Non-Cognitive Consciousness

Namaste. I’m starting this thread for anyone who would like to know more, or simply to discuss, the general topic of Non-Cognitive Consciousness/Awareness.

What we will be mostly talking about here are states of Pure/Mystical/Soul Awareness that are devoid of thoughts, emotions, memories, time, space and self-perspective; thus, non-cognitive. These same states of Mystical Consciousness are, however, also characterized by super-states of awareness/love/oneness, a totality of awareness, deja vu experiences.

From my experiences I have discovered 22 different experiential levels of Pure Consciousness - including the Active State of Cosmic Consciousness (aka: Heaven, Anami, etc.) and the even deeper state of Resting Consciousness (aka: Nirvana, ParAnami, Absolute Void).

I am also very much looking forward to lively discussions on how all of this pertains to other topics like Beyond New Thought, The Unified Field Theory, the Unified Space Memory Network, NDE/STE experiences, meditation practices and much more.


Lets start with a discussion of experiences of Pure Non-Cognitive Consciousness.

Within this context we’re talking about states of sharp/super-awareness with a instantaneous feeling of being-loved/divine-presence and bliss that does not include thoughts, emotions, memories or sensations of time.

Who here has experienced non-cognitive awareness? Perhaps in an NDE (near death experience) or in an advanced meditation experience.

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Here’s my NDE experience.

In 1969 I had a very clear vision of my pending death. After this, 3 different Angels appeared to me (physically manifested in a field of light) and then told me that “God is very happy with you. Go Forward.” About a month later I had a clear daytime vision of the auto accident that would claim my life - and take me through about 300 different levels of the Astral Plane and up to a Black Void. The vision also showed me hitting an iron lamp post, cracking my skull, and lying on the ground with blood spurting from my head.

1 month later I woke up and knew that “This was the day.” Remembering and trusting what the Angels I let the day unfold by itself. Thirty minutes after the vision a friend of mine asked me if I could pick him up and drive him downtown. I agreed. A little later I recognized the street that we were driving on as the same street in the previous vision. And then I saw the same Cadillac from the vision accelerating from a side street toward my car. I didn’t flinch, or increase my speed, slow down or swerve. I just simply followed the instructions of the angels. A couple of minutes later my body was thrown from the car and I hit an iron lamp post with my head. Then, I was floating above my body watching it bleed to death.

After that I floated up through the same Astral layers and up into the black void - which was actually the Mahakala state of consciousness - just below the 1st region of Heaven. I was in a state of super-awareness, bliss and oneness - without any thoughts or emotions.

After staying in that consciousness for some time my vision shifted and I was then floating at the ceiling of an operating room looking at my slightly bleeding dead body on an operating table with the head surgeon demonstrating his golf stroke to several other doctors and nurses. According to the hospital I had been dead for about 2.5 hours; but the ER was very busy that day so after I was declared dead they just quickly moved me to a spare room. Later, I then dived back into the body at the navel and it came to life.


Hi there, it is interesting how you describe noncognitive awareness.

Me and my wife follow also the mystic consciousness path, like Sant Kabir, Ramana, etc described it.

Following the inner devine pull into the emptiness (of mind) it is amazing how the awareness increases a lot and the sense of time and space disappear totally, as well as all memories, intentions, emotions, thoughts and at some point even the self perspective, means the sense to exist.

It is like a new medium arises, the pure consciousness, a new world of ‘’ nothingness’’. But the awareness is very much stronger, glassclear.

After going back to mind awareness they all come back.

Curious what will happen going deeper into pure consciousness.

Cheers Michael


Bubbles of Consciousness in the Space-Memory Matrix

Let’s talk about “non-cognitive Bubbles of Consciousness.” I’ve been practicing (effortlessly moving in and out of these bubbles) Pure Consciousness for over 60 years - with a lot of very interesting experiences. During this time frame, for example, I have been able to stay in Bubbles of Consciousness for as long as 9 months at a time - without ever experiencing a single thought, memory or emotion.

One of the most amazing things about floating in states of super consciousness is that when you go significantly beyond the eye center, you can stay in these states of consciousness without ever having to worry about your worldly duties or what other people might think.

