Ode to Cosmometry

"There is only one Light in the Universe.
There is only one Sound in the Universe.
There is only one Magnetism in the Universe.
There is only one Electricity in the Universe.
There is only one Gravity in the Universe.
There is only one Matter in the Universe.
There is only one Hologram in the Universe.
There is only one Intelligence in the Universe.
There is only one Consciousness in the Universe.
There is only one Love in the Universe.
There is only one Song in the Uni-verse.

There is only One Thing going on in the Universe.

This book is dedicated to that One Thing."
~ Cosmometry

This post is dedicated to the delicious genius of Resonant Science and Cosmometry!
I was looking up Flow Dynamics and found that page.
It’s just so good!
Wanted to say thanks Marshall.
~ Nadi


There is infinite Light in the Universe.
There is infinite Sound in the Universe.
There is infinite Magnetism in the Universe.
There is infinite Electricity in the Universe.
There is infinite Gravity in the Universe.
There is infinite Matter in the Universe.
There is infinite Hologromaticism in the Universe.
There is infinite Intelligence in the Universe.
There is infinite Consciousness in the Universe.
There is infinite Love in the Universe.
There are infinite Songs in the Universe.

There are infinite Things going on in the Universe.

“Every number is infinite; there is no difference.” Liber AL vel Legis I:4


dear UNIverse,
thank you for the ONEness


All true, all truly contradictory, all truly beautiful and sacred. All opposites meet at the same place and yet there is no place.
All good and yet all is evil, where both life and death meet as lovers.
One in the many and many in the one. Stars of light shine in the darkness and sounds are heard by the silent one. Shapes and forms in the formless void, dance by and take form by the will of shapeless shapes.
Life, death thoughtless minds filled with deathlessness, sing of the afterlife from the previous life which never was, but always is.
Continually they mate as lovers with passion both for and against, now in love, now in hate.
Blissful joy for bitter pain fills it’s belly and quenches it’s thirst never quite satisfied, always seeking more and less.

Created by: @GioPan, All rights reserved.


My goodness! Existential much? Awesome. What an extraordinary and eloquent reflection. Thank you for sharing your insight, it looks like many of your posts have similar depth. :wink:
Seeing as you have claimed All rights reserved, is that a professional reflection that we could find more of elsewhere?
Am I correct in assuming that you are referring to your home (on your page) of the sunshine coast in the Canadian Gulf Islands? If so, I will join you in reveling in it’s unique beauty, I resonate deeply with the Islands. I grew up on boats in the San Juan’s and the Gulf Islands. Very special place on our beautiful earth!


Thank you. Its nice to be appreciated.
Not a professional. Just my passion.
All rights reserved means: I reserve all of my rights.
From Australia.
Wish I could see the Islands. Truly very special. I will have to settle with Youtube video and photos… lol
Blessings :pray:

An idea is more real to us than a material object seen by the eye. (Plato)


Galactic Rose, this offering is complete…ultimate…deeply satisfying…my truth and the truth. Thank you for being one with this and sharing this with us. May we freely share this with the world?
In love and admiration, Ani Ahavah

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Greetings Ani,

Absolutely, but do credit Marshall Lefferts as it is his quote, in his book Cosmometry. If you liked the quote, I suspect you would find the book quite life changing!

GioPan! :slight_smile:

Just for fun… I guess I would question as to whether Plato thought an idea originated in the mind, or if it was the result of receiving a holographic transmission from the field. If he thought an idea originated in the mind, I would disagree that it is more real. If he thought an idea originated in the field and we were accessing it through the mind as a transmitter/ receiving mechanism, I would agree that it is more real than a ‘material’ object seen by the eye.

Since he was in such intimate relationship with the Dodecahedron, I imagine that he would agree with the esoteric essence of the precept, but would have used different terminology.

There might be lags in my response time with existential banter, as its kind of like Palo Santo for me. It’s usually the last thing I remember to do, but it always makes the room smell sweet.

I have met so many awesome Aussies bc of this pandemic… I’m strangely grateful for so many aspects of it. So that’s the Queensland Sunshine coast then?

If I dig really deep, my answer would be both:


Or it would not be unified.
There is a constant feedback loop and interaction with the all. All is one and all happening simultaneously; divided and limited only by time/space. Our body, mind and soul are one but are experienced as separate things or events by some. But we walk, we talk, we love, we learn all at once with one movement of the whole being and all parts working together as one.

I agree. if all is one how can one part be more real than another.
In conclusion I feel Plato (if indeed he said those words) He was saying that some people have this tendency since they are unaware of reality they perceive it as more real. But in fact all is the same and all is one .

You must become: Nobody, No One, No Thing, No Where, No Time
Every body, Every One, Every Thing, Every Where and Every when.
Dr. Joe Dispenza


Ah yes… the Holy Both… the All that is and Nothing as well.

I love the exploration. Thank you! Do you have a name other than GioPan?


Names are labels and defining, limiting. Titles allow you to remain free and open, limitless, boundless. My title is GioPan. lol… :crazy_face: I am Who I am, I am What I am, I am As my creator created me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I could not possibly be anything else or any other way.

No doubt. Were we in our natural habitat, we would simply holographically telepath to communicate in a far more sophisticated, detailed and thorough manner, without the need for such things as labels. :slight_smile:

English, and the 3D in general, IMO, are primitive, ineffective and burdensome. Nonetheless, we are here and they are helpful at times. But not necessary.

Fortunately, there is some beauty to be found.

Will you, for the sake of connection, explain your title and any meaning behind why you chose it?

How 'bout this one… more your style than Kamora?
Blessings existential friend,

In regards to the photo you posted up my alley :laughing:
All I am able to see is:
An upper world (Older and simple) and a lower world (advanced, modern)
It could be referring to an underworld not visible to the naked eye.
Or Underground conspiracy type thing. Secret and hidden beneath a veil of normality or simplicity.
Could also be referring to the simplicity of the conscious mind above deciding what to eat or what to wear, and the complexity of the subconscious mind below, deciding to regenerate your entire system and converting food to energy for the body .
In reference to the mind it could be referring to left brain activity above and right brain activity below.

All rights reserved

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Forgive me, it was like tossing a ball out to see if you’d swing and hit an existential home run. Very enjoyable.

The only issue I would contend is the lower world being advanced/ modern. I think even our most advanced is primitive. And whatever gov. programs have more sophisticated technology, theirs is tinged with secrecy and control and as such, not high vibe of advanced civilizations.

As for where I’m from, I could say I live in Portland Oregon, but I am genuinely ‘from’ a Universe very far away but also right next to us.

The name Galactic Rose is the name of my business, as you know. It was given to me in a dream as I launched my friend off into space in her own personal craft. It’s also the name of the pattern Venus makes as she moves in and away from our planet in an 8 year rotation.

As for the other inquiries, I would say all rights reserved. :wink:

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Nice to play and tell stories. Lots of fun. Thanks for connecting, My Venusian friend. Blessings :pray:

Sooo Cute… :smiley: :yum: :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face:
I really had that one coming. :cowboy_hat_face: :nerd_face:

I agree with you. It is low vibe. I would much rather live above. We replaced small old problems with large supersized modern problems, with a suicide rate never seen before.
What I meant: The picture shows modern civilization below, cars, modern roads, technology on the roof etc. As opposed to above, nothing but an Old town. old pavers on the pathways. So I meant it in a worldly main stream sense.

How goes it my existential friend? Do you ever join the Break out calls?
There’s one this Wednesday…

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