). So every moment in history written on the spiral since the beginning is history/events/moments. Each ring of the spiral could be the space event from energy to physical fullfillment and counting the number of rings upwards could be the time spaces that had happen… [hahahaha sorry for making you dizzy… just bare with me please]…for us to encode in our DNA for evolution purposes.

Today in the now, I am writing this message, but at the same time thinking of Adam and Eve and move into Leonardo Da Vinci’s Renaissance spiritual connection and back at lockdown coronavirus in less than a minute while simultaneously aswering Nassim’s telepathic questions to how I feel today… that is in sync with my kids answer during breakfast to how they slept…great!:sunflower:

Infinite Love


I think I get what you are saying (although a little dizzy) It’s a dizzying subject, experiencing time in a linear fashion, whilst everything exists all at once, right now. But that is part of our humanity - that must be the best for our development.

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I like to think of it more as Time-space and Space-time. They are a result of entropy. Entropy is the collection and arrangement of electrons and you, the observer, are the proton/neutron ball. Each choice you make progresses the time-space by creating a time and space for that choice to play out. The linear model is a perspective adopted to rationalize your current perspective. There must be a reference point. The fact that you have memory of past experiences gives you one reference, and the fact that you are currently experiencing activity which has not been catalogued into your own memory gives you another. Now you have past and present. Comparing the two gives you a hypothesis that there will emerge more in the future which is separate from the past and present. The future is a hypothesis. It is an assumption. This makes it far different than the past or present. It is hope. Faith. It is an idea of more. That is the motivation which keeps you progressing through experiences and thereby creating more time-space. We create both simply by believing in them, does that make sense?


Thank you for letting me know that "although"is written with one “l” and contracting “all” with “though”… its curious but I “already” knew it but “lapsus mentalis” sometimes happen every now and then… hihihi.

:sunflower::sunflower::sunflower: Gracias :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:

I don’t know yet if it makes sense. I need to dive deeper, I do know that all-possibility exists, and we make choices which path we go down. Beyond that . . .

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Understanding physics from a mathematical or scientific perspective is limited. To truly understand physics, we have to see it from a spiritual perspective. I hope this helps.

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@ayavelow I was facing same problem. Luckily i saw your post thanks for sharing this with us.

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Time is a formula related to the origin and dissolution of the universe, according to India’s concept of time. In the beginning, there was no time, so we have the neutral state of Zero (0). Zero has the +/- property, i.e. negative and positive elements. When the Zero becomes kinetic, from that first motion the concept of time originates in the form of numbers. The first motion is No. (1), and when the motion is doubled, it becomes (2), and again, when the number (1) is added to the number (2) it becomes (3), and it continues till the number (9). After (9), the number (1) gets dissolved in the (1+0=10), marking the end of a cycle. The (0) is the state of Primal Consciousness (or God without attributes). Then there is the first movement in the Primal Consciousness in the form of a thought wave. For example, the wave is produced through the movement of air in the ocean. Here, from the first kinetic thought of God time as well as space is produced, and from space > air, from air > fire, from fire > water, and from water > the earth. The evolution of consciousness takes place in nine stages and ends with (0), from where it started. When all the life forms are evolved thus, the creation ends, then another cycle begins. This concept of macro-time or cosmic time is calculated in terms of Manvantara time cycles by the Rishis of India.

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This is a beautiful concept. I am so intrigued by the Hindu concepts of charting time. In Western philosophy, (specifically Hermetic) time-space or space-time is a product of the original thought. It is as if the Creator, or Source of our interconnected universes was sleeping, (inactive, lacking desire) and the original thought was the brain activity that started the waking process. The Creator thought of expansion of itself, and immediately the thought manifested into forms which represented this awakening. The time-space is the balance of feminine and masculine properties which contains the movement of the original thought. Time is the masculine form of order and structure. Space is the feminine quality of entropy and environment. From the elements, all forms of life were manifested. Fire first, because it is desire for manifestation. Water second because it is the balancing essence to desire; understanding. Air third because fire and water equalize each other creating an expansion of movement between both. And Earth last because it equalizes air and gives manifestation of thought a realm to exist within. The unified presence of all four elements give us the Quintessence; Aether. Aether is the connective tissue between all elements. It also holds the forces into their manifested realm. Magnetism, (water) electricity, (fire) Consciousness, (air) and time-space (earth) are all manifested energies represented by forms of life in the lower planes.

The cycles, I believe, are the motions of these concepts having a life cycle. All cycles have their expiration date. Charting this is a concept that we as humans have been obsessed with forever. I think that the idea is not to know the where or when, but the why. Anyway, thank you for your post. It was interesting to read.