Protecting "free for all" energy, technology, medical, etc

I have been very worried about all the predictions about this coming new era of “energy” - “intelligence” - “telecommunications” - other forms of “technological advancement” and “enlightenment”… for all the people" in many forms. Discussions and Discoveries that are supposedly coming; and with them all are the “Hopes” that they will “change” how the people of earth are controlled and ruled. One of the RSF staffers mentioned my concerns when he reminded the zoom discussion group that Tim Berners Lee fully intended the World Wide Web to be for the people, free to the people, that all the data related to the www was to remain public. The www has been appropriated and is lost to the whims of corporations & governments. The RSF and other groups discovering these new advancements do so by gathering great minds together. They all neglect to gather great minds to concentrate on the Protection of what is discovered & produced. You have the scientists. You have great ideas. You Do Not have Protectors in place for your results. How can you protect it all?


Sorry GioPan, you are not at all in the same perspective as me.

Your question really hit a spot in my mind, I cant let it go. This is a
really important question and I must find a solution. So far this is the best I can come up with.
In order to come up with the best solution we must first consider why? Why provide free energy to the world.
From my understanding from the module on practical applications of physics; it is so that we can save the planet and save humanity. True?
So its not about money. True?
So why not give the world free energy and still pay some money for power/electricity//fuel etc, to feed the Beast.
This way everybody is happy.
Obviously every person is different and will pay according to what they can afford.
Since we now have no expenses to produce energy the cost will be minimal. There will be no need for all the current infrastructure and personnel etc. Therefore they will have no expenses, or much less expenses and running costs etc. So all the money we pay will be all profit.
The beast retains its power and control, but we get to save the planet and humanity and life will get cheaper, the air will be cleaner, The beast will stop fearing us and there may also be peace on earth. I think that a war will cost all of us so much more. And doing nothing will also be very costly.
Does anybody concur, or have any other ideas?
I think we should consider this and vote on it.
I hope this is helpful.
Kind regards
GioPan. all Rights reserved.

Actually very simple by introducing the big 5 a non-profit system where
the healthcare,the money system,energy ,the manufacturing of food(farming)and science are all non-profit and by that i think almost everything will be solved…
no protection everything for everybody…
a world where there is one currency,the time for example a bread would cost 5 min or so …
a world where people who make things almost don t have to pay taxes and those who profit of the produced things have to pay more taxes…
a world were the dumbest unwilling or unfortunates get 1 hour for 1 hour and the maximum one can earn/have is determent by an key formula and is something like the number of deaths multiplied by the number unfortunates multiplied by … and divided by the number good deeds … or something like that…
a world where there are almost no punishments but some thing more like responsibilities you can do what you want but have to carry the responsibility it…
a world where there is one earth government above all other governments who can penalty-help-direct when mother earth is being violated…
a world where …

be it solar, hydrogen or any other ‘‘free’’ energy, nothing is going to last if ego rules.
the greatest discoveries that will bring about the much-needed change is not found in technology…
while that discovery is made too no one speaks about it nor does it find a willing ear. the attachment to ego-personality called a legion of which they are a slave they don’t even know. because they identify with those little I,s. even when it’s said to know thyself, all they can do is look at what is reflected. as all they have developed are outward-directed senses but no matter how large the telescope or how strong their microscope, they will never be able to look within unless their priority shifts to the reality of the discoveries of our true inner selves .and escape from Egypt/ enslavement…
because when you can finally look within, you will understand the nature of everything.

Protect your SELF and you don’t have to protect against whatever you fear. Sounds easy, a little bit crazy, but to “do” this is very difficult. By real meditation you can discover this Real Self. Otherwise listen fe. to Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharsi and many others like Buddha…

@nick Thanks for sharing, welcome to the forum.

For as long as we have a physical body we need to interact with the Ego realm and overcome it slowly and painfully; unless one is able to distance himself from the body and the mind, realizing those are useful and wonderful tools to use respectfully.

The more we resist the more the pain.

The easiest way to overcome is in union and surrender.

A woman can enjoy an intimate relationship with a man or she can see it as horrible and painful. The difference is created when the choice is made: resistance or surrender, need or love? Some go into a relationship with love and surrender, others go into a relationship due to need and fear or for survival with resistance. Therefore there are people that have a spiritual relationship for the same reasons above and make similar choices. One must create new meaning about life and surrender to the realities while simultaneously raising above the limitations.