Quantum Gravity, Microcosm/ Macrocosm, #56,

Im pondering the whole Fi ratio thing. I think that this is deep and important and a key concept.

Standard mass of a proton is the surface area of proton to the volume within the proton. It’s the effect of the proton on the other protons in the cosmos.

The holographic mass is the effect of all the other protons on one proton.

I watched some fo the CPAK videos about the bent pyramid being NOT a mistake and purposefully containing the ratio of the pentagram and the hexagram.

The pentagram is a symbol of the microcosm.

The hexagram is a symbol of the macrocosm.
hexagram-Musaeum hermeticum

The microcosm is the universe influencing the individual.

The macrocosm is the individual influencing the universe.

This is kind of like the surface area to volume ratio…

i am sorry but A.green is wrong, and he didnt listen. to quote eliphas levi, he who joins the hexagram and pentagram has solved half of the sacred secret. is firstly meant to be you joining with the star of david at the heart. but its also within the structure of the flower of life. but for that to be possible one needs to know the goddess of…
not to forget there are two trees in the middle.

the tree of knowledge, which has its roots in the tree of life.