New Ways of Being

Hi, I’m Yeshe. This topic of the evolution of our consciousness to a new way of being is of central importance today and I am happy to share thoughts.


Hello @Yeshe welcome to the community. enjoy your journey

Hi Yeshe!

What thoughts are you having so far about this course? I have so many, but don’t quite know where to begin.

I agree that it is of supreme importance in these times. As the power of our technologies is growing exponentially, there is no possibility of human survival at the same level of consciousness we have now. The evolution of the human heart, mind, and spirit MUST accelerate to keep up, or we will destroy ourselves. As unrealistic as it may seem… I am working on a game to popularise sacred geometry to the masses in a new way. It has been proposed for millennia that familiarity with harmonic forms and principles has an activating effect on human consciousness. Let’s find out if it’s true! :slight_smile:

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