Pass on your ark crystal?

Hi resonance family,
I’d love to experience the ark crystal effects, and i’m far to reach the funds… Maybe somebody has a spare one they would be happy to pass on?
With love and care,
We are One in the connected Universe


may be the answer is in the question…

I love your fivefinger shoes, so if you wear it , you are more connected with the energy of the earth.
May be you practice Qi Gong and you develop your Dan Tien ?

And so you experience the effect of the Crystal Ark which is of the same nature.

And by putting a stone is the center of the circle O of OM, you prove that you know it !


my gratitude for reminding me everything is already here and there’s nothing more to get from the “outside” world :pray:t3: i try to leave effortlessly and according to the Tao… so maybe if the question came through me it’s because someone in the Universe needs to answer? In other words, i would receive only if it’s for the highest good of every being. Peace :sparkles:

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Effectivement la question devait à l’évidence être posée aussi parce qu’en fait elle est très riche et qu’elle ouvre vers d’autres questions très intéressantes.

Yes, the question obviously had to be asked as well, because in fact it is very rich and opens up to other very interesting questions.

le champ organisationnel du cristal va organisé notre propre champ organisationnel mais est ce que le contraire est vrai ? Est-ce que notre propre champ organisationnel va influencer celui du cristal durablement de façon à ce que celui-ci deviennent très personnel parce que nous sommes tous des êtres uniques. Donc est il bon de le prêter dans ce cas et toujours dans ce cas y a t’il un moyen de le réinitialiser ?

the organizational field of the crystal will organize our own organizational field but is the opposite true? Is our own organizational field going to influence that of the crystal sustainably so that it becomes very personal because we are all unique beings. So is it good to lend it in this case and still in this case is there a way to reset it?

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