Perception of Reality

This is a fundamental topic. If we better understand “Perception of Reality”, we better understand Reality.
Often in the course I heard like “what if our picture of …is incomplete?”. Like picture of history as in Modue 5, as we learned in school or is broadly tought is not complete.

Or “What if our picture of science is imcomplete” as we were told in school…and we are learning now about the fascinating Unified Science which we never learned in school, nor University.

So maybe we should delve into “Perception of Reality” in order to understand reality better, because maybe our perception of reality is …so far incomplete unless we complete it.
But how can we complete it?
I think such bright-minded and special people like Nassim and maybe others …maybe they have and came over their research to another perception of reality than the average person?!

The magic word again is “Resonance”. When we as humans resonate with the laws of Nature, maybe we are able to get another perception of reality? A truer one? Maybe . Again, ONLY TOGETHER we can clarify this topic since we are all connected and only if we connect, we can make new and more true discoveries…

Great topic, thanks for suggesting I join in.
Looking forward to various input.

I remember when the Matrix movie came out and people seemed to love it or say I don’t get it. Perception changed.
Since then, I’ve had many “Red pill” moments. (Actually, realising the Easter bunny wasn’t real was first and really made me mad :grin:)

Right now it seems to me our perceptions are being shattered on multiple subjects. I don’t think it’s just me, unless your lucky enough to have been raised by enlighten beings who home schooled.
I could go in-depth on individual topics like what we were taught bout Pyramids, Medicine etc but don’t wanna bore anybody.

I have a feeling that we have the individual perceptions we do for a reason. Maybe some are not ready for a new paradigm or it’s for some personal growth. It’s like that saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”
The hardest part for me is when I resonate with a higher truth or reality, is to not force people that aren’t ready to change :smirk:

Warm regards,

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Thank you dear Sarah for your input.
I heard from many people and from Nassim something like “in order to understand what is outside of us, we need to look inside within us” .
Also that “everything lies within man”.
In physiology of the brain we see this picture of “the Homunculus”. It means that all of our body parts are represented in the grey mattter of the brain.
If we go a step further and say that not only our whole body is represented in the brain, but everything, literally everything, the whole world is reprensented in the brain - maybe better to say “in the mind”.

Then would be like this: What we see outside of us is in truth inside of us like there is a mirror within us that reflects what we see, feel, everything that we perceive and is reflected to the outside and builds this whole world in front of our eyes.

And what we see is similar to what see others, because we are building this picture with the same sort of program.

But then there are also parts that we perceive which are not as other people perceive it, because there we have like individual “plug-ins” or sth. like that.

And why is it made like this? in order to research the outer reality and by this learn about ourselves - what is in us.

And even a step further: Actually we can not say anything about the world outside of us since all the information which comes to us, comes to us through our senses, and inside of us there is a programm which transforms these informations and builds a picture within us - I mean also an emotional picture.
So the picture we perceive is actually not the true reality, but says sth. about the program which transforms the information we receive into a specific perception.

So, when we see a world and dont like what we see. If we could change our prgramm, we would see really another world.
we could see a connected world instead of an broken shattered world. A world where we live in peace with each other, in good relations between each other, no fights over power and might…

And what is outside of us is only the bright shining light, a sea of information… I think you expressed it in one of your posts somewhere…

Thank you for your inspiration,


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Hahaha! :laughing: Reality with a capital R or lower case r? Who am I? In my heart of hearts I am the universe looking back at itself to figure out what in tarnation Reality truly be. But if it’s scratching it’s starry head – I think I’ll enjoy the ride until the big R arrives in a flash! :excitement: