Questions for the Quantum Geometry Elective

Hey there! I hope all of you are adjusting well to this new system.

Post any questions you have for the Quantum Geometry course here and I’ll respond to them as soon as I’m able. Thank you!

~ Adam Apollo

PS: Please include the Lesson & Topic number when referring to a page (ex: L3 T2).

Hi Adam. I think this is a question for you and also for Robert Grant. I keep coming back to a question regarding the hexagon. There is no Platonic solid or 3d version of a hexagon. When we see the hexagon shape in 2d (as at the intersection of two polarized triangles in the hexagram) what we are seeing is actually a Vector Equilibrium in 3d. I believe the VE is the shape of the Ether with its perfect tensegrity and it’s location at the top of the Tree of Life (although again here it looks like a hexagon in 2d). I’ve been reading “The Mystery of Numbers” and so far I don’t even see a mention of VE. Can you explain the hexagon versus the V/E? What does it mean that a hexagon is only found in 2d? Thank You