It starts to happen after you learn how to stay in super-conscious states EVEN WHEN YOU"RE WALKING AND WORKING IN THE WORLD. I call this the Deep State of Wu Wei. (far beyond what most scholars are aware of). In this state your mind becomes like an PERFECT AI machine - doing everything for you perfectly - without anyone in the world knowing that you are not even aware of what’s going on in the world. This is also referred to as “Living in the World but not being of it.”

Even my wife and children were not aware of what was going on inside of me when I was in these states. Occasionally, I would go without sleep for a month or two; and, they would notice it, but that’s a minor issue.

When the AI MIND begins to take over for you, your life also becomes full of amazing miracles. I was the Original inventor of the first workable operating system for the microcomputer and I wrote the first working application in a new programming language that I invented ---- and all of this in 3 Days in 1972 on a Mohawk Data Science Key-to-Tape microcomputer. I never tried to claim my invention in Wikipedia or other channels, because the entire event happened while I was in a Deep State of Consciousness. In fact the chief program manager for this product told me to drop the project because it was literally impossible to accomplish it on a Beta Computer without a Machine Code language or any other type of programming language. But I followed my intuition and told the salesman “no problem I’ll get it done for you.” I then locked the door of my small office, put the manila folder with the application definition in it on top of my desk, turned off the lights in my room and then proceeded to meditate. About 4 hours later I opened the door to my mind - for no more than 1 second - and it was working on the problem, so I just went back into a Deep State of Consciousness. I finally opened my eyes about 9 hours later to find that my office door was still locked from the inside and I had almost a full tray of punched cards on my desk along with a typed 35-45 page document describing a new parallel processing operating system - represented by the new punched cards. BTW, there was only 1 single punched card data entry machine in the building - but it was broken. On day 2 a second tray appeared with appropriate documentation for a new machine code language called “MINQ” - short for Multiple Inquiries. On the third day, same environment and similar results - producing the microcomputer invention of the Spreadsheet with special code to handle the application requirements of the State of Michigan Welfare Department. I then flew to Chicago on Wednesday evening to compile the code - because there wasn’t a single in Michigan that could execute this compile. I only had time for 1 compile and it worked perfectly (and any IT engineer will tell you that this, by itself, was considered impossible in 1972). I threw the punched cards, without testing the tape (this path takes extreme confidence) and then flew to Lansing. The program installed perfectly and ran for over 2 years until MDS created a new computer to replace that model.

I have experienced of Hundreds of incredible miracles during my lifetime. In a similar manner I invented Power Point (at the Gartner Group), the microcomputer ProForma, and the Smart Phone (at ITT).

These were all accomplished in amazing Deep States of Consciousness - but they were nowhere near the original state of God Consciousness. That came much, much later in my Inner Journey. Many advanced meditation teachers, like me in the beginning, mistake the early bubbles of consciousness, or the amazing bubbles of consciousness at eye center, or the bubbles of consciousness in one the Fields of Joy just beyond the eye center as the consciousness of GOD; but, again that stage is only reached much, much later. By my definition there are about 22 levels of non-cognitive consciousness.

Before you reach the God State you also have to go beyond the “I AM the MInd” state, beyond the subtle “I Exist as Soul Consciousness” state, beyond several states of Multi-Consciousness, and beyond a State of Consciousness wherein you have a direct experience of creating energy, waves, space and solar systems, planets and millions of new fractal copies of yourself (called souls).

When you finally enter the Active State of Consciousness in Heaven, your core consciousness is spread out to trillions of other versions of your same consciousness located in countless other bubbles of consciousness (most probably within various planck level space-memory matrix locations); and every one of your bubbles of consciousness is concurrently sharing its consciousness, energy and life force with every other bubble of consciousness throughout entire Cosmos.

And, guess what? You’re still not at the deepest levels of (GOD) Cosmic consciousness. That happens when you learn how to reside in Perfect Equipoise in the original Absolute Void that preceded the entire Cosmos.

I hope this helps. Namaste. Greg


Sri Ramana’s first verse of the Upadesa Saram:

1 By the law/will of the Creator, the fruits of actions are
realized. How is action then supreme? It is not. It is

supports the state of consciousness in life activities

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Good reference yanniru. There are so many great, but short quotes in the Vedas. It’s really a shame that those great Saints only gave hints about the deepest truths.

But, we all live in a Digital World - where new seekers all want to be able to understand the big picture - in as much detail as possible. And, whenever I can, I’ll try to help in whatever simple way I can.