Quantum awareness

Hi everyone ! Do we have consciousness because the Universe has quantum awareness? Let’s share our thoughts.

Simon, I think you’re asking about the ultimate quest of physics.
To know that the ‘I’ that I am is the same ‘I’ that you are feels very similar to the holographic nature of information in the vacuum. Maybe that is what consciousness is.
Physics is very enticing, but I still feel it’s important not to let this search become more important than sitting with silence and letting go of even this intellectual desire to know more.


In “letting go” the thoughts and, perhaps the answers, will take us nowhere. Sometimes, in the deep relaxation the brilliant ideas come and blow minds. One may miss them being too busy of “letting them go”. If there is quantum awareness, and scientists like Stuart Hameroff, or Penrose suggest it is, than thoughts are it’s “products” and human’s mind is here to read them. This is how mind works. If humans come from the Field (or Vacuum or pure Silence) by the act of birth, than Contemplation of Silence is not necessarily the reason we are here. To charge batteries and to keep Connection , yes, it is good. But I think we are here mostly to move forward for Change.

Hi Im new to this forum tis my 1st post …
Re …are we conscious because the universe has quantum awareness , I personally dont think this is how it is , from my research I have learned that the universe is a “work in progress” it is aware but NOT self aware it does not enjoy full time consciousness as it is still in a state unconscious awareness , and I think thats its evolutionary responsibility to evolve itself to such a degree it can stay fully consciousness at all times and thats where we come into this grand design

We as humans spend most of our daily lives doing and being in an unconscious state but if someone should call,out your name a say what do you think … suddenly you are out of unconscious routine behavior and are fully awake fully conscious and focused on the question at hand …well this unconscious but aware universe is the same , it needs us to call on it and as soon as we do connect to it it becomes fully alert fully awake and conscious , now what if this universe was in fact god doesnt all holy scriptures say consistantly ,pray to god , honour god talk to god all day long , etc as its the act of talking or praying to ‘god’ that awakens it , and when in this awakened state it is learning from us and in return we can learn from it as its ‘all knowing’ and thos act is assisting it in its evolution growing closer to gaining full time consciousness …
So in effect what i am saying is that this universal is emergent and still evolving it needs conscious life forms to assist it in its emergence… just a thought ,no proof of coarse, just a theory …

thanks Friends for all Ur replies to my question. I find Georgie’s point of view very interesting. Im curious if Nassim would agree with that point of view.

Hi Simon,

This is a thought provoking question :). I can see how many people would have a different perception of this with varying points of view.

In my view, I would say yes, that our consciousness is connected with the quantum awareness of the universe, since our higher consciousness has access to all that is in the field of information throughout the universe which is all connected on the atomic scale, we just have to tune ourselves and raise our consciousness to access it. I would also rephrase the quantum awareness to quantum consciousness, because I think every atom, and all matter in physical reality has its own consciousness and consciousness is awareness with many levels. . Everything needs the other to keep the system in balance, we cannot live without these atoms and cells in our body that have their own consciousness to do what they do, to keep our bodies alive. . Everything connected to maintain harmony. .

I heard somewhere before that an ancient culture which if I remember right I think was India, had knowledge of a particle that was smaller than an atom before and found everywhere and they referred to it as the consciousness particle. We now call it the Planck. They didn’t have the scientific evidence before, it was just known to them, and its interesting how they associated its purpose in the universe.

Hi everybody , just to add to my previous post ,not only do I believe this quantum space is still evolving and that is emergent I also believe the following…
…that this quantum space is IMPULSE DRIVEN.
…Impulse intelligence is a SENSORY SYSTEM built on MEMORY.
…Impulse is the ENGINE that drives this universe
…Impulse intelligence being a sensory system , it senses , it knows ,and its knowing builds memory,it still has NOT EVOLVED enough to think consciously , it is still in its INFANCY.
…Impulse intelligence is simply a REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT mechanism building memory ,thats how it learns.
…Impulse intelligence is a LOWER FORM of intelligence and IS unconscious BUT aware just NOT self aware (no ego).it is aware and reading its enviiroment both LOCAL space and OUTER space ,this is how it knows everything.
…every thought, feeling or action we engage in this quantum space that surrounds us is aware of it even if a leaf falls from a tree …I liken it to water this quantum watery space which is EVERYWHERE ,any frequency or vibrational movement is registered upon it ,it knows where every bird is every worm ,every fly every cat,dog ,horse every human is as it is sensory ONLY A SENSORY SYSTEM could ACHIEVE this
…so what is impulse?
…so what are these laws? and where did they come from?
…it comes from LIGHT! electromagnetic radiation
…electro = electricity >energy > masculine and has POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE POLES (impulse charges)
…magnetics = magnetic forces >feminine and is driven impulsivly by ATTRACTION AND REPULSION (impulses)
It is a UNIVERSAL COLLECTIVE MEMORY and we are all in it as a memory every human that has ever lived every blade of grass leaves on trees insects ,floweres, rocks EVERYTHING IN EXISTANCE makes up this and EXPANDS this quantum space .
Talk about being one with everything !

I suspect the answers are found by going inward. Sometimes I shift my awareness to a singularity. By doing so I get a less encumbered understanding of my question.

There is an American Indian quote that goes something like this
“We are the ones we have been waiting for!
Let go of the shore diving into the deep waters and see who else is there with you”.
When we don’t resist and fight against the current the water is really quite nice.

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There was a great Sufi master who once said ‘God needs a soul as much as a soul needs God’.
It’s not two.

Conciousness is an emergent qualia emanating from complex systems. You can harmonically resonate mine at node (π x √2)