Non-Local Placebo effect

Dr. Bill Bergston’s scientific experiments and statical evaluation shifted my view of the Placebo effect, He offers a fresh perspective on several concepts related to how the understanding of the indivisible field relates to healing. what do you think?

Lovevolution is the solution Jeffree
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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Sounds True
has some great teachers. :smiley:

Hello Welcome Thank you for the post there is so much to explore here. Stop over to the topic lovevolution is the solution and check out the music of Felicia Rose “The Music of the Spheres” it a real vibration raiser and enjoy whatever interests you

Thanks @jeffree I also found this helpful.
I feel that there is nothing that comes closer to our maker, the universe and the unified field than the body itself. I feel it is my link to direct experience and union with it all. The most beautiful thing. perfect, intelligent and divine. What an amazing gift we have. Our body.

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To examine healing modalities scientifically Bill Bengston and the SSE (Society for Scientific Exploration) might be a good starting point. Open Mindes Sceptisem as the basis of inquiry.
Let the beginning begun :smile:

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