Relationship between Morphic Resonance and Standing Waves

What I got out of Module 3.5.4 is what we experience as light traveling, is actually a quantum vacuum frequency fluctuation in standing waves.
I’m getting a sense of connection to what Alfred Rupert Sheldrake referred to as Morphic Resonance and also the Orchestrated Objective Reduction proposed by Stuart Hameroff and Rodger Penrose.
This seems to be getting close to defining and understanding consciousness itself.
I wonder, has anyone else has seen this connection and written more about it?

I love those guys :)). Hameroff resonates in me with his explanation of quantum consciousness. Tune in brother.

I know that Konstantin Meyl once made the connection between Scalar Waves and Sheldrakes theory of Morphic Resonance. Scalar Waves are Longitudinal/Standing Waves (I´m not sure please correct me if I´m wrong). Meyl spoke about that connection in one of his lectures. He also sayed, that he contacted Sheldrake with this idea. But Sheldrake answered, that he is not able to proove it, because he is not very good in theoretical physics/math :wink: But Meyls Scalarwave-Theory could in future probably be an explanation of how Morphic Resonance works, because Scalar Waves are crucial in so called “Information and distance medicine”, which of course is linked to what is called Morphic Resonance. I think one main problem today is that there are so many different terms that are trying to describe one and the same phenomenon. But I think in future this problem will be solved, when all those great developments (also by Haramein and other groundbreaking physicists) will become the mainstream physics!

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Hello Bob,

I’m also wondering how Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance fits with Nassim’s Unified Physics and the holographic mass… Maybe these questions are part of the answer in action? Like Nassim’s analogy of a tuning fork?