Reading Module 7

Module 7 is remarkable. I just completed 7.1.3 and I find 7 is by far the best explained module. For me, there were clear chains of reasoning mostly from a chronological point of view. Then every now and then spectacularly concise summaries, for example:

Very roughly speaking, mass is confined vibration; it translates into a gravitational effect. Meanwhile, light is a propagating vibration,

we perceive the rest of the universe as disordered because we are unable to track its high-order complexity and organization.

Haramein proposes …, using a sphere as a first order approximation for the system under consideration (such as a PSU, a proton, an electron, or the Universe). The results he obtained have proven this geometry to be a very good assumption. [I suggest this might be the understatement of the century]

For me the Appendix of 7.1.3 made some jumps that are too large, but that comment is about me.

Personally I have an interest in Avogadro’s Number, so am now able to be clearer that ‘volume entropy’ is ‘molar volume’ and ‘surface entropy’ is ‘molar mass in Planck units’. And I stumble towards what the factors of ‘scale’ might be. Or maybe I just have to wait till Module 8 …

Module 7 takes some time, but it is worth the effort.


Very passionate review of module 7.
Thanks for the extra motivation.
As soon as I fit my scientist neurons… :nerd_face::sunflower::heart:


I agree with you about the clarity of the presentation, the utility of the concise summaries. I’m midway through and learning a lot.