One Solution; Free energy made available now, without starting WW3 or being murdered

In order to come up with the best solution we must first consider why? Why provide free energy to the world.
From my understanding from the module on practical applications of physics; it is so that we can save the planet and save humanity. True?
So its not about money. True?
So why not give the world free energy and still pay some money for power/electricity//fuel etc, to feed the powers that wants to keep control.
This way everybody is happy.
Obviously every person is different and will pay according to what they can afford.
Since we now have no expenses to produce energy the cost will be minimal. There will be no need for all the current infrastructure and personnel etc. Therefore they will have no expenses, or much less expenses and running costs etc. So all the money we pay will be all profit.
The current rulers retains their power and control, but we get to save the planet and humanity and life will get cheaper, the air will be cleaner, The rulers will stop fearing us and there may also be peace on earth. I think that a war to take over control will cost all of us so much more. And doing nothing will also be very costly. Maybe the powers will change and we wont have to kill each other. Maybe both sides should grow up and learn to get along and not be so judgmental. All we need is mutual respect and allow people to grow/evolve when ready.
Does anybody concur, or have any other ideas?
I think we should consider this and vote on it.
I hope this is helpful.
Kind regards
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On the whole, I agree with you. But I guess the rulers aren’t interested in a wealthy, healthy and peaceful world for everybody. In my opinion they will suppress such developments. That is the reaction I would expect.
The question I ask myself is what approach has to be taking towards this. Maybe we should develop a machine which provides an off-grid source of electrical energy by converting vacuum fluctuation. Plugout from grid and plugin the machine to power your house, car, devices, laboratory, etc.
I think that the key is an open source base. All parts, plans and tools should be public. No patent, no company, no earnings, no commercial and finally no stuff to be attacked on.
Some kind of do-it-yourself-converter. :smiley:
The further you are in the value chain of energy generation, the more effectively you can oust the companies and rulers. Then the way is clear for a development as you described it. In the beginning in silence, each for himself. Later in public and in parishes. This is necessary in order to reach a kind of critical mass from which this development can no longer be stopped.
I hope you get the point out of this message and got my approach

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In my opinion the reason for this is FEAR. So they generate conflict, disease and ignorance to generate money, power, control etc. They are haunted by the past and fear acts of revenge from minority groups that may strike at them if they had the chance.
Just do some research and see what they have done in the past for God, for Progress, for and Ideal etc, and why they are afraid. So they are now Paranoid. Jews fear Gentiles. Religion fears Science. Corporations fear the law, Cristian’s fear pagans, Straight people fear gay and lesbian, Americans fear Muslims, etc. etc.
Therefore forgiveness and compassion is the only solution. We have been judging , persecuting and murdering each other for an Ideal for thousands of years, but nothing has been resolved. The world is as it was in the past; in Sodom and Gomorrah and as in the days of Noah. Nothing has changed in that respect. Too many are still Judgmental, vengeful, demanding and ungrateful.

So why not try something new

If we can gain their trust they will stop fearing us and will not need to be control freaks. Wanting revenge is what makes them fear. Working in secret and creating our own world is seen by them as plotting secretly to take away their power and control. They are paranoid and will always be wondering what we are doing secretly. But if we unite in love with compassion and allow people to see for themselves the value of morality and justice, equality, balance, equilibrium; if people could just be grateful, forgiving, it would change everything. If we support the Government and help them unite left and right of politics, we could leave the past behind and work together to build a new future. > A new paradigm. Where humanity is one body with many parts; but one body moving toward one Goal. We are the people, we are the Government. If we are divided the Government is divided.

Therefore the world is divided. A body that is against itself has an auto-immune-disease.
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We have tried to offer the wealthy an option to go green with the cap and trade agreement here in Oregon. The representatives of the wealthy conservative counties walked out of the legislative session to prevent a vote that they thought they would lose. So if you try to support the old power structure, they will not be so kind in return. The new power needs to be mandatory and required with severe penalties for non-compliance.


Thanks @Fullerhead I was not aware of this. I better do more research. Maybe I should just stick to story telling and poetry. I appreciate your feedback. :smiley:

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jajajajajaj… gracias a tu opinion, se descargaron los ideales de otros…asi somos los humanos…para mi, tu propuesta es sincera… e incluisiva , respetando lo que a cada uno le suceda…Gracias

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Hola, @Graciela , Gracias. Bien venida :smiley:

I might have agreed with you previously GioPan, but in the light of what is happening right now, us having Free Energy will not resonate favourably with a totalitarian government. Free Energy is something that could not be under their control (The Powers That Be need total control.) It’s not just about money,

With the current grid, fear could easily be generated in the population, should there be a threat to turn it off. Humanity would have to wake up, en masse, before Free Energy could become available to all. We’d all have to realise that we are infinite beings, participating a a benign Unverse, having a temporary experience here on Earth and having absolutely nothing to fear. After all, we don’t exist in isolation, but just think that we do.

Of course it could happen that we wake up (I live in hope) but, just look how easy it was to scare the population into giving up our human rights, turning us into an extremely divided humanity, yet further away from the expanded consciousness required to know our true Nature. We still have much work to do, so, let’s just keep going. Loving each other would be a good start though.

That is intense… :purple_heart: