Quantum Computer and Large Hadron Collider

Hi there

They tell you exactly what the Quantum Computer and the Large Hadron Collider are doing as joint venture.

Sounds weird and spooky but that is reality at its best.

It is very very dangerous if the knowldge comes to quick because humankind is by far not ready for it. That is he Game of Lucifer to destroy us all. I only say you have to be aware to the utmost intensity because the danger of the cpmplete destruction of humankind is definetly there.


Hell, the vacuum engineers of San Clemente could supernova California. Philosophy and history teach us that knowledge is a double edge sword. But take heart! There’s no place to go. We’ve already arrived.

From the realm of philosophy… the tree of knowledge flowers, bears fruit, which ripens until the bats, bugs and birds consume it–leaving only the seed to do it again come the right conditions. So too our id, ego, self, self-aware Self, self-aware Soul, and self-aware Spirit. The seed is ready to time-travel long before it knows itself. Humans are the universe observing itself. Humanity’s Soul/Spirit will survive the end of our genome.

But like yourself, my prayer is “may humanity wake up before we extinct ourselves.” Fortunately the great Masters arrived several thousand years ago. Who will survive in the local universe